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Finding the Soldiers of Ross’ Brigade

As I go around the Great State of Texas, I find more and more soldiers of Ross’ Brigade. You can almost find one in every graveyard. Being normally slow on the take up, I am just beginning to make a record of those found. Possibly I can update the rosters with  the final resting place with a grave number. Some one long after me will finish that task.

I have received several good list over the years that help in this effort. One concerned a grave yard in Tarrent county with many. Another was Titus County.  Also many of the other Counties have good list. January a year ago, I worked on the list of 3rd and 27th soldiers buried in the Shady Grove Cemetery  Mass Grave in Iuka, MS. But in doing so, I became aware of the many who lie at Corinth, Franklin, Nashville, in the Indian Territory, at Pea Ridge, at Thompson Station and along the road to Atlanta that are not identified. Just recently there were some people in Mississippi looking for a soldier by name buried in north Mississippi, along side a Yankee officer. Was he one of ours?

I helped with the Memorization of  Lt Col Bridges in Jackson, but was remiss in that I did not look at the other 500 in that cemetery. How many more of Ross’ men are there, At least I can go on line and look. Of course when I found my great uncle in Georgia, it said nothing of his Civil War service. My Great Grandfather lies somewhere in Northern Marion County Florida, but I have not found his grave. We know there are many more like that. Both of those graves cry out for a marker and a Ranger Cross.

Just recently I saw a report that said that the actual deaths in the Civil War was far greater than the 622,000 previously thought. A tentative figure has been placed at 750,000, with probably more to be discovered. Add to that the many who died and were not marked with a VA stone or marker. Many of these also need a Ranger Cross. The work in Virginia at the Hollywood Cemetery to place a correct VA stone for each soldier lying there. This action has not occurred to date and this is basically for the soldiers killed in the Petersburg and Richmond battles who now lie under a single stone for each three. Sad!

Again this week I was reminded of the sorry action of our government to maintain the myths of the Civil War. No one went to war on either side saying they were there to end slavery. The North was marching to stop the breakup of the Union. In the South the fought to protect their property.

When Lincoln announced the Emancipation Proclamation it said all slaves were free, but none were actually free. He did not control the South, and he did not free the slaves in the border states and territories. Some were not freed for several years after the war. But the Black leaders and the federal government continue to say the war was fought over slavery. Even noted historians say this to protect their status. If they said otherwise, they would be destroyed. Political correctness has come to mean right while everything else is wrong. Politically correct is an oxymoron. If it is politically correct, something about it is wrong. This must end. It is destroying America as we know it. It is politically incorrect to fly a Southern Flag at Appomattox Court House. This is a historical site. General Lee surrendered his command, but not his weapon nor the flag. It was lowered, but remained in the custody of the South. Of course if flown, It can not be flown as high as the American flag. Some things are correct.

We here in Texas fought a battle over a Sons of Confederate Veterans license plate. We lost the battle, but are well on the road to regain this 1st Amendment right. The constitution clearly gives many of these rights, but someone decided that they could just say that something was right and that was the way it was. Shelia Jackson Lee and a lot of Black preachers and legislators went to Austin, Texas to deny us our rights using political correctness. There are no States rights, but you can bet that any court  will rule that  something belongs to the state if it is presented to the court. Most laws concerning states rights have never been seen in the courts, because the US government will not fight a states rights case. Two cases that were never tried was the illegal incarceration of Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis. Why, because the North knew they would not win the court case and they have always prevented a States Rights case that bordered on that of the right of the South to Succeed has not and never will be tried.

Oh well! I have wandered all over the place and not really  accomplished much. I would like to see a true tally of those killed in the Civil War. I would like to see the myths debunked in school and I would like to see states rights returned to its proper position. God Bless America and God Bless the Confederacy.

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