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Writing History and Having Fun

First off, to write history, you must have your facts straight. That takes research. You read, study, dig and often find yourself searching in all kinds of places. Some times the dots do not connect. But when they do, the story flows. I would criticize myself and say, that I do not take good enough notes and correctly document the sources where I find data. Because of this I do not consider myself a good historian. I do not think that I could provide good historical data for the true historians. I do not invent history, but some times I make jumps form one point to another based on my knowledge. I will not even notice it. If I go back to proof I may catch these problems, but not always.

I still love to write about history. It is so important to get some information in a form for someone else to read and enjoy. I hated history from many of my text books. Then as I grew older, I would force my self to read. Things like Lee’s Lieutenants put me to sleep a hundred times, but I made my self read it through. Today I go back to check points. Often I will copy a paragraph and file it for future reference. I do not knowingly copy some other persons work. I have copied and used and then had to go back and ask permission. A lot of the material in the Website came from different sources. I borrowed and pasted it all together just to get it online in one place. Then I began an edit that still goes on and I am still giving credit where credit is due.

Data from the National Archives is often wrong. When it is about an individual, I provide the old data and the correction. When it is about a unit it will rewrite and correct and if I remember, I will site my source. Like a good puzzle, often I have data that comes together from several sources. Of course, you site all. But in general, how they go together is my opinion, Some one later may have a different opinion.

Some times one source is wrong, or several. Even great writers and researchers make mistakes, and I do not think myself great. But I have found mistakes in other works. In one of the more important Vicksburg works, I have noted that one battalion was not as stated. This kept going until I begin to understand the total Ras Stirman’s Arkansas Sharpshooter Regiment and how it came together for a 4 month period in 1862. This continued until I knew more about the subject than anyone else. Why? Well my Great Grandfathers Company was involved and his commander was part of the mix.  Now I know that Stirman’s Regiment was broken up in November 1862. The two companies from other regiments were returned to their original regiments, Stirman and a 6 company battalion (the 1st Arkansas Cavalry Battalion) were inside the perimeter at Vicksburg and were captured. Henry W. Bridges thought to be there with another Arkansas Battalion, was there with two Texas companies from Waul’s Legion and one Missouri Company. This was not a recognized battalion, but one authorized for use by Bridges by General Stephen D. Lee. Even it was broke up after Vicksburg. Its importance was not even known until we were researching Henry W. Bridges. This part of history was fun to research and even more fun to write. A Mrs. Sue Moore did a lot of the detail research. Now that girl can document.  She found detail, that I would not even know that existed. I formulated it into a military order and correct terminology. The result was a well documented and written biography and history of Bridges and his battalion and some detail about Stirman’s Regiment that had not been known till this work. Others had tripped over the data, but not put it together.

This is what makes history fun. Being fun, it is more energetic to the readers and becomes more fun to them. Yes, I love this. It is like the old camp fire tale. Around the table at home it would be interesting, but in a camp fire setting, with just the right mood, it comes alive.

When you have enough historical data and knowledge to take a National Archives narrative apart and put it back together as a living history story, then writing is fun. But you must do the homework. Some will say they can do a rewrite and make it come alive. I would say that was true, but the story might not be. You can make it read right, but it still is not correct.

When I am not writing about history, I am usually writing about one of my many other passions. I like politics and study it daily. I like music, art, collecting, Boy Scouts, science fiction, novels, both historical and military. Thus I am always expanding my horizons.  I did have a professor at my university that could speak for hours on almost any subject. I mean form nuclear bombs to music and he was an artist and did sculpture. I can not do that. He did teach me to read at a grade 2o level and the Army thought me to write at the 9th grade level. So now I am some where at the high school level, because I do not write to impress, but to read.

Why do I get so passionate has to do with my belief, that if it is worth writing about, it is worth believing in. If I wrote of my dogs, my little Winter a 3 pound Maltese, I would really show you passion. Because it would be backed with love. If you can get to that level in your writing, then you will have a start. I hope you had a better spelling and grammar education than I have had. Moving from a system that taught  phonics in the 4th grade to one that did not, did not help. Also somewhere along the line I lost my writing discipline.  I has taken years to get some back. I had a murder board of West Point Colonels who used to tare my management writing up several times before I would get it right. It had to say what I meant while  being said the correct way. I was a slow learner, but they did help in the long run. Where did this happen? I was a member of the faculty of the United States Army Sergeants Major Academy. This is an all service academy for non-commission officers at Ft Bliss, Texas.

Anyone can write, but passion makes it more believable. Some writers get someone to edit their writing. I may have to, but at this time I do not as some of my readers will tell you. I need to put in buttons that will allow them to grade my spelling and grammar. But poking fun at this is even fun.

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Anyone Can Be a Historian, but They Are Hard to Deal With!

Some one wrote on a comment that my website/blog was  a Texas History web site. And I agree. But do not look to the Historians in Texas to agree. You see, if it did not happen in Texas, then it is not Texas History. I happen to believe that once you step into, are born into, or are thrust into Texas, something is added to your sole, and you are no longer just another outsider. My dad came from Indiana, after having been raised in Florida. His father thrust him and his new wife into the dry, dusty, no paved roads, part of Texas called the Devil’s backyard. From near Abilene to west of Pecos and from the Cap Rock to the Big Bend. A big stretch of dirt and mesquite, tumble weeds and dirt devils. It was during the depression, or just before it started. From 1927 to 1940 my dad sought to make a living in Midland. No not the sky scrapers of today. There were not any in 1940. For one year he went back to Florida in 1941. Before Pearl Harbor he was back in Texas.

His three sons had been born there and he knew that he had to get them back to be raised in a correct manner. Usually it was not different than any place else. The towns were similar, and all, but it was Texas. My dad knew after only thirteen years. He stayed another 25 and his wife drug him back to Florida.  But he was always a Texan. He did not know that his grandfather was a Texas Ranger or had fought for Texas in the 6th Texas Cavalry. He truly was a Texan.

Now this is where my rub begins. You see, there are Texas Historians that do not believe that history outside of Texas is really Texas History. They give it lip service, but they really do not believe. They do not feel that the Texans buried at Iuka, Mississippi. in the mass grave are part of Texas History. Evidence? Do we know it from Texas history? Do our children study this in school, at any level. I had to learn it at the age of 70 because someone ask me to help identity those men buried there of the 3rd and 27th Texas Cavalries.

A great many Texans are buried in the Indian Territory, in Missouri, in Arkansas, in Mississippi, in Tennessee, in Kentucky,  in West Virginia, in Virginia, in Louisiana, in Alabama, in Georgia, in Florida, in North and South Carolina, and in Maryland and Pennsylvania. They are also buried all over the world, for that is where they went after the Civil War. Are not all these Texans not part of Texas History. A case that I use to confirm this is called the Misión San Antonio de Valero, or Alamo for short. On one sudden day in 1836, 180 plus men became forever Texans. Their blood made the soil of Texas something that was part of ever man. You see, those men were from many different places. They were known as Tennesseans, Irishmen, Mexicans and Texicans. They became Texans on that day and we who believe now, are part of their heritage. Thus those that left Texas from 1861 to 1865, and those who have left since then are all part of Texas history. An important part.

Not long ago I became aware of a ship that had sank in the English Channel in 1944 during the Battle of the Bulge. No they did not all make it to the battle. On Christmas Eve a torpedo hit the ship carrying two regiments of soldiers. The ship went down only five miles from Le Harve, France.  After some confusion, boats raced to the site. Even barges. Soldiers were pulled from the ship and from the cold north sea waters. Many died from the cold and from being crushed between the ships when they tried to jump. Some had been killed by the torpedo explosion. Was it ever in the papers or news? The answer is no. Because of some foul ups an military secrecy the story was kept secret. Not until 1995 did a writer find and write the story. I found that one had been my kin. He was buried in Florida with honors, but without any knowledge of how he died. Today we know he fell into the icy waters, and was pulled to safety, but too late. The cold had captured his body and he died of exposure. We also know how most died and many states have followed up with monuments and memorials for those of their states. I could find nothing about what Texas did, so here I begin my search to rectify that problem. Texas needs to remember all her dead.

But here are more Texans who are not revered by the students of Texas.  Here are more Texans that have been forgotten. Some of the Astronauts have been remembered as Texans, but not all. We have not truly studied the Texans who have died in our world wars. The Vietnam’s and Afghanistan’s and so many others. We study war, but only a date and a place. Not the Texans who died there. The same happened in the Civil War. These men died fighting for Texas much the same as the Alamo. Except that they are not remembered. Some, so many, were completely lost like the unknown soldiers. They were buried in the middle of battle fields or died under a fence where their body was never found. Their families never found out, thus time has passed them by. It is so much more fun to study a play station or some other toy. Their teachers do not show students the need or the importance of history or any study, thus because they have the Internet, they feel they do not need history. They can Google it all. Many arrive at my website and do not have a clue as t0 who Sul Ross was. Last Tuesday, a conductor on the Amtrak described Sul Ross University at the place where Dan Blocker graduated. Of course many of you would ask who was Dan Blocker. I played football against him in one game. I knew who Dan was. Some will remember Horse (Hoss) Cartwright of Bonanza Fame. That is how the conductor knew him. He did not have a clue about Dan. If I had told him that Lawrence Sullivan Ross was an Indian Fighter, Texas Ranger, Civil War General, Sheriff, Legislator, Governor and University President only a few would have known he was a Texan (born in Iowa). A few more might have known he was the president of Texas A&M. Ol’ Sully! Maybe one or two would have known that the Sul Ross Texas State College was named for him by our Texas Legislature as an honor. We do not know about our Texans.

A recent editor of the student newspaper at A&M wanted to tare down OL’ Sully, because he represented some one who fought to preserve slavery. Even today they do not teach history. They let them think anything they want, and it is OK. Bury and forget. Change history to say and mean whatever you like. These are the same historians running our our schools and museums.  One more, God  help us All! Am I too general when I say All? Probably, not even most, but enough that we do not teach it in schools, or do not learn it in most venues.  I some times feel history is just for the historians and genealogist and no one else cares. I would almost bet that most good history teachers in the state were Sons of Confederate Veterans, Sons of the Texas Revolution, or Sons of the Revolution. Again, I do not want to hurt feelings saying all and some may be Daughters! I hate the term all! Nothing is all.

I love history, and I try not to damage it. As clumsy as I am, that is not always easy. We must not change meaning or how it really was. If you remember my comments about Glenn Beck, he and the good reverend were damaging history. You  can not change the past to fit your charge or fad. Some of the Blacks of America are doing just that, and the rest are watching. They can not believe it is happening, but they do not stop it. One more, God help us. We are letting ourselves be used.

If you remember 1984 the movie, you will remember, it had reached the point that they were changing all. We are on the way. This government will take us there, unless we do something very soon. And I started blaming the historians. But we are the keepers. We must keep it pure and make it true. We must also pass it on. If we do not, 1984 or some Obama version will occur, and I do not want to think about the possibilities..

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What’s Keeping the World Aloft? Hot Air?

Maybe you should not write just after looking at comments, but that and a few other things set me thinking. What is keeping the world, both financial and physical from collapsing? We, the United States, are so deep in debt that we can hardly pay our bills. But we keep on borrowing. I keep reading that everything is going to $%W#. You know what I mean. If I ran up to the maximum allowed on all my credit cards, at some point I would be shut off from being able to borrow. I do not like to pay excessive interest and carrying charges, so I generally get out of tight situations in finance. Not always easy, but I do it. I do not like being debt. What is keeping our government going. We have a government doing things that would have caused us great concern years ago. We have situations in our cities, where many are on the verge of bankruptcy. How can this be. We have budgets to prevent this. We try to set a system that always runs balanced.

Maybe we should arrest Harry Reed. He is setting a bad example for the world. We have laws requiring that we have a budget, every year. But Reed, keeps the budget from ever being read. We go on further and further into debt. Is he free from prosecution? Of course he is. The Chief Lawyer for the government, is also from the same party as the President and Reed. Thus Reed is free from prosecution. We are no longer the United States of America. We have become something else. Something not pure, something bad.

Many people will like this. Many peoples, countries do not want the US to succeed. They would love to see us fail. When I read comments, I look for comments that are critical of me, my writing and my site. They are very few. This has me worried. Some people complain of my spelling, and I shudder. Yes, my spelling has not been good since the 4th grade. That is when I moved from the big city to the small town. I lost something, and never recovered it. I have to work at writing and spelling. Maybe, our country has lost something. When decided we needed change, without defining the change we needed. We went from the big city to the small town. Don’t get me wrong, I like small towns. Life is simpler, traffic is lighter, and people are nicer. But change requires definition, not blind acceptance. We have given the reigns of government to the same people we fought for so many years. I mean the socialist or communist.  They have won, and we have lost.

How did this happen. Well some one sat down and figured out that the weakness of democracy was democracy itself. The laws we have allow the bad guys to much freedom. Soon the bad guys are running the system. The prisoners are running the prison. The warden is locked in his office, and the prisoners do as they please. Our government is supposed to be of the people, for the people. Today the government is for the government. Almost more people work for the government than for themselves. How can this work. The government gets its funds from taxes. The working people pay taxes and the government can function. But when there are more government workers than tax payers, government will soon cease. President Obama, wants to hire more government workers, wants to grow government. Is he trying to make government fail? This may be the most important question of the century, Why would a president want his country to fail? What would he gain? Wouldn’t he be out of a job if the country failed? Who would pay him?

Maybe, we are not paying him. Maybe he get his pay from some one else. Could the President of the United States be a traitor? The only reason that I can see for the president to cause the US to fail, is that he has a plan to execute the minute that it does fail.

I served 32 years in the Army and swore my allegiance to my country, but I knew that if I was given an order, that was against the constitution, I did not have to obey it. Today I pray, the Army of today is the same. My son just went into the Marines. I ask him, what would he do if he was ordered to shoot US citizens. To me this is the point of a constitution. Why do we have a document unless it purpose is to set how the government will function. To insure the government will not fire on the people. I am afraid that our education system has slowly eroded this idea, to the extent, the Constitution is no longer important to some.

But back to the point. What is keeping the world from failing? Certainly not the governments or the banks. Something else is causing things to keep functioning. Here enters the hot air factor. I do not know what is keeping banks from collapsing, how governments continue to run without money, how cities can keep borrowing without funds to back their borrowing. The question comes, who is the Banks? Is it the government. Do the big 5 or 6 countries pass around the reins of finance. The US was broke in 1932. By 1945 we had the lions share of money. We were financing countries. Japan and the countries of Europe. Today the money seems to be in China, the mid east, Asia, and maybe South America. Oil producers, basically. Not the US. We seem to be against using our oil. At least our current government is against our oil, so we are not a major oil producer. Strange situation. We prevent ourselves from making money, we spend like crazy, and we are in great debt.

My mind wanders. What is going on on the far right. These are the people who want isolation, less government, freedom to bear arms (the second amendment), less rules and laws. These guys must be very happy. They want the government to fail. But they also see that the resulting ciaos will bring about controls and solutions that they may not be able to live with. Thus should the government fail, they will have to be ready to prevent the resulting government from locking up the nation. There are some out there even farther right, who just want to be able to survive. They have armed and saved, to insure their survival should the government fail. I just read that the big cats with big bucks, are buying estates out away from the cities where they can hole up should the government fail. They will go with their families and goods until sanity returns, if it ever does. Do these people know something, that you and I do not. Oh, I know, I have been saying for every one to do this. But what do I know. Nothing. I just feel, it coming. Maybe the promised end times. I hope so. But even then there would be seven more years of bad for many of us. Time of total ciaos before the glorious coming. That is a long time to survive for us sinners.

If the banks fail, if the governments fail, if the dollar collapses, what will happen to the infrastructure? Will buses run in the big cities? Will the mailman still come? Will there still be an Internet? Cell phones? TV, radio, water, electricity? All of these depend on each other and money. What will the government do? Can they keep things going, without money. My guess is that the government has greatly missed in its plan to run for months while there is no money, food, or anyone who trusts the government. I do not think the government can sustain itself, for more than a few months. The system depends on the people, providing the sustenance for the country to run. They thus pay the taxes for the government to run. When the people do not believe in the government, the government will not last for long. And we do nor believe in our government.

What will happen? I do not see the Lone Ranger or John Wayne or even Jon Wane on the horizon. I plan my own survival. I plan for my wife. I do not know if my sons or daughters will be able to make it here to survive with me. That will have to wait for providence.

Something said that the end date was December 23. I hope we have that long. I will almost be ready. You are never ready for something like this. You just keep preparing.  This promises to be something that the world has never seen. Maybe I can’t say that. I was not there for the plague, or Genghis Khan, World War II or the fall of Rome. These were all events that the people did not plan for or anticipate. There were indicators, but no one truly prepared for such events. Today with computers we should be able to see the indicators. We should be able to prepare, but then we are still human. We are optimistic that the end will not come. Like my previous article, waiting for a book to be delivered, we wait for the end. The book will be delivered, but will the end come.

Will the election resolve the problem. Will the system fail anyway? What will happen then? If the new government is installed and the system fails, what will happen? Lots of questions with no answers. Will we continue as the United States of America?

What will happen to the system of banking and money that we have today, and depend upon? Will we survive its failure? A while ago, I suggested we needed to fund the market, so that it was the money. The commodities are money. We have traded in commodities for centuries. Make everything have true value, and thus become money. People would have to be paid in small increments of market securities or commodities. Things would go on as before, only dollars, euros, yen, etc would cease to exist. Take a while for people to understand, but workable. Many companies that exist on the stock exchange would probably fail, but the market would soon stabilize. It may be fairly stable now. It will go down if the dollar falls, but it will still exist. The companies and commodities would still exist. Value would change, but the value to the consumer would be fairly stable. Markets exist all over the world. Banks and insurance companies might fight it, but it might survive.

Got something better? The money gurus are saying to invest in inverse ETFs and such. Might get you by till the dollar fails, but what then? Others are saying to invest in foreign currencies. Maybe, but they could fail also.

Any more ideas?

My solution is to have things to barter in the near future. Food especially. Fish, vegetables, dried meats, dried fruits, on and on. Early on people will run out of food. Once the ciaos is over, a system of barter will set in and people will begin to survive.

Survival will depend on ones ability to hunker down and not give away their own food, to others who did not prepare. Today there are too many grasshoppers. The people who will not or can not prepare for the future. Can you feed them all? In China, my wife wanted to give all the beggars something. I kept telling her that there were more beggars in China than we had money. At the rate she was giving away money, we would soon be the beggars. Looking to the future, this may be the trouble very soon. Churches will have very large problems. They are not prepared to deal with hunger on the scale that it will occur.  Will you refuse a family member food. How many times can you share your food? There will be many more beggars than food. God help us all!

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Waiting for My Copy of “Line of Battle” a New Ross Brigade Book

Having to wait is a good thing. It wets the appetite for that which is coming. In One hundred and fifty years there have only been a few books on the Whitfield Ross Texas Cavalry Brigade. The reason seems to be a lack of data, and several early deaths of key figures. Ross died in his 50s. Dudley Jones in his 40s. And the list goes on.

Another contributing factor is a lack of data. The records of the Brigade were in a footlocker that was destroyed in a hotel fire in Alabama, after a Union search party had gone through the hotel. The wife of a lieutenant managed to save just a few items. The lieutenant in charge of the documents had died of disease. His wife was trying to return the documents and trophies back to Texas. Lost were the many Flags of Union Units that the brigade had captured and the many  orders that drove the unit during the war.

Another problem is the great spread of what documents that remain. They are in almost every University and College in Texas and a few else where. They are in the vaults of the State of Texas and in private collections.  Thus it becomes very difficult for a writer to research.  One of the prime reasons for this site was the desire to pull things together in one location so that people could learn of the Brigade. As I stated in other writings, I had collected so many documents and writings and rosters when researching my Great Grand Father, and they had come from so many locations, I felt a great need to get them on line, for all to see. It would not be necessary for some one to spend hours and hours looking. It would all be in one site. But alas it is not all in one site. I am inspired by the amount of data that is beginning to be found on line. It would be my hope that all the data on the brigade, might be found one day on line.

Stephen Kirk is a very old writer, who spends hours pouring over film and documents, collecting the data of the brigade. His first two books were on the 6th Texas Cavalry Regiment and the 9th Texas Cavalry Regiments. His intent was to write on all the Regiments and then the Brigade. With the amount of time it took for the first two books, he began to fear that he might not finish, so he jumped to the brigade book after his second book. Even then the size of the brigade book became a problem. He had to pair it down and now has material for another book.

But after several years “Line of Battle” is published and on the way. I have made it available in the upper right hand corner of this blog. There you will find Stephen’s address and the cost for the book. If you desire data on the 6th and the 9th, there is a package deal that saves almost $20. That is almost the cost of one of the books. I often use the two books to answer questions on individual soldiers of those regiments. Not only does Stephen have soldier records from the National Archives, but he includes where the soldier might be buried and other census data when he can find it. All told the books are very valuable.

I have spent hundreds of hours working on the rosters of the 27th and the 3rd so I know how many hours Stephen has worked.Virtually thousands of hours. My old body knows how hard this is on the posture and a persons physical being. Stephen’s wife has made him get away from his studies all she can. She takes him to Florida from his Kansas home. Of course if I did that, it would not help. I have to many relatives in Florida, and still look for my Great Grand Fathers grave in Marion County. Several other Civil War kin are buried in Florida. History is good. For the first 64 years of my life, I knew I liked history, but never knew that I loved it. Then I became aware of the Brigade and its many soldiers, who were being forgotten. Then I had a goal. I would help the world remember.

Kirk’s new book is one of those ways that helps. I daily run into people who find that they had kin in the Brigade. For some that is bad, and for some it is wonderful.  Some people are ashamed of their Civil War kin. They do not want to know that their kin fought for slavery. Based on this assumption, even some slaves fought for slavery. On one hand they will want you to know how smart blacks are, and then will tell you the pour dumb slaves were the one’s fighting for slavery. For a man to take up arms to kill another man, takes a conscious effort. He must think about what he is doing.  Certainly he may be caught up in the emotion of the moment, but he has thought about it before the moment. Black, white or yellow. We are all human. Blacks who had lived with their masters as brothers and kin, did not hesitate. They knew their land was being invaded by bad people from the North. Like every good Southern Boy, they took up arms to protect their homes. Many were proud of it long after the war.

The waiting is part of life. It makes life sweeter. It makes the day brighter. If we had to wait for nothing we would truly be spoiled. Waiting for history or its sister genealogy, is fun. Many of my genealogy finds have come after years of study and search. Research and study of a subject is tedious. But, like the day I walked up to my Great Grand Uncle’s grave near Rome Georgia, discovery brings on a rush that is better than drugs or any other of the fads of today. When I walked through the cemetery at Carnton Plantation in Tennessee and viewed the 1400 graves of Confederates that had died at the Battle of Franklin and felt the sadness at their loss and the pride in their memory then you know waiting is good and that it has rewards that are beyond understanding.

Every time I find a new book or document about the Brigade, I get excited. It is more knowledge of what these men did. Many of the books about the Civil War read like the War. The early days when they were learning and still had both men and time, there is a lot of data. As time went on, there is less data. In 1864 there is little data. The Northern generals boasted of their wins in reports and biographies. The South wrote their views, but they have been discounted, as the losers view. It does not matter. But it does matter. We study both views of great debates to learn their value. We must do the same of war. The North has defined what the South fought for and why it lost. Both views are normally wrong, Most Southerners fought to protect the South from invaders. It lost when it ran out of materials and to some extent men. Had Lee known of Reconstruction, he would not have surrendered. Why suffer 10 years of humiliation to satisfy a Northern ego.

The South morns the loss of her Sons, her Daughters and children during a war brought on because a President did not want the Union to end. The Constitution states that a State could succeed, but Lincoln decided that he would not allow the South to succeed. He thus spent 750,000 lives which probably does not include the collateral damage cause in the ruthless way that Sherman and Grant fought the war.

I will wait for this book and we wait for the day that everyone will be educated and understand that this war war not necessary nor should it have been fought. We have revered Lincoln. For if we did not, we would have to did up and hang his corpse for his crimes. For this the South does not wait. We revere our dead and honor their memories.

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Whitfield Ross Brigade Author Speaks about Site Issues

This morning I completed approving my 7,438 comment. I have not kept up with emails, but they are small in comparison. I have deleted above 3,000 comments which were spam or had spam attachments or embeds. Of the 7438 Comments, a good number are probably ads for something, which has nothing to do with this web site.

A lot of the comments have exactly the same wording or similar. These could be adds, or some people copy a similar view for their comments. I will start deleting the duplications because they serve no purpose.

Some people comment about my spelling. I work to make my writing spelling error free, and I have gone back to a lot of old post to correct spelling. I did not really appreciate spelling until I was in my 30s and writing management courses for the United States Sergeants Major Academy at Ft Bliss. Needless to say, it is one of my weaknesses.

Some people say that much of my logic seems to jump to conclusions an that I do not dot all the I’s. This is probably true. I am not a deep thinker and extremely logical person. I have seen a lot in 75 years and tend to think too fast, and write the same way. For this reason I have not written a book on my base subject, the Whitfield – Ross Texas Cavalry Brigade. If I sat down to write all I know about this brigade, in a book, I would get bogged down in detail. I would be doing side issue research, and the book would become so large that no one would read it. I am considering a compilation of my brigade data, but not necessarily a book.

My blog subjects do wander. I am writing and thinking at the same time. Often listening to the radio or reading e-mails at the same time. Yes, I have two computers running on different subjects. Being conservative, I also listen to nothing by conservative talk radio and TV. Yes, I need to separate my subjects, into separate blogs or posts.

My Views on the economy are mine based on a Masters Degree in Business Administration and the data I collect on the Internet concerning our future. Take the conservative views I have developed, plus the economy and I have come to the conclusion that Our economy is failing and we will soon have massive problems in the Dollar and in the National debt. These fears I voice. Some say I do not sound convinced. I am not convinced, because I am an optimist and always believe that good can come from bad situations. My fears pull me the other way. Thus I prepare for the worse. I am getting ready for riots in the streets for food, and government intervention. Maybe an end to the United States. I also collect guns and ammunition, I am a realist. It will not be a safe time. Will I survive the near future? At 75, I doubt it, but I may save my 60 year old wife and 14 year old son.

Because I do genealogy, history, economy, investment, and sing, do Sons of Confederate Veterans, Sons of the American Revolution, The Former Texas Ranger Association, and work as a Precinct Chair in my county, I thus stay busy. Oh my, I did not add my web sites and blogging. I have a Boy Scout web site, and maintain the data for 24 scouts. I have this Whitfield Ross Brigade site and blog. I have three other blogs and one other site where I am learning to sell Camping Stoves. One blog is about camping stoves and survival. The other two are just ideas, and have not developed as I would like them for them to develop. Maybe they will become internet sites for business. That depends on the economy.

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I know I missed something, but can not remember, what? If you have read the above, you know why!

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Shame on You, Glenn Beck

If the show went as described, shame on Glenn Beck.  I like Beck, and his historical teachings, his radio show, his rallies. I really liked him on Fox. But when he does not do his homework, as he did on his show with David Barton of Wall Builders and the Civil War Battle of Fort Pillow; he colors his commentary and clouds all of his previous efforts. With a sword that was said to have belonged to General Nathan Bedford Forrest they made the comment this sword “skinned people alive.”

This truly shows they do not know the first thing about Ft Pillow and what happened. They deny the investigations that occurred and the writings and commentary that have established the fact. Even the infamous General Sherman could not come up with a fact that swords skinned people alive.

I am not totally knowledgeable of the war in Tennessee at that time, I have read a few books and commentary. I have never heard any comment like that attributed to Barton. Any thing to inflame the fire between black and white and to further the cause of liberalism. And Beck bought into it an thus gave it strength.  Shame on him.

Did black and white soldiers fight at Ft Pillow. Yes! Did Blacks fight on both sides? Very likely. Forrest had many of his slaves with him and it is known that they did fight for the South. Did it occur at Ft Pillow. I will bet that that can be determined. But it does not have a hoot to do with the Beck Barton comments. Beck, who is usually very thorough with his studies, seems to have allowed himself to be led into this unbelievable blunder, if it was a blunder. Did he do this on purpose. Is he really one of the chosen ones, who will run the world, and rule over all of us peons?

Because Forrest was the President of the Knights of the Klu Klux Klan (KKK) he is the target of many black, NAACP comments and stings. Forget that Forrest disbanded the KKK after only a few months. Forget that he did not like and had forbidden the actions that started in the Klan. Forget that even some blacks joined the Klan, because the laws of the Klan made since to them.  Agreed this was not the norm.

Over his life Nathan Bedford Forrest went from a totally uneducated man to a great leader and general. In his later years he refined his life. Sure he had been a slave trader. That was an honorable profession in the South during that time frame. Today’s do gooders, would have you believe that even in that time, it was bad. They totally throw under the rug the fact that Northern money supported the slave trade and Northern money and shipping even supplied the slaves. The South used them, as they used indentured servants.  They had to, there were not enough workers otherwise to raise the crops necessary to supply the North and Europe. There are even records of white slaves brought from the mines in Scotland, in chains, who worked in the plantations along side blacks. I doubt that anyone checked the skin color of a slave in chains. Times color our vision. Today we have people trying to lead us into looking at the past with today’s eyes. It can not be done.  These same people are trying to make our heroes, like Washington, Jefferson and others of the birth of our country look bad. The South saw these leaders as heroes and followed their words, when they wrote their constitution.  For at that point we were all Americans. We all worshiped the same God. We all believed in America.

Then came the division of America. One group who wanted freedom from excess taxation, freedom from extreme government. The other partially believed as before, but was led by a man who felt that the Government and the Country were more important than the State and the People.

Wow! Is he talking about our Lincoln?  Yes, the man that has been made a God. Someone who could do no wrong. They again choose to forget that he destroyed the Constitution for 15 years. Yes, we did not get back to the Constitution until about 1875. But then we chose to forget the State’s Rights part. That has been ignored. I have a copy of the Constitutional Reader used at Hillsdale College, a very prestigious Conservative University. It too chooses to forget State’s Rights. Why?

Well the answer is easy. It has never been fought in court, so it is not thought to be an important part of the Constitution. Well why has it not been fought in Court? The most probable reason, is that the people who supported the North and the Lincoln myth, did not want it fought. Both Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis were in Jail after the Civil War. Davis for over two years, without ever being brought to trial. Why? Because if either he or Lee had been brought to trial, the issue of State’s Rights would have been a major part of the defense. Thus, no trial. They stripped them of their property and money and made them almost paupers. Both through their own efforts and the help of the people of the South soon recovered, but never to the extent that they deserved.

Again the weight of the Government and the people who would rule us, managed to gag history and liberty. Not to long ago, a group of black legislature bigots, black preachers and other black supporters jumped a Committee of the State of Texas. They by weight of numbers and jibes, caused the State to make a wrong decision. You might say they Black Mailed this committee into refusing the Sons of Confederate Veterans their right to a Texas License Plate with their National Logo. Since that date the Sons have gone to court. They will win on their First Amendment Rights. And the State will have been forced to waste a lot of Tax Money fighting a case that should not have been fought. This is not important to the Black establishment, nor is winning. It is the effect of the Black effort that overloads the systems, and allows people with better since, to make bad decisions.  They do not and will not fight. We have reached the point that the cost of the fight is greater than winning, so we do not fight. The Government will fight us with our Tax dollars knowing that usually we will quit because of the cost.

Please, God save America!

Did Beck make a bad Decision? Very probably. He did not do his homework. But then all their lives, people of the North have been told that Southerners are evil and the Civil War was wrong. Yes it was. The North should not have invaded the South. They gave up every other post in the South, why not the one at Charleston. They needed a fight to restore the Union. Without the South, the North would have been strapped to function. The South supplied the food and cotton needed to run the country. If the North had to buy with out taxing, it would have lost millions in revenue.

It is said that Slavery was going to die, anyway. It was not the best thing going, and the machine age was coming, Many Southern families took blacks in as part of the family. When the War ended many Southerners gave land to their slaves so that they could live. The Government also gave land to slaves, and the carpetbaggers stole it back. Live is not fare, and the end of the Civil War was unfair to both Slave and Southerner. Both spent years recovering.

Alas, I forget Mr. Beck! Was he used or willingly a participant in the National charade. Personally, I would like to see Mr. Beck, do the right thing, but that would mean going up against the Black establishment and the Progressive Money that seeks to rule our great nation. Today people like Barton can use a sword and rally more hate and racism, and seems to be able to do it using good guys as props.

PS: I have an email to go read. “Would Texas be better off as a separate country?” As a native born Texan, I can answer that, but I will read it first.

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