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The War of Words

Daily I read of the Civil War or Un-Civil War, and its continued effects. The preservationist of us wants to save the battlefields and Wal-Mart or some Casino wants to destroy them. One group wants to praise our dead another wants to pave them over. One desires to teach the truth another wants to change the truth. It is a sad world we are building.

Why the current government desires to ruin this great Nation to establish their idea of utopia, is difficult to understand. What is so sad, is that they are running test to see if the government military will react to government orders. Will they fire on civilians if the dollar fail and the markets collapse? Will they round up people who do not agree with their idea of peace.

My fear is that the Military will go along until the officers and leaders are being replaced with the block captains and labor bosses of Obama’s Army. Will ACORN be mobilized. Will the union thugs be armed. How far will this idiot go?

It is becoming evident that he is trying to destroy the American system, but the result will not be what he wants.  He cannot keep spending without destroying the dollar and the stock market. At the point of collapse, he will activate the Guard, Reserve and US Military to maintain order. AT this point his desire to govern will end.

The American population will erupt in patriotism and valor and over throw his government. How long the revolution will last depends on how long it takes to get rid of his thugs. The violence will be long enough to get rid of the people in government who perpetuate themselves. Our country was founded on a belief  in God. If this is the end as described in the Bible, then it will be a seven year war. Let us pray that it is.  In God We Trust.

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