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The Whitfield – Ross Texas Cavalry Brigade Association

What association?

Early in the 1900’s a Ross Brigade still existed. Of course it was getting smaller, from attrition. They had even joined with other Brigade Associations to have meetings of sufficient size to warrant the effort.

The meetings slowly fell apart, and their proceedings fell into jealous hands. It became difficult to get information. Many of the leaders of the Ross Brigade passed on in the late 1890’s. Ross’ effort to provide a data base before the end of the war had failed. A lieutenant who was entrusted with orders, trophies and other writings and procedures, died and his widow was only able to retain a small  portion from the many rift-raft Yankee groups that were taring apart the South during re-construction.

Though Victor Rose and a few others made efforts, a true definitive tribute to the true story of the Brigade does not exist. Some of the regimental efforts could be called politically incorrect garbage. Others were good troop level efforts, but none placed the Brigade in history.

Without a true story to pass on, the Brigade Association ceased to exist. Today, even a check of the rosters of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, shows more members with Sons from the Hood Brigade by far, than from Ross’ Brigade. Ross was elected Governor of Texas with a greater vote than any before or since. So where have all the Sons and Daughters gone. Lost in the apathy caused by those who would destroy the South. Lost in the political incorrect institutions we call schools.

The people who occasionally stumble across this site are surprised by the amount of data provided.  Over5867 names and free data concerning the Brigade.  But only about 60 hits a day are received. Many of those are repeats. How does one rekindle the Brigade fever that once existed.

Each soldier should have at least two kin standing behind his name. For many the war ended their history. The ones who died and left no history, and those who simply never returned home.  Others just grow old and do not pass on, the memory of those who fought. At 65, I found I had Confederate kin.  My dad never knew, even though a great uncle had hinted that we may have had Ranger kin. What did my Grand Father know?

We are becoming a race of people who are scared people. We are afraid to say anything. Bill O’Riley mentions that Mohammedan’s flew into the twin towers and the world goes crazy. We must say they were terrorist, even though all who we involved were of the same religion. We do not teach the southern view in schools because it is politically incorrect, to those who are black or northern. So my boys would grow up without the knowledge of what the South fought for.  They will pass on to their children the same politically incorrect crap, and the lie goes on.  Lincoln is lionized and Lee and Davis are made villains. How can a man who put his political opponents in jail and conducted a war that killed over 1 1/2 million Americans be lionized?  When we talk of the destruction of the Indian, it was caused by the governments war against the Indian. A fact is that more Indians were killed in the Civil War than subsequent battles.

I think I will start a Brigade group here in Kerrville and work on that problem. Something can be done.

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