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Across the Great Divide, Hardly?

I should be working on the roster of Company D, 27th Texas Cavalry Regiment, but got side tracked by the new issue of HISTORY, the History Channel Magazine.  I have tried to read the above article, before the comma.  The countries leading historians talking about the Civil War. I have yet to make it. Doctor Charles Bryan and Doctor Eric Foner, two of our nations outstanding historians, reach a point where they make the following statement. Bryan: If you take slavery out of the formula, there’s a question if there ever would have been a Civil War.  Foner: It’s hard to find another cause which would have led to war.

It is a couple of statements that are so far out of context with reality. For over twenty years the Congress had been talking states rights, relative to trade, slavery and the infrastructure. The issue of slaves was not about freedom, but whether a new state would be free or slave. A political discussion. Who would gain control. The South lacked political clout without more Slave states. The North was already running over the South in taxation and tariff.

When the South began to succeed, Lincoln did not contemplate war for slaves, but to save the United States. Would the North have given up so many brave soldiers for slaves? I think not. Lincoln kept adding men and Generals till he had his Union.  Would the South have given up so many for slavery? I think not. But against an Invader who was destroying their land and homes, with a superior (Large) Army and Navy and an Industrial base, which would not quit. My kin had nothing but a horse, a Bowie knife and a pistol and a rifle or shot-gun. They all fought 5 years for the South, and stayed there after the war. Many Southerners did not. There homes were destroyed, so they moved west.

Then the North imposed the great penalty! For losing the war the South had to under go 10 years of punishment and suspension of Civil Liberty and the other amendments that governed our law.  How did they do this and under what authority. And then the liberal North ask the question. What’s your beef! The South had been beat up, had coal oil poured on and then lit. When the fire was out they poured salt in the wound for 10 years. Why are we still so riled up after 150 years?  Simple answer.   We will remember our kin in the same way we remember the soldiers of all wars. They are our hero’s. We will maintain their places of death, to honor their commitment. We will raise monuments till all are remembered. We will fight any who say we do not have the right to wave our flags, both Old Glory and the Stars and Bars, or the First National, or the Bonny Blue.

Yes, I believe the Southern memory is long. I believe the collective hurt was deep. I believe the liberal North is still stopping the South in its desire to recover.  It is hard for them to look at Chicago and Detroit and then at Atlanta and Houston and Dallas. Even the old Plantations are coming back as party and celebration halls or as Bed and Breakfast. The South is rising, but we have way to many Yankees here now. We can not  fire a rifle or wave a flag. Some even think we should not be allowed to have weapons. They have not completed their destruction of the Constitution.

I guess I have to stop reading HISTORY now.  Bad for my heart. Thank God for the Tea Party and Conservatives.

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