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6th Texas and Progress

When I finally completed Company A, 6th Texas Cavalry Regiment and published it, I felt that I had accomplished something. After talking to Stephen Kirk, I was again back at zero. He is in the final steps of his work on the Ross Brigade and is taking a short break in Florida before he completes his over 700 page effort. And I struggle with a one page blog. I can not even visualize 700 pages. He is very worried about the cost and size. I worry about his age. Over 87 and still working. Must be a good wife.

We find history in the most unusual places. Here in Ingram ( I live on the boundary) there is a lady who chronicles the families of Kerr County and the surrounding area with an article on the front page of the West Kerr Current. She calls herself Irene Van Winkle. A most unusual lady. She collects her weekly stories and has several books.

A man named Joseph Neal Luther has written a book called Camp Verde; Texas Frontier Defense. If you were to drive by Camp Verde, you would miss it. One large building and some smaller out buildings. Nothing. But full of history. But his book goes back to the beginning of time and carries through today. Yes the camel stories are there.

Down in Leakey is a guy who knows more about the Civil War Defense Units in the Hill Country than any other. Tried to get him to publish before that data is gone. Texas was tottering  on the edge of disaster during the Civil War. Had the Union known of the vast resource in the Hill Country, poised to strike down the Confederacy of  Texas the war might have ended sooner. The many German and Union cause people in the Hill Country filled out many Units of Frontier Defense. Battalions and Regiments. All with Union leaders and ready to fight. Yes, Texas feared these units and their leanings. Paul Burrier has many documents,  unit rosters and other material about who was of the Union persuasion. It really explains what happened here in the area and why some people still do not talk ab0ut the Confederacy.  My whole view of the Hill Country has changed since I saw Paul’s papers and heard his talk. WOW!

I was better than average in History in school, but would not have called myself a Historian. Now I know a Historian is someone who knows more about a part of History. Last Saturday Night I heard Scott Bowden,  “Speak” on Gettysburg and Lee. WOW again! Though he wrote on Napoloen Bonaparte he has now become a Lee Scholar and is writing a complete history of Robert E. Lee’s leadership and actions during the Civil War. A most learned man and gifted speaker. Many of the small stories he brought out were an enjoyment to hear.

I still yearn to start a Ross Brigade Reunion. It can include Aggies, but I desire to collect the people who had families in the 3rd, 6th, 9th and 27th Texas Cavalries.  Sixty five hundred men would have now have at least 52,000 relatives, and probably many more. Most will not even seek their kin, because it is politically incorrect to revere your Civil War kin. The fought under “that” flag in “that” War. So many people suppressing their history, because of a politically correct society. Very Sad!

The political debates show how bad our society has become. One word and everyone is off on a war of words. It takes nothing for the will of the people to change. It occurs because of very little actual leverage. We are much to sensitive to the communications that bombard the airwaves. Even words like conservative have become bad in the eyes of some. Had there not been conservatism society would have ended long ago. Man would have not known when to end wars and would have destroyed himself.

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