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A Hundred and Fifty and Counting

In the last few weeks I have been to more cemeteries than I desire at my age. Of course it was to either honor or to maintain. Last Saturday we went to the Center Point Cemetery to make sure we knew where all our Confederates were so we could mark them easily on Memorial Day. Yes, they were Veterans. Even the VA recognizes them, on occasion. More about that later.

During the process, we found one veteran, who has a cloud over his service. Though a renown, Texas Ranger, was he a Confederate Civil War veteran. He told everyone that he was both Confederate and Union. To the Union sympathizers he was Union, to other Texans he was Confederate. Now I have found a  young Missouri soldier, who fits the bill for this soldier. He fought in a Mississippi unit, and has the same name as the soldier. But family members say he was Union. This creates some of the problems that you find in cemeteries. Call it cemetery politics. Will continue to work on this and let you know in the future.

Now back to the VA. If any family member, or close friend?, request a marker, and the person in the grave was a Civil War soldier, he will receive a tombstone or a plaque. The stone if there is none. We marked Lt. Col. Henry W. Bridges, 6th Texas Cavalry with a stone as he had lain for 147 years without one. Which brings us to the rub! In Richmond, Virginia, Hollywood Cemetery, there are several thousand graves that are identified by a small marker for every three graves. This marker, is identified in a book that then says who is buried in the grave if known. A request was made by the combined camps of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. To date the VA has balked at placing all these stones. The actual reason may be cost, but the comment has been that what is there is sufficient. We Sons disagree. We Veterans, also disagree. Any soldier who has fought for America deserves a marker. These Confederate Soldiers certainly deserve a Stone.  The Union contended the Confederacy never existed and they won the war, so these are American Veterans.

Of Course there was a Confederate States of America. Still America. Maybe the real America. From the war came many difficult situations. The churches have fought over who God supported, and who was morally right. I would say that God may have been neutral in this fight. Both sides were his children. Of the war only one good came. Slavery, ended, after the war was over and after many years when an Amendment was approved, giving all people the same rights. In the Churches the battle continues. On of my church leaders taught a course not to long ago saying that the Union was right and that the South was wrong. I was the only one who questioned his lesson. From the Civil War came thousands of Christians, and hundreds of preachers. War had caused men to see the wrong and to try to bring peace to their fellow men.

A word on the Battle Hymn of the Republic. I sang this song for years and greatly enjoyed it. Then I heard its history. The lady who wrote it was not celebrating God’s victory, she was gloating over the Souths loss and the freeing of the Slaves. Slavery In 1860 was legal and Lincoln did not run to end slavery. He ran to expand government, and centralize control. Though Republican, these are Democratic ideas of today. The Abolition of  Slavery was a Military ploy to make it more difficult for the South. He did not free the slaves in Union Controlled areas. Only Confederate areas, that were still contested at the time. After his death someone made it total. Have to look that up. The Battle Hymn of the Republic celebrates the death of over 500,000 soldiers. “Celebrates!” How can we celebrate. We can honor and remember and celebrate their lives. But not celebrate their deaths. It even talks of building alters to pray for the end of the South. This again is the assumption that God was on one or the other side. The premise has been that who ever fired the first shot was the oppressor, thus did not have the backing of God. This is how we covered our selves in the First and Second World Wars. Didn’t the South fire the first shot of the Civil War?

The fact that the South had ask the Union forces to leave the Southern territory of Ft Sumter, is lost in the shuffle. The fact that Lincoln had called for the raising of an Army to stop the South’s Secession is also lost. As has been States Rights, a Constitutional term that was trampled on by Lincoln. At this point we began to fall as a democratic nation. When the rights of the people are taken by the government, then the nation ceases to exists.

Of course were are not allowed to say things like this. It is un-American. Anything that is different from what the North wants it to be is un-American. But God and our Constitution gave us the right to say that we the people have the right. The government can assume no right no written into the Constitution.

Now we have  a government, that runs a muck. A rubber stamp congress and a court that does not truly resolve the issues, hiding behind the laws while it is supposed to use the Constitution. We have a President who daily brakes the law. He has taxed the church, he has ruled by decree, he has created agencies without the consent of Congress and had told this great nation that it is no longer Christian. The Czars he has created are totally illegal. The people he has placed in these seats are totally immoral.

It is time to end this man’s rule. It is time to toss out the Democratic party until it cleans itself of the Socialist and Communist that hid in its skirts. These beliefs can exist, but only in the open. They must state what they are and how they will lead. Not promise change, and then change the American Way. We are a country that was founded on Christian belief and no one man can say that it has ended.

Next we need to recognize that the Islamic belief is like a government and not a religion. Its law is sick. To bring it to America and then say it can replace the Rule of Law and the Ten Commandments is wrong. Our Constitution states that we are One Nation under God, not Mohamed. We will not allow law that belittles women and places them second. We will not OK the use of Jihad, to remove Christians who do not believe. Let us stop it know. Let us make war now.

I have rambled on, but feel that now is the time for America to clean out the trash that has accumulated since the Civil War. If you don’t like it, leave it. Go to China or some other Country and try to set up your stupid belief that one man can kill another in the Name of God.

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Texas Independence and Texas Secession and Today!

On March 2, each year Texas celebrates its independence from Mexico as a separate nation. But we do not celebrate the Succession of Texas from the Union and the formulation of the seventh Confederate State. In fact few school kids know of this event.

Texas met  on January 28, 1861 and Approved an Ordinance of Secession by February 1, 1861.  The people of Texas ratified this Ordinance on February 23, 1861 and it took affect on March 2, 1861.  A fitting date. Texas saw this as a new Independence. Many of the officers and men who fought in the Civil War were at the convention. Many of these men were in Ross’ Brigade or  one of it’s Regiments. The Commander of the 9th Texas was a member of the Knights of the Golden Circle. He and other Knights captured the Alamo from Union Soldiers in early March. The even captured Colonel Robert E. Lee that same day as he was traveling to Washington, D.C.

The time line for the Civil War was fast from that time on. But that is history. What is of real importance here is the fact that children know nothing of the Civil War. Few even know a little bit about their grandfathers, much less their great and great-great-grandfathers. The schools certainly do not want the students to know. That might cause the students to be smarter than the teachers.

We members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans spend a lot of time teaching. From little children to grandparents. The grandparents come looking for their genealogy. Then they discover that their kin rode with Sul Ross in the Great War.  We in the South have a lot of names for it. The Un-Civil War.  The War of Yankee intervention. The Great Yankee Invasion, and many more but not so kind names.

We fight the immortalizing of Lincoln, who fought a war to keep the states together, which was against the Constitution. We try to show that the South had the right, and that Slavery would have ended on its on without the hatred that exists today. We show that our kin fought for what they believed in, and gave blood just as our kin have in many wars. We show that we have the right and that we honored our slain before the North did. We do not mind that they copy, for it is a right thing.

I would like to see a group of regimental organizations, that attended Brigade and Division functions similar to the reunions of WWII, Korea and Vietnam and in the future, Afghanistan and Iraq. There would be 3rd, 6th, 9th and Legion (27th) Regimental groups that would pass on the heritage of  the South along with genealogy. Instead we have a President preaching hate and division. Putting race against race and financial level against financial level. We live in a sick time.

The question becomes can we survive? Have we already gone over the edge? Is return impossible? I can not answer these questions, but I can hope that we have not. My children are different from me, but in a different way. I may have hated my Father at times, but I always respected him. I never went beyond the immediate argument. These kids are being taught bad things in our public schools. That is where we need to start, in solving the problem. Teachers need to regain control, and we have to help.  Then we need to take back our colleges, and stop the teaching of the trash, that is being taught.

I think only then can I teach my grandson and great-grandson about the Civil War and about our great American heritage.

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