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Back in the Saddle

It is time to get back to work. I need to finish the 6th Texas rosters. Also Stephen Kirk’s book has been at the publishers for awhile, and is due out. This will be a new book on The Brigade and cover the period from the start of the Atlanta Campaign till its conclusion and the start of the Hood Tennessee Campaign. I hope it comes out.

Not a long period, but during that time Sherman lost 25-35 thousand men fighting Johnson and Hood and the Ross Brigade. Also the Brigade went from over 1500 to about 1000. That is a big drop but some times it was not that a person was wounded, but that he was given an important job. One of the Chaplains was wounded in the Union Atlanta Raids and a soldier was left to care for him. That soldier ended up taking the Chaplain back to Texas at the end of the war. The Union got two for the price of one.

I continue to pick up a word here, a comment there about my regiments. More history is received on soldiers. Where they are buried, whether they submitted pension request, census data, and on and on. This data provides an overall picture of each soldiers life. Not complete. but better than a couple of dates. I would like to have the obituary where I would just have to supply the military information. I can add the campaigns and battles. When I put down the campaigns, it irks me because in a campaign there are often several big battles. The Hood Tennessee Campaign was known for the Franklin and Nashville Battles. But the Atlanta Campaign is just called that. But if you travel the road from Rome to Atlanta, you can read off the battles. Rome, Dallas, New Hope Church, Kennisaw Mountain and on and on. Only 70 to 80 miles, but it took 110 days. Days of hot Georgia summers, torrential rains, and miles and miles of mud. But an article titled the Gallant Gray Clad Host, which describes the Ross Brigade providing a delaying against a Corps near New Hope Church, shows why it took so long. For one hour the Texas Brigade slowly backed down a highway, moving from one position to another. From 500 men down to about 300. And then melting into the Confederate line lost to history but for one Union newspaper. It does not appear in the records. The Brigade was not recognized. But once again General Hood’s Army had built a defense line and the Union was halted in place. More days and men lost by the Union. Not enough, for the war continued till the South could fight no more.

This article was first printed in the Detroit Free press after the war and then reprinted in Dallas Harold, June 18, 1884. A few weeks later, near Atlanta, this same Gray Clad Host, was over run by a Cavalry Division of General Kilpatrick’s in 4 columns, 4 horses wide, going through a very thin 3rd Texas which was spread out across a field, trying to prevent their escape. The Union description was of a bloody saber charge through Ross’ Brigade. Ross did not have time to reinforce his line. Only about 300 faced a cavalry division in the charge, but many were lost and captured. But many had fired one shotgun blast and dropped to the ground. They did regroup after the battle and take up the pursuit, but  they were never the same. Ross reported to Hood the next day to say he had been run over. Hood said he did not have to hang his head in shame, for that was for the Infantry Brigade that was supposed to have backed him up. They were in shame.

The battle list for the Ross Brigade is extremely long. From simple skirmishes to major conflict, they are listed. Often fighting as a brigade and then fighting as a regiment. The fought on horseback, stood guard, fought as Infantry, and answered every call. Often they received boots and saddles bugle call while eating or sleeping. Away they would go to reinforce a line regiment as infantry or to reinforce a brigade regiment that was being contested. It did not matter. They were there.

A lot of people said the soldiers deserted because of the battles. It looks more like they deserted when they were unemployed and had time to think. In 1863 July and August there were a lot of desertions. The majority of illnesses occurred in From October 1861 to September 1862 when they were still soft from civilian life. Deaths and discharges during this period were the greatest. After September 1862, illnesses fell of and only a few died after that time. From then on it was wounds, death in battle or probably battle fatigue, though they did not call it that at the time.  From May 1864 to the end of September 1864 they were almost in constant battle of some type. From October 1864 to December 1864 there were just skirmishes. Even at Franklin, they were so far out to the east they were not involved in the battle. From January to May 1865, there were few skirmishes and no major battles. Many went home to get clothes and a new horse. The majority of desertions occurred before 1864 and after January 1865 when thy were played out.

Still now I wait for Kirk’s book. Maybe I am hoping for something new. Of course there is always something new. His is a different point of view, and he will pick up things we miss. I wait, I wait! You will here it first here when it is published. I will get one of his first copies, to review.

Must go! It is time for the Sons of Confederate Veterans and tonight’s speaker is telling of his kin and the Missouri Border Wars. It will be interesting.  Wow! it was great. His kin, Larkin Scaggs,  was the only Confederate killed during the Lawrence Kansas raid. ( Union named a massacre.) He was mutilated and left unburied by the good folks of Lawrence. Quantrill’s Raiders only killed the Jay hawks and Red-legs that had killed and mauled the families of his Raiders. Bloody Bill Anderson became so after the Jay hawkers killed his 14 year old sister. On an on. This part of the Civil War was like a feud. But history, written by the winners has greatly exaggerated the Raiders part and belittled the Union part.

This why General Stephen D. Lee charged the Sons of Confederate Veterans to continue to bring out the true story of the Civil War. If we let the victor rewrite Southern History, it will no longer be ours.

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Research is Hard!

As I have been working on the 3rd Texas Cavalry Regiment Muster roster as found at the Wilson Creek Web site, my purpose was to create a work sheet that I could sort into different values, such as Iuka, Corinth, Illness. As I have done this I find myself having to continually have to rework format. The end result is great, but you find your self not finished.

I made an alphabetical file to do some checks against the National Archives at In the first 10 records, I knew my task.  In the “a’s” alone, I found things I wanted to add and some changes. The old method required you to put a NARA tape into a reader, and to make one copy at a time, or to make notes. The advantage of starting with a completed roster, is you see continued progress, even though you can not see the end.  My problem is I want to change format as I go along. I start over several times.

A soldier is wounded at Wilson Creek, at Corinth I and is Killed in action at Iuka.  To sort this in excel will only give one of these events.  By putting each event in a separate column, the task becomes easier.  As time goes on you began to set up a system that will allow you to get a totaling result.  I will soon be able to get all the different possibilities at Iuka. This in tern gives a better picture of the unit in the battle.

The amount of time it takes to completely read a soldiers records and make adjustments in your files is extremely time consuming. People who deserted on occasion went to town to get a horse shod, and the unit moved. Technically he is absent without leave (awol) and is called a deserter. Two days later he catches up and explains. And a month or two later at the next roll call, he is returned to duty. Some First Sergeants backdated by dating the return in the roll he is calling. Most did not.

Soldiers were some times sick and left behind. Some caught up, some never did. The range of events for a thousand soldiers is unbelievable.  Of course you have to change the figure to 1,400 because there were replacements and new recruits. But over time the effect of War told its tale.

You always wonder if some one else had already done the work you are trying to do. The first sergeants did the best that they could, but at wars end, some burnt records, the 6th Texas had their records ransacked by Union troops going through all the trunks in a hotel in Alabama. The time that Company I, 6th and H, 9th spent in Ras Stirman’s Regiment is only known from these two companies records. All of the Arkansas records from April to December are lost.

Not to long ago I completed the 27th Texas Cavalry. Again the format changed and a system was developed to count several categories and show them at the end of each company and the regiment for a total of activities. I am still looking for a good way to track events and happenings such as KIA and POW. May take a separate column for each  item, but use it only to tabulate.

Will end this blog I started months ago and forgot to finish.

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Father’s Day

Before I start the desertion below, a couple of comments and questions about the web site. I would appreciate any comment about anything that does not work like you want it to. I am always learning when it comes to websites and the way they work. Often the links are set up wrong, or I have saved the wrong format. Going from Exel to .html is my goal, but I do not always get there.  Let me know. If you know a better way of paging or links, let me know. If something is missing that should be here, let me know. May take me a while to figure it out, but I will.  Formats look like I have several writers. Not so. It is just my wandering mind. I am one of those guys that wakes up in a new world everyday and enjoys it all. If you like it perfect, better move on. If you like everything I can cram into a site, OK, you can stay. I have begged, borrowed and misappropriated as much material as I can find on the Brigade and Regiments. I will continue to add. If someone lives in the Denton, Waco, Hillsborough, College Station or Austin area that wants to research the Brigade Reunions after the War and would feed me material, I will add it for the world. If you have pictures, please send to the website or request my personal email so that I can get them on line. I have some that have been sent, like the weapons and gear of Major Robert White of the 6th. I have several pictures and will add those. Eventually I will add a way to donate for the preservation of the site.  I know my wife and kids are not interested, so if you know what to do to perpetuate the site, let me know. Personally I want to keep it free to the world. But it is a Yahoo business site, with some extras, so it cost a little.

Bel0w is what I will call my Father’s day blast. Everything is going along great, and I began to preach the end. But, because we have let our economy go so far without special consideration, I do feel we are in for a great fall.

I really do not know what this day is for. Mother’s day we honor mothers, on father’s day we clean out the garage. This may sound bad, but my day did not start right. It started normally, I was doing what I wanted, but then came the 14 year old son. He started arguing with his mother, and soon was telling us to get @$$%&&**. Our TVs and school systems teach disrespect of parents. They foster disrespect of everything. The freedom of speech must be respected by all. One group can not say what they want to the detriment of another group. The only way to foster this is restraint, not expanding the boundaries,  freely as we see the liberals doing.

What Progressive-ism has done to our county, along with the stupid President they have supported, because he aligns with their way, is beyond reason. The only thing that can save our country is an all out effort greater than we had in WWII. Every man, woman, and child will have to do everything they can, every minute of the day till we have righted our budget, and corrected our systems so that we are free again according to law and God. Does this mean no play? No, we will play, but money will not be spent. Fireworks will not be fired on 4th July. Too expensive.

How do we get there? I can only guess. How do we get so many diverse people to work together. How do we gain what was pure, for one second in 1789. I am sure we can not get it all back. But some things will have to be done now.

Get rid of this president and all that support his ideas. Deport him and his wife for not supporting and defending the Constitution as required by the Constitution.

Forbid Shara Law in the United States. It is totally contrary to our Constitution and allows the teachings to Islamic Radicals for the overthrow of the United States and the World unless we all convert to Islam. Deport all that do not swear allegiance to the United States and the Constitution.

Require first that all schools and universities teach only reading, writing, mathematics and sciences for 10 years. All other studies are ended until they are made non bias against the United States. English and only English will be spoken and written in the United States for our official language.  One country, one language, one God. Others may be studied or considered, but not mandated for or to the public.

End all payments to foreign governments. End all government grants and awards until the budget is saved. Collect all debt both foreign and domestic. That includes student loans. If the austerity has caused someone to not be able to pay, they will be required to volunteer until their loan is payed or justified. Cut government pay to equal or less than the civilian counterpart. Close school and government departments that are not supported by the Constitution or needed, to save money. End all retirements to past congressmen, government officials, presidents, etc till the budget is balanced and then only at the best and approval of a grateful nation. No one living should be allowed to prosper from a system that they built that does not work. Nor should they prosper if a system works while they are in government and fails after they are gone. This includes ententes such as Fannie MAE and Freddie MAC or the Post Office.

End all social engineering in the Military. Streamline the Military to save every penny we can. Get rid of waste. End all ideas that government can provide jobs and allow people to survive. Close all departments that give people money, without work.  Nothing is free. Military retirees will determine what they can survive on in this environment. Close the VA, but pay for the care of Soldiers in need in the civilian hospitals. Stop HMOs from over charging, period. Close any that milk the systems. Require the medical system to operate at cost until the country is back on its feet. Look at requiring other systems to do the same. End adds on TV that cost so much. Everyone must sacrifice their excess till we recover our nation. Just do it till we survive.

We must have total freedom of religion. That does not mean that witchery and and other off bread fanatical groups that come from the minds of writers are allowed to be called religions. A joint group of religion and government would decide if a group deserved or should petition to become a religion. Use of drugs is not a religious freedom. Some would be allowed by the consent of all. If an American Indian believes that drugs are important in their religion, then it will be very restricted. Only a very few of the leaders can practice. Not all. We are not a nation of druggies. How does this free religion? No law or rule will be made that governs the church or its free practice. Any President or agency that makes such rules will be punished as prescribed by law. This President should have been indited and restrained by the Courts. He can not be allowed to ruin our country and our ways. This contradicts itself. Probably, but the religions will themselves have to practice restraint, in fairness.

When should we start? Yesterday! We really can not wait until the election, or this dumb President and his cronies will try  something desperate and cause great harm. My son just entered the Marines. I told him he has to think. If his government tells him to fire on his parents or someone else’ parents, he will be at a Constitutional crossroads. He will have to decide. Do I fire or do I turn and leave. No, don’t throw down your arms. The government wants that. Just take your gun and go home. You are a true citizen soldier. We are not looking at a great future.

Some would call this a great leap in thinking without explanation. That may be true, but this is some of what I believe. This President has been working for the fall of the United States. He has laid groundwork for his own army. Thugs in the ATF, IRS, Acorn, The Unions and who knows what else have armed and provisioned. Maybe great portions of the Military will support him. That is until the money and the food gives out. And  it will.

If your dollar will not buy anything, then it will get ugly. Millions will die fighting those fighting over food and material things. Failure of systems that require money to operate, will follow. As these systems are taken over by the government, and then fail because the support system will not be there.  The government can not make things happen if there is no longer any trust in the monetary system. On variable, that has potential is the stock market. It goes up and down, but unlike before, it is funded by many currencies. In itself, it has become a type of money. It is not falling apart as has happened in the past. Maybe the monetary system will be the stock dollar, backed by all currencies, and operating in all countries. This will save the world, but not America. Remember, this government has taught people to sit and wait.

Only through self sacrifice and sacrifice as a nation will we survive. We must practice as a nation, the rule of self denial. We can not have until it is paid for. Credit should be ended for the foreseeable future. Any payment system that is automatic should also be ended. Some are getting rich off of those that are unaware that they are being bilked. For example, TV / cable providers, who charge as much as they can, and make excessive  monies. HMOs are the same. They set a fee and then try to figure ways to rob the government and the people.

How much of this do I believe? Too much. Will it happen? Yes! America will fail and the economy will collapse. Will Obama succeed? No. There will be a Civil War and many will be killed and much will be destroyed, but out of the ashes will arise something similar, but hopefully better. When will it happen? If I could answer that, I would have options to plan for. Today, I only plan to survive.

I have wondered why we fought a War on Terror, without taxing and gearing up to support the war. No we fought it on credit. We are entering the next Great Crusade, but do not know it. Christianity has fought Islam since the 300s. Why did we allow the Islamic religion to build a mosque on the site of Salomon’s Temple. This in itself was a great sacrilege.  There are many other, in your face, instances that the Islamic Radicals have put in front of us to have to live by. The last big one was the mosque at the 9/11 site. My question is how can a religion such as Islam be OK when all or most of their clerics or leaders are Radical and in their schools they do not follow the teachings of history of our nation, but teach the overthrow of our nation. Yet we allow them in the idea of free speech. We are not smart. They are not a religion but an organism that  grows and grows with the sole purpose to over throw our way of life and replace it with one that does not work. That is really sick. Would you like to live like Iran or the way the Islam ghettos of Europe live. They say it is OK, as long as there is Oil money. It will get worse.

This has nothing and everything to do with my beloved Whitfield – Ross Texas Cavalry Brigade. I will plan and put everything on disk and hope it is saved. Maybe when the war is over, I or my great grand son can work on it. Yes he exists. And I do hope he likes History as I do. Of course he will also work on WWIII history!


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Tons and Tons of Material and Then Something New

When I first started to write about the 6th Texas Cavalry, I had trouble finding data. There was one guy up at Dallas that had  a hoard of material but he would not share. I kept looking and then I began to find data. Not always clear and concise, but data. It continues to flow, like a cornucopia. Now it flows and it is difficult to sort and identify.

And yesterday, a guy calls and says, he has found a good link for me to become a Son of the Revolution. Like I need to join something else, but I am intrigued. When I ask him about another link in my genealogy, he said he had not seen that.  So maybe I will join another organization. Another quest, another direction, more data. It never ends.

I love all this data. I use to hate repetitive work, and working with Civil War is often repetitive. Especially rosters. Each soldier of a unit does the same as the next, most of the time. Then one does something different, like going on a mission or shoeing a horse, or cooking for his commander. It lets you know that normal things went on, along with the wild things of war. On several records was an entry, duty with Colonel Ross. Nothing else. I had been looking for a description of that duty for a long time, but could not find a plausible explanation, until I began to study Lt Col Bridges and his activities in 1863 and 1864. Bridges seemed to be everywhere. But by plotting his locations I began to see a picture of activity in the Mississippi sector. His direct commander, General Stephen D. Lee was directed to fight against certain Union actions. His Army would be positioned to counter the Union movements. One was a Union Corps that was in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area after the Battle of Chickamauga, Georgia in September 1863. Union forces were retreating but this Corps started toward north Georgia. Bridges was being directed by these movements, and so was Ross.

General Lee directed Ross to gather a select group of reaction troops to be the reconnaissance against the Corps. Ross chose the most hardy and capable soldiers from all the regiments of the Texas Brigade. Many were not leaders, but good followers. Soldiers who tool orders and acted accordingly. Ross had the equivalent of two regiments, one from the Texas Brigade and the 3rd Mississippi Cavalry. He employed them in such a way that they were seen as a Division of troops or more. The Union slipped out of Chattanooga toward Chickamonga and then backtracked almost across Tennessee to the area north of Corinth Mississippi. Though I can find no record or documentation that  the way that Ross employed his force caused this reversal by the Union Corps, Ross implied that his troops were enjoying themselves after the Battle of Moscow, Tennessee in December 1863. Soon after this Ross and the men of the Texas Brigade returned to the Jackson Mississippi area and Ross was promoted to Brigadier General and command of the Texas Cavalry Brigade. The Union force north of Corinth was no longer a threat to S.D. Lee’s forces.

This is one of the more interesting parts of history. It is not complete. There are still things to study. Others comment and you can disagree, and provide data that proves your point. Some time you have to wait and find more data. But the debate goes on.

Back to the War at Hand!

The North won the war. But they did not destroy the will of the people to continue their way of life. It was spread all over the United States. I believe we have Sons of the Confederacy in every state and many countries. Some fighters went back home to Europe after the war. We have Sons and re-in actors in Belgium and Brazil.

It is sad to me that the war was fought to save the United States, the goal that Lincoln followed; and today the Black race follows a line that the war was fought to free the slaves. Others back this line of thought and deny any comment by Southerners that there was any other reason. I do not believe that my kin fought to keep slavery. I believe that they were living in the South and that their land was invaded. The North gave up every military post in the Confederacy (including the post in the Indian Territories) with the exception of the one at Charleston. Lincoln  chose to resupply that post. It was in Southern Territory. The South ask for the commander to  release his post to the South and to return to the North with his troops. He did not and was bombarded. The next day he surrendered and the war was on.

Lincoln ask for 75,000 troops to make the South return this southern US post and to return to the Union. His troops entered Virginia and the South protected itself and the Civil War was on. My kin fought to protect their families and to save the south. We were Americans and had the right to form a new nation based on what we believed. The North which was more populated and had more resources then took 4 years and 750,000 men dead (latest figures, and does not include the Southern civilians killed) to defeat the Southern Armies. It then imposed 10 years of reconstruction (Military occupation) a situation that was also against the Constitution. It was OK, the North had won. Why have we never caused this type of occupation on any other nation we have defeated, Germany and Japan, but we did on our own. The South was not reconstructed. It was ravaged by northern abusers who cause over one hundred years of slow regrowth before the South was even close to where it was in 1860. Maybe we have another 100 years to go, before we have suffered as long as slaves did in the United States.

The South has finally revived, but is still having to explain itself to the nation and the world. Why, because we lost? Should we give up our soles because we lost. Do we have to become like the North because they won? You can not make some one change their way. You can encourage or influence, but the change comes from inside a person. That is what still exists in the South. The Progressives in our country want us to be subservient to their way. They have slowly destroyed the education system of the United States to the point that Marilyn Monroe is more important than George Washington. The modest imperfections of our great leaders have been magnified until they are the cause of our countries failures, not the cause of its glory. I try to interest schools in the Robert E. Lee Award for Leadership. No one will touch it because Robert E. Lee fought for the Confederacy and slavery. No, Robert E. Lee lived in Virginia and would not invade his home state. He gave up his commission with the US to protect his home.

What is Union? A group  joined together for a common cause. What is a Confederacy? The same thing. Why did they fight? Because President Lincoln wanted to preserve his Union. Did he declare war? Yes. Did he call up troops? Yes. Did he invade the South? Yes. Did he have the Constitutional right to make war against the southern states? No. How do we know this? Easy, because they have always subverted the question, when it would have been brought up in court. They dropped charges against President Jefferson Davis rather than try him after two years in prison without due process. The right of a state to succeed was a Constitutional right. It was denied to keep the Union, nothing else.  Had the South been able to succeed, then the North would have lost its ability to tax the southern goods and its best source of income and resources. What else was it afraid of? Could it have defended itself against Europe? Probably.

Again it is sad that this unceasing war go on. Was slavery wrong? Of course it was. Is the NAACP conducting racism? Of course it is. You can not promote one race over another. We do not have a white month, a white college, a white Chamber of Commerce. That would be raciest. But we do have black organizations and Universities. Why. Because we as a people were ashamed of slavery. It has now gone overboard to the extent that we have let a black man take over our country, and change its way. We are no longer a nation of people trying to better themselves. We are a nation divided by race lines and causes. The individual does not matter anymore.

Black this, Brown that, Asian this. It goes on and on. But America was founded on a belief in God, and the capitalist point of view. A man could start with nothing and make a living or a fortune. Today they want to start with nothing, do nothing and be given all.

I hate the word, “re-education”. But that is what we need. We have to teach work ethic and appreciation for what we have. We have to cause people to want to better themselves through work. The way our government is going, we will all lose what we have. We will lose our governing system. We will loose freedom. We will become slaves of the state. God bless America! God help America.

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Memorial Day

You know you are getting old when a milkshake at Mickey D’s makes you very ill very quick. I had gone to a very nice ceremony at the Kerrville National Cemetery and had stopped to get some thing to cool me off. Wearing a wool Civil War Uniform in 90 degree weather needs cooling off. I decided that a milk shake, maybe vanilla, would do the trick. It sure did. I left for the Court House ceremony at 12 noon, taking with me a large ice tea. At the court house I sat in the shade with 5 of my Sons of Confederate Veterans friends, telling stories, relating history, when I slowly got sick. For some reason, I knew it was not stroke or heart attack, that normally affects old people. No, I knew this feeling from Vietnam. Dysentery! I was having a bout with the great stomach ailment.

I got my chair and found a cool spot to sit, and hoped to survive. Our kin during the Civil War had to suffer this indignity. Many even died from it. My Great Grandfather had either dysentery or measles at Fort Gibson in the Indian Territory in December 1861. He was not available for several running Indian battles. His company commander had been left sick in Arkansas. Some people in east Texas are still trying to find the names of soldiers who died while passing through their towns. Some towns had hospitals that had to bury the sick who died. Places like Corinth, Iuka and Jackson, Mississippi. Some small battles were fought at all but Jackson has a cemetery holding over 500 Confederates. Many of these died from disease. All kinds of disease. Fevers, measles, mumps and all other types and kinds of diseases that can be imagined. Figures like 250.000 to 350,000 deaths from disease are given, but there are no actual figures. In my studies I saw that many solders were wounded, killed or captured after being sick. This is another result from disease.

Our Civil War Honor Guard, from the Hill Country Camp, was the honor guard for the Kerrville ceremonies. They did well and looked good. The Vietnam Veterans fired a three volley salute. I wish we could do more for those in cemeteries, but then who are we. Those at the ceremonies were basically veterans and their families. The others were out having fun or home watching TV. Some did work. But then, this is why the soldiers died, so that all men had the freedom to do as they please.

The ceremony at the National Cemetery in Kerrville included a identification of what these people did and some of who they were. I knew a little about the Brown Cemetery next door, but almost nothing about the people buried  in the National Cemetery. It was an eye opener. There were people from almost all wars since the Civil War. There were wives and there were women veterans.

Did I survive, yes! I went home took a few pills, got some rest and was ready for more.

And there was more. At 6 AM on Tuesday, the next morning I got to go to my precinct election center to man my post as an Assistant Judge. I have done it all, from clerk to Judge, and Precinct Chair. It is fun being part of the process. It is sad that so few turn out to vote. Maybe they feel that the real election is in November. What ever. All elections are important. I doubt that only a few people looked at Ted Cruz the potential Texas Senator.  He is Hispanic, and that turns off a few. Someone says he is communistic or socialistic, others called him a beltway insider. Actually the bad names and tags all came from his opponent. His opponent is a nice guy. He shared the jobs in the Texas Legislature with the Democrats, who had lost big in Texas. He was willing to compromise.

I got out of my warm fuzzy home and went to meet Ted Cruz. He is a nice guy. He has fought for what I believe. I believed him  when he said he was for what I believe. He explained the lies that were heaped on him by his opponent. I tend to believe him. Do I believe everything that a politician says? Not on your life. Look at our President. I doubt that he even understands that most he says is lie. We must meet our representatives and believe in them. If is an add in the newspaper, then it is probably a lie. Nearly everything about Ted Cruz has been lies.

We are going into the most important elections of all times. America will vote to give up Democracy or not. Then to survive, we will have a period of very hard times where we re-educate a decade of give me children and adults, and create a new nation of hard workers. Can this be done in a nation that believes in freedom and rights. Some things will have to be redefined. One is what are our actual rights. Do we have a right to have a TV or a right to work for one. Do we have a right for a cell phone or a right to work for it. Do we have a right for jobs, or the right to search for a job. The rights list is long. Only because some people have assumed rights that do not exist.

We need to elect conservatives who will not take from one person and give to another, who does not work. We must make government affordable. If government has to borrow, then it is a bad government. If it gets bigger, it is only allowed in proportion to the population growth. Forty two percent of the population getting money from the other fifty eight percent is not right. Only the truly sick and mentally ill deserve our help, and then only if they want it or have no ability to understand, The initial burden of feeding and support will fall to the churches and groups like the Salvation Army and Red Cross. But assets of government bodies that will be downsized or deleted, can be shifted to these agencies to help them provide.

We must be willing to change our way of life. Many will not like this change. This will require re-education. Probably the 42 percent will not like it. But many will see it as a way out of their sickness. Their ghetto. This will be a time of challenge and a time re-birth.

Now back to the important things. I am well and I am working on History.

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