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I am Guilty of Procrastination – Concerning Texas Histiry and Other Things

Because of all I try to do, I have failed to keep up with my love, The 6th Texas Cavalry. At this time I have only  done the rosters on Company A and I.  A lot more work needs to be done. And here I am routing for the new Ross Brigade book by Stephen Kirk. It is at the publisher. I have only been waiting two years. He says it will be out in a few weeks. As soon as I have it I will do a read and publish my thoughts here and details of how to buy it.

We deserve more concerning the Whitfield – Ross Texas Cavalry Brigade.  I would love to write about the Brigade, but it would require that two things occur. First I would have to become a detailed writer and resolve each point. You know me. I Jump to conclusions and rush my points. Though I do enjoy reading some of the detailed works available, I will admit that I often gloss over points.

Second I would have to learn grammar and spelling. I am working on  that. My business requires that I spend time writing about the product. It also requires better grammar than I show here. So, I am working on it. I would be better at a collaboration. Then I could blame my bad writing on someone else. One of my cousins,  a detailed biographer and critic said she would edit my work.

As our economy slowly starts to fail, I fear for history. Will Big Brother take over and rewrite history the way he wants it. I prefer it the way it was. More and more I see writings that indicate, that we can not trust our government. Eric Holder, has done some really weird things for the top lawyer of our country. Then the President has set himself up a the chief critic of the court. Down the tube goes separation of Powers. He has also trampled Separation of Church and State, saying that individual rights are more important than a most important part of our Constitution. Does this mean that the Constitution does not count anymore. Rule of Law has ended and Rule of Big Brother has begun.

What will become of truth? Will it end? Does the work and sweat of our fathers mean nothing? The questions go on and on. Simple small things disappear. We have always had the celebration of Armistice at 11 AM and normally on the last day of May. This year the time has been moved to facilitate some thing else. The date is on Monday the 28th. So our schools took off Friday, for some unknown reason.

See I am doing it again. Why do I stray away? Why is our country important? First we have to undo the damage done by the different groups that seek to change or destroy our country.  For a hundred years or more one group has sought to modify our country, because they do not believe that people in general, you and me, do not deserve our freedoms. Because were not as elite as them, we become the serfs. They the rulers. We the poor, they the rich. This could go on and on.

But we then have many more groups that have tied into the first group, thinking this would allow them to complete their goals. Their goals might align with the progressives, or might not. But if it upsets the status qua, they allow it because anything that disrupts the system, allows them to forward their agenda.

How do I know all this? I am not sure, but in a life time of study and reading, I have come to believe that we are at the point that they will win and our country will cease to exist.  We say this started in the 1800s. It is a slow malignant growth that has weighted freedom down, till it will soon fail.

I am old and it only matters to me because it is happening in my life time. The end of democracy will be sad. Will I give up peacefully? My answer was given by Charlton Heston at a NRA convention. From My Cold Dead hands is the only way they will take my weapon. The current “we deserve” population will have to learn the ultimate message. They have been deceived. The only wealth we deserve is that we work for. The only things we have are those we worked for. All of this is taught in the Old Testament of the Bible. These  concepts have come done for over 4000 years.

Because I am living on two Government pensions, I will loose that income if the  dollar collapses. This is very possible in the near future. There will not be enough money to buy anything. Hyper inflation will rip through our country like a  knife. I have plans an will survive. Maybe not if they come to get my guns, but I plan to survive.

I will work on this web site until all of the internet is dead, which may not happen because of the other countries of the world. I am planning several means of providing power. I am also working on a source of food. This all sounds archaic, but it is good to plan, maybe even purchase a few items, like dehydrators, generators, solar panels, and maybe a few days of food that can be stored without refrigeration. What harm in that. I would also buy some extra guns and ammunition. I am a collector by habit. If it is old, I still keep it. If it is broke, I salvage all I can and if it is plastic or metal, I sell it. Every thing else I burn. Yes I have a garden. I will shoot deer for meat. I will survive.

I still procrastinate. We as voters have procrastinated to the max. We have put in office people who take our freedoms and our rights. It is time to change that, but it is probably to late. May God protect our soles.

Visit the Whitfield Ross Brigade Website and see the four regiments, the 3rd, 6th, 9th and 27th Texas Cavalry Regiments.



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I Am Guilty of “Racism”!

Because I write of the Confederacy and Confederate Soldiers I am guilty of “Racism”. This is true if your listen to the babble going on in Austin, Texas. It seems that anything Confederate is racism. First it was racist to put a Confederate Battle Flag on the Texas License Plate. Now we can not replace the plaques taken down by then Governor Bush, (illegally). These plaques which were removed from the Texas Supreme Court Building had told of the Confederate Pension Fund being used to build the Supreme Court Building. The replacement plaques are much less offensive to the public concerning the mentioning of the Sons of the Confederacy, but the ?public? in Austin thinks they are racist. We mention the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

I think it has gone far enough. First the War was over 132 years ago.  I added time for punishment (Reconstruction), which actually continued on until the second World War. Second the Sons that I attend are Historic and Moralistic. We study the Civil War and Remember our kin. Third I have never heard a word at any meeting that was Racist or even un- complementary of the black race. We revere our God and we pay homage to the 250,000 Southern Soldiers who died for their cause. We remember the many thousands of civilians that were displaced, killed and brutalized by a Union Army turned loose by Grant, Sherman and Lincoln.

The coin has turned. The Racist is now the Reverends Jackson and Sharpton, Congresswoman Sheilah Jackson Lee and their Army of NAACP goons that trample the Constitution. These people are so concerned with advancing their cause, that they do not care that they are destroying the document that brought them to where they are. They destroy free speech and the rights of others. They use the term “Racist” like a rock. They stone any foe, without remorse. They have become what they claim us to be.

We are not allowed to use the term “Racist”. It is the right of the Black Race to use this term. Not others. Not yellow, Not brown, and certainly not whites. The white are not allowed a day, a week, a month, a year. We are allowed to be punished. Except that there are blacks, browns and others in our organization. These they call turncoats to their races according to the Blacks that brand us. What a shame that it has come to this. Even our “President” follows these rules. He has denied that we are a Christian Nation. Thus, until whites are hung from the lamp poles and trees will the blacks, who never served a day as a slave, be satisfied. Is this all blacks? Of course not. Many are Christian, family people who care for their fellow man. Many have served with whites and browns and know that only one color counts. Red. The color of blood spilled for a brother. I doubt that even half of the blacks of America believe as the NAACP, but they voted to put a Black in office without looking at what he believed in or where he had come from. Now they are about to bring ruin on the United States of America and may cause another Civil War. One not about States Rights, but about the Rights of the People.

We have the Right to Freedom of Religion.

We have the Right of Freedom of Speech.

We have the Right of Freedom of Assembly.

We have a lot of God Given Rights, that a Socialist Government would take away from us. Watch what France will give up so that the Government can grow larger. And watch that the Government does not live like it makes the people live. Our Government is already that way. Our Senators and Representatives are greater and more privileged than we are. We are second class. They are the Elite. Maybe the Constitution was too liberal in that it allowed the Congress to make itself Elite. But now by bypassing the Congress, the President is tying the hands of this Country, to the bonds of the UN and other countries, and giving our taxes to those who do not represent US. They represent themselves. Not even their own people.

I find it hard to be angry at the Blacks, when there are so many others that would do me and you harm. As we slowly spin our way into the black whole of history, little can be done. The man who leads us is an abject lier. Nothing that he says or does is for or by this country. He is for himself and his cause. He states bluntly that our time is gone and his is come. Change. But its like the lamb who wanted on the other side of the fence only to find that the fence was protecting him from the wolves.

May God have Mercy Upon Our Soles!

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