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The 3rd Texas Cavalry Regiment, CSA

As has been normal, I have had a lot of thoughts about the subject. Partially,  because I took my boys to Wilson’s Creek and Elkhorn Tavern ( Pea Ridge) Battle fields a week ago, and partially because of the Texas Division, SCV Reunion. We are entering the 150th Birthday of the Civil War. The sesquicentennial as it is called, is a time of remembrance. I was writing the webmaster for the 3rd last night and remembered to tell him of an event that is probably in the planning stages, but which will involve the 3rd.

On September 19th, 1862, the 3rd was proceeding down a road west of Iuka, Mississippi with the 27th Texas Cavalry, when they ran head on into General Ord’s Union Division. In the battle which followed both Texas Regiments were mauled.The 3rd lost 23 men KIA and many wounded and captured.  The 27th fared just as bad. General Price was told to dis engage, and evade the Union forces. This he did, but many Texans were left on the field.

A young Union Captain was given the task of burying the dead. He started the tasdk, but soon found the Southerners had lef a large number of dead behind the church. these were dead who had died from disease and other reasons over the proceeding several months. The captain had a long trench prepared and placed the dead near some trees. At this site, the Shady Grove Cemetery:, is the full story and the names of the 3rd and 27th soldiers buried.  About 265 bodies are thought to be buried there.  The names of many are not known and none are identified for sure, but a list of probable dead has been identified from the National Service Records and from list that have survived.  Working from a Unit roster for the 3rd found at the Wilson Creek Battle Field site, I went through the records for the unit at  Almost every soldier received some remarks on his life.  Then I did a sort on the Iuka Battle and came up with the KIA, WIA, prisoners from the battle. Using the roster that I have for the 27th at this site, I did the same thing for the 27th. The results were not as good as the 3rd, but the records for the 27th are now better. I  was able to identify one soldier who was not identified from a unit. He was on a staff and had died on the battlefield.   Chip Culpepper then massaged all this data and gave the burial site its first list of possible internees.

We understood that the Iuka Historical society would use this data to recognize the great soldiers who gave their lives for our country. Some will say that these men had not died for the USA. But with God as my witness, they gave there lives and blood for our Nation, Both Union and Confederate were fighting for our nation, in one way or another. Years ago the Federal Government recognized this when the allowed grave stones for Confederate Veterans and paid pensions to Veterans and their wives.

Now is a time for remembrance in both Union and Southern sites and for Units  of both in this birthday. Both celebration and memorials will be held. Many sites will have education facilities to tell the true story. This year in early December the Texas Division will tell the true story of Succession. Why Texas joined six other states in leaving the union. There will be rein-actors for many of the actual participants. The site will be an old fort in East Texas and will take several days. This is another chance for the 3rd Living History group to play its part.  This will be an open site for public and school to view all that is done. And as they say here in Texas, “Yall Come!”.  More information and a link will be provided  closer to the event.

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