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Holly Springs, MS

Just a short note.  Read the XXVII,#3,  2010, issue of the Blue & Gray. Shoot!  buy it!  Excellent article by Thomas E.  Parson, a Ranger at the new Corinth, MS Interpretive Center, about the Holly Springs Raid.  I may have some comments later but at first reading it seems a well researched article. Better than others that I have read.

His detail on the raid and the subsequent battles is very good.  With my knowledge of the brigade some bells did ring as I read, but nothing that I felt was wrong from a real fact point of view.

Thomas did an excellent article on the Hatchie Bridge Battle last year. I wrote him my comments about that. This seems better, and brought out many new facts.  Cleared up many misconceptions caused by Victor Rose’s version which was a little too romantic.

This is a story that every southern kid should read and every Yankee should have to read.

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