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All Across Texas

Today seems to echo 1861. All across the state there is talk of succession. Again as in 1861 there is agitation by men who want to leave the Union. Again there is a President who does not here all the people. A President who uses the congress to rubber stamp his laws and do his bidding.

But unlike 1861 there is not talk of war, yet. The fever is not high enough. The taxes are not over burdensome, yet. The rights of individuals have not yet been abused, though there are talks of removal of some conservative talk show hosts.

The question becomes, “Will history repeat itself?” Will we forfeit another half million lives for the retention of the Union. The Blacks cause has highjacked the Civil War, assuming it was fought for their freedom. No, the Civil War was fought because Lincoln and the North would not let the South Succeed. The North needed the South’s labor and material. The South fought for States Rights and Freedom. They lost and still pay for the loss, not for the reasons. Taxes are high and getting higher. The Constitution is being stomped on.

It is great that slavery ended. But that was not the root cause for the war. Abolitionist caused and funded John Brown to start the war, The President retained a fort in the South after succession. He resupplied that fort to fan the fires of war. He was victorious. The South did not want war and only sought their Freedom from a government that was getting out of hand. Like today, the government had become oppressive.

This president seems to want a war. He is destroying the economy. He prints more and more money and creates rampant inflation. Will the economy collapse? What then?  What happens when the military runs out of money? What happens, when Cities can no longer pay people, and people can no longer buy food? Their is a theory that ciaos can create a situation that will allow the fall of a government. This President seems to thrive on ciaos and uses it for his purposes.

What happens, when the electric companies fail and computers stop? What then? Will we all sit in our paper foxholes, wondering what change will come next.

One question remains. Who is behind this President? Who wants this country to fail? Who wants ciaos in the world and for what purpose? Yes, it is many times more than one question. But they are there for us to answer.

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Sul Ross Would Not have liked Today

Sul Ross ran a hard line undisciplined organization in an unconventional war. Later he ran for Sheriff and the Legislature. Each a step up. Then he was Texas’ most popular Governor. After two terms he retired to run a college. The school was run down and beginning to fall apart. Like his Brigade, first he gave it heart. He set up a strict program for the Corps. He gave it things that would boost morale. He allowed it to use a Battle Flag for rallies. He se up the different things that make an Aggie. He made sure it was a man’s school.

Then he started bringing in the educators to make it a top notch organization. In short time it was one of the best schools in the State. He was the essence of the Corps. He was everywhere, making sure that the school would prosper. And it did. More students attended each year.

When I graduated from Lubbock  High in 1955,  A&M  was still an all man school and it was still pulling boys from all over Texas. Four of my friends left Lubbock in ’55 and started to College Station. One a good friend,  David Hand, was over joyed to be going. Somewhere along the way these four did not make it. Their car crashed and they were lost to the Corps.

I went into the Army and Texas Tech, never thinking about A&M or Sul Ross. After Tech, I went back into the Army for a Career. In 1972, I went to UTEP to see if they would start a Business Course at Fort Bliss. They said “No!”  My next call was to Sul Ross State at Alpine. Without hesitation, I was routed to the President of the College. He put the Dean of the Graduate School on the line and we talked.

The following day, both showed up at Ft Bliss and were introduced to the education system at Bliss. In less than two weeks they started two courses for graduate students at Ft Bliss. One a Masters in Business Administration and the other a Masters in Education. Everyone was happy. Still I was not a Ross fan, even though I got to go to Alpine to give my Dissertation in Business before I was awarded my MBA. We called this  going to Alpine to see the blinking yellow light near the Dairy Queen. The only light in town. Today there are more.

In 2000 my Mother ask me to do the family genealogy. Her list had 18 names. None were Nolans. In about two years I had about 1500 names, but the Nolan side was weak. One night I was looking for information about my Grandfather who had been an Architect in Miami, Florida. In Florida records I noticed a file for a Robert Arnold Nolan, who was seeking a pension. I was able to download his pension request. It stated that he was a member of the 6th Texas Cavalry Regiment during the Civil War. It also stated he was from Lebanon, Tennessee and had been in McKinney, Texas in 1860. First I looked at the 1860 Census for McKinney. I found several Roberts and James. Next I looked at the 1850 Census for Wilson County Tennessee. Bang, I then found Robert and  James in the same family. Next I did a Census search for Nolans in Tennessee in 1860, 1870, and 1880.. I found a lot of Nolans, Nolins, Nowlins and various other spellings. It was not going to be easy. I had found my Grandfather in 1880, Elkton, Tennessee, in R.A. Nolan’s family. Bingo! For the next 6 years I studied Robert Arthur Nolan, and the 6th Texas Cavalry Regiment. I soon had enough material to put a brigade on line. The material had come from all over the world, and there were still places to look, but I decided it was more important to put it on line in a site that all could access easily and for free.

By now, I was enmeshed in Sul Ross and his Texas Cavalry Brigade. The Handbook of Texas on Line had put a lot together. It only took a couple of books to polish the story. My two Nolans in the 6th Texas Cavalry Regiment had known Sul. Even though neither came back to Texas after the War, they probably watched his rise in Texas politics and were proud.

I have no records that my two Nolans went to any of the Texas meetings of the Brigade after the War, or if they even went to the reunions at Flanklin, which was near Elkton, Tennessee. I do know my Grandfather was a member of the Camp in Marion County, Florida. Members of that Camp signed his pension.

But today we see two fine Universities that bare the stamp of Sul Ross. What we do not see is students who learn of this great Texas leader. He is not mentioned in text books. He is hardly remembered.  All the Aggies know Big Sully, the statue on their campus, but few know his story. It is sad that after 150 years there is little left to remember of this great Brigade and it’s leader. As I collected the material for this website, I was time and again surprised at the hoarding of material for monetary gains. History should be free. I have a friend who has two Walker Colts. He is lending one to A&M and the other will go to the Ranger Educational Museum in Fredericksburg, Texas. He is sharing his history. We all should.

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