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Islamic Spring, What is going on?

Am I an authority on this subject? No! But I am an old soldier and I recognize certain things about what is going on. Islam is a way of life, with some religion built in. The people doing the teaching in this body have been teaching hate of the western way of life for a number of years. What is Islamic Spring? My guess, it is their way of letting off steam from years of teaching hate. Our students go on spring break. This started out as a planned 9/11 anniversary attack on a US Embassy that was identified as weak, because of policies of the US government. The attacker probably a wing of Alcada. When it was successful and the US reacted so weakly, it was expanded to all the pent up hate to boil out. The movie that showed Mohammed as a bandit and exploiter of people is just a weak excuse to justify the death and destruction that is occurring.

Is the movie sufficient for people to die. To an Islamic Cleric, apparently it is. The Islamic death is martyrdom in their eyes. In the eyes of the west it is gross stupidity. Most of the west believes that life is sacred and should be preserved at all cost. Four deaths in Libya is nothing to the people of Islam. Will some people of Islam be astonished at this event, and want to disassociate them selves from what is happening? I would hope so, but in general, I believe those in the Mid-east gloat over any bad that happens to the west (the great Satin). They love to drag bodies through the street to show their disrespect of the west.  Have we in the US ever been guilty of activity of things like this? You can look at the KKK, skinheads, Japanese and German hate in WWII. That hate was very similar. Was it the same? No!

Hate in WWII was reaction to hurt caused by another nation. The KKK and skinheads wanted attention. The Islamic Extremest is stretching his wings. He is showing his power in killing US Envoys without any retribution, and he is developing leaders and recruiting. These events in the Middle East draw in on lookers and many are recruited for both the Extremest and Islamic parts of Islam. Thus Islam grows and the west declines. This has been going on since 300 AD. Islam has lost on many occasions, but it has also won. The mosk   on the site of the Jewish Temple in Israel is one example. In the last few years we have lost more than we have won. 911 was the first turn around. The attack on Iran and Afghanistan were payments on the bill. The loss to the Alcada was great, but did not end the show. They have spread all over the globe and are growing. Will the end of the West stop their growth?

No. They seek total world domination, and control. India, China and Russia are next.  Then they will rule with Sharai Law and place all peoples who appose them in to bondage and servitude. Who will this be.  You and me. All Christians, Buddhist and any other religion that opposes Islam.

Where does my belief and comments, come from? From my heart and mind. I am guessing based on experience about the reasons for happenings above. But after 76 years I have some knowledge of the world. I believe that those that are running Islam are seeking world domination. They do not care about life or anything else that might be associated with religion. Unlike the Bible, the Torah was written by one person. The Bible is a collection of writings about one subject. One does not reflect the other. The Bible preaches peace, and the Torah teaches hate. Everything? Again, No! Nothing is everything. There is enough good in the Torah to fill the average need. Its comments like you must support Islam or you must serve it, and any alternative is death is what at issue here. I do not want Islam, and I do not want death, so I become their enemy.

The US President is soft on Islam because of his family ties. He feels he can join with Islam and gain his socialist / communistic ways. He is by far the most pathetic President in history. Either the people who manage his strings are behind Islam, or they or working both sides  to get what they want. We as a nation have become a joke. What can we do about the situation in the Mid East? The best thing I can thank of is the solution suggested by Bill O’Rilley. Shut down the Mid East. No vacations, close all embassies, request all US presence leave the countries. Shut all ties. No phone, email, satellite, air lines, and on and on. This would send them a message, that would resonate.

An old joke comes to mind. What is black, round and glows in the dark? Teheran after a nuclear attack. This is the type of presence that the Mid East people understand. I do not believe in nuclear attack, but I do think we need to get their attention. When  the US attacked Iraq the Mid East understood.

Now the Muslim Brotherhood is calling the shots. They are Islamic Extremist, nothing more or less. Their lines cross current borders. Rush is saying that the Brotherhood, is telling us what to do. An we as a country still sit on our hands.

Why am I stating this now? Fifty something days from now we will be voting on the US government. With a conservative government we will send a message that the free has ended. A Senate and House of Representatives controlled by Conservative thinking Congressmen will help end this downward spiral. Will it end it? Likely not. I think this President will go back to his old ways and try to destroy America from the inner city.

What we must do, is vote. Then help others to vote. We must take back America. Then we start two things. One we need to root out everything that Obama has done in our government.  We must get the junk out of our laws that support ACORN and other subversive elements in our country. We must rid our selves of this affront to our Constitution. Second we must financially place our government in order. This will require us all to tighten our belts.

The government must foster growth of small business while reducing its cost. We must stop buying favor in other countries. We must bring all jobs home. The government must control inflation, so that people can afford to live. The different parts of the government that have been armed, against the general population, must end. The right wing extremist will cease to exist when the government is no longer a threat. The 2nd Amendment gave the right winger the right to protect our rights. Obama has armed parts of government to prevent the right from preventing his growth and expansion of government. This is another gross stupidity.

Some of you say that I should write more. My question is on which subject. Ross or Right. Good vs Evil. Or do you want more blog and website info. Or more as I have written today. Or more on survival?

Survival is a result of Obama’s success. When he is able to overthrow the government, then we will have to do all we can to survive. I am preparing for about 6 to 8 months of total ciaos. Hyper inflation, no or little government, no transportation, no food or little. Stores closed and boarded to prevent their destruction. So of you do not believe it is coming but just look at the stores. More and more gear for survival is available in normal stores at reasonable prices. Something is feeding the market. Or do we have a chicken and egg situation. Fear is feeding supply and demand.

Islamic Spring. Sound like Red Dawn. Media is feeding our concepts of the world and giving it direction. Is it true? I hope it is not  and all this is a waste of time.  God help us all!

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Say Whatever They Want To Hear, Will America Survive?

I have dashed this off in a huff. I am angry at America. We are destroying ourselves because of people who will lie an cheat to run a government. Then they say that they are honest, they are America’s Dream, they are the truth and Obama has done very well considering the terrible things that the Republicans have done to him. Only the deceit that Harry Reid and Obama have orchestrated can be considered the truth. They are destroying the American economy and the American dream.

Watching the Democratic and Republican Conventions, causes me to stop and take stock in America. The Demos want me to get in the boat with everybody, and the Reps want me to be strong and make my on destiny. Personally, I like the latter because I know where I am going. In the boat with everyone else, who paddles, and who runs the ship and who pays for the fuel to run the ship? Who paddles? In the Viking Ships all rowed, except for the Captain a navigator, and a person who calls commands and cadence. The ship was at the will of the commander, not the rowers. I worry about us all in the same boat.

Our current government is running on a program that spends money we do not have. It does not budget, nor does it explain what will happen when the money runs out. And the money will run out. The government does not make any money doing something that helps society. They can sell public lands and collect tariffs but in general the people make the money. We have cities and counties in the United States that are going bankrupt. We have States that are financially very bad off. And the the Demos get up at a convention and tell the world that every thing is great, we are morally correct, and the nation is in very good condition and is not in any trouble. Sixteen Trillion Dollars debt is a little bit of trouble. Of course a great portion of the debt is held by the public. If we default, we will be hurt the most. Countries that hold portions of the debt will be paid. But we the Americans will be financially destroyed.  We will go through the worst depression with the highest inflation that has ever been, because our government will not budget, nor will it seek to live within our means. We currently have inflation that is higher than the government is saying. My bills have gone up without a similar gain in income. To me that is Inflation. Gas plus food are the basic problems.

We can not spend what we do not have. But our governments both Democratic and Republican have spent way over the amounts of money that we have had. The Demos said last night that the Republicans had spent as much as the Democrats over time. The problem is that the Congress is the spender. The President signs off on budgets, but the Congress does the spending, and since 1932 the Democrats have had control of the Congress far more than the Republicans. Except for about 10 years the Democrats have held either the House of Representatives or the Senate for the last 66 years. During this time they have spent more money on poverty and helping the poor than any other nation in the world. Our poor are rich compared to India and China and other poor countries. It is not normal for a person to die of starvation in the United States. Only during great disasters do people die from heat or other problems, but that is usually due to mismanagement. We have given our poor food stamps, cell phones, air conditioning, clothing, food banks, housing and on and on. Some poor by definition live much better than low middle class.

This is the problem with all being in the boat together. To many do not work. This has now risen with the employment by the Federal Government increased to such a degree, that the cost is becoming a burden to the tax payer. Add the cost of poor, the government workers and the cost of all other government together, it comes to an amount so great we can not pay the cost. The only way out of the situation is to return the country to the point we can pay. We start by reducing the salaries paid to all government. I has got to the point to be totally out of control. Remove pay that allows people to live and work without using their pay checks. Take Congressmen and Senators back to reasonable rates, with removal of all  perks. Go through all departments and agencies removing the cost that are not needed. Delete, close remove some departments and agencies.

Completely rework the Tax code with a fixed rate or with as sales tax rate, and do away with the IRS. All will pay a portion as taxes, because when you pay nothing, you soon expect others to pay your way.

Sell the United States Postal Service. It is costing to much and continually looses money.

Next we can look at the programs that have been put in place for the old and the poor. In many cases this has grown over time to the extent that we can no longer afford it. Do not remove, but slowly make it more efficient and less wasteful.  Do this with all programs. We can not give grants if we do not have money. We can not fund other countries if we do not have money. We can not keep places like Camp David and any other special places that are expenses for a time of need. End social engineering in the Military. These programs cost money and they are not in line with the Military Mission. Cut all oversea purchases and contracts for procurement. Our people need this money. We can not afford these cost. The list of savings will get long.

Needless to say you are now receiving my message. Everyone in the  boat has to share the cost of this reduction. The rich or the middle class can not pay for the rest while growing the debt. When my credit cards max out I can no longer use them and I am required to pay expensive fees. When I have no money in the bank, I can not write checks. When I have no money I can not keep buying. Neither can my country. The Government is killing America.

Now is a time in History, when people have the right and honor to chose their direction. One problem is that so many people have been suckled at the nipples of government, that they do not want to stop receiving the money and food that they have been given without working. Do we let only those who are paying make the decision for the direction of our government? Do we allow both. One a boat with all the people in it, with no ability to pay for itself? Is the other a group of individuals who will create their own worlds and live off of their own efforts. This was the original way of our government.

I would say yes! But I would not cast off my brothers in the boat without a motor. There has to be some way the people in the boat together can continue to live and have the American dream. They also have to be able to live without having envy of those who work for themselves. I see two possibilities. One with City States and Urban States.  It would allow the two systems to work side by side, and the people who work for themselves would pay to the government as now, but the Government would have to live within its means.

A second choice is of two separate countries. One made up of City States and the other made up of Urban States. A prime law would be there could be no wars over arguments. All disputes would be resolved in a court between the two using a system of laws fair to such a system. Trade and commerce would occur between the two. Because of ken ships and families either could go across the boundaries of the other, but in no case would people of one system be able to try to change the other system.

Can we get there? More than likely, the answer to that is no. It will require a Civil War which will create as much harm as the last Civil War created. God help us all! The direction and the answer are difficult. As I watched President Clinton defending President Obama’s government, I began to recognize how far we are apart, and the impossible situation that we can never return to a stable  single government that would assist both systems. I know that many Democrats are good people, but I also know that the system  is failing as we talk. How can one group of people pay for another? We are not doing it now. The growth of the National Debt is more than we can support.

Americans rise up and do the correct things. Budget. Live withing our means in all cases. Take care of those who can not take care of themselves. Take care of the sick at all levels. Do away with the VA but give persons who served in war the care they need in our current systems. Maintain a Military that is capable of allowing our government to lead and not grovel trying to seek world acceptance through humble actions. We have been leaders. I receive a Military Retirement and Social Security both of which I funded. I was in the Military for 32 years and spent two years in Vietnam. I worked for 14 years in the civil sector working in  construction and engineering. Eighteen months of this was in China building quarters modules for offshore platforms. I paid into the Social Security form 1964 to the present. I paid my due. But I would give up some to save America. I am sure that most Military who served, would give up something to save America. Who else will!

Will the person who does not work do something to help the government pay its bills? Will the person on food stamps who is wasting, buy spending all of their stamps, give some of their food stamps back to the government? Will the person who is poor give up their IPOD and plan, except a plain phone and give some of of this money back to the bill payer, who is paying extra so that the poor can have an IPOD. This is not the America that our Four Fathers dreamed of. They did not want a welfare state. They wanted freedom from government.

It is time to put things straight. We must right America. IN GOD We TRUST!

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Whitfield Ross – TO BLOG OR NOT TO BLOG and What Subjects!

As I blog I see a lot of comments pass by that seem irrelevant concerning the Whitfield Ross Cavalry Brigade. I know that some of you have discovered the wonderful world of history and others like the blog format. I have the capability of opening a new blog that would cover questions about the blog and its process. I could also field other website and blog questions. That would leave the brigade to be a total history site.

A third option is to open a political comment site. I am not sure how many would like to follow this type of site as you all suspect that I am an Ultra Conservative. I have feelings about our country and about where it is going. I need to voice that need and I need to here your comments.

I can do all three, as Yahoo permits unlimited download and space as a member of Yahoo Small Business Web hosting.

Your comments and needs, Please. I know some of you are wondering how to blog. I would open these other sites and slowly do two or three blogs, with you looking on. I am not a blog expert, but I have started a few.

One thing I would do is remove the category on the brigade web site, so that members get only one notification. On the other sites I will set them up to allow only one email notification, should you select that feature.

Again let me know. I would look to start this about the 14th or the 30th depending on answers.

If no comments, we will continue on as today.

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Wake a Sleeping Giant, The Moral Majority

Never in the history of the United States have we come so close to the brink of disaster as we are today. We were close in the Revolutionary War, we thought we were close in WWII. In the Civil War, the battle was fought over Union and the North Won. But since that date the Union has been crumbling. By bits and pieces the progressives and Socialist have tried daily to take away little pieces of our liberty. Now add to that the Islamic peoples, and America is slowly going to its knees.

The battle is being won in the court and by the enemy. Using our own Constitution and a plan of taking small bites, the different groups are taking away our liberties and freedom. Add to that the election of a President that acts as a Socialist, but who may be something other than just a socialist. He may want more than just socialism. He may want the whole pie. The American Pie!

He has systematically destroyed the American system of finance and is slowly placing the US in great financial difficulty. He has caused us to be farther in debt than ever before and farther in debt than we can pay. His actions jeopardize the American Dollar and with it our whole financial system. I will say, when the system falls, it is highly likely that our ability to function as a country will also fall. What will this evil President and his criminal cronies do? Will they use their control of unions, Acorn, certain government agencies that the President has armed, plus support from the United Nations, a very socialist organization to farther their evil plans.

Thus can we now wake the giant that woke up in world wars of the past, to once again rise over the situation to the extent that we car reaffirm right and reason. Can we bring the country back from the brink of disaster. The Moral Majority has been those who remembered and honored their country. They knew who their forefathers were and what they had done for this great country. Can and will they do their utmost again?

The Tea Party is a start, but it is not all of the parts of the moral majority. Within the Democratic party there are conservative Christians, who will have to go against much of what they have backed for years. In the general population old people who do not think it is important enough to make the effort, must provide their support and vote, train and supply a country in need. Young people who have been trained and propagandized by the government and the Teachers Union, need to be turned around to fight the people who trained them. Religions, who have fought each other, need to realize that the enemy is and old one. The one Christianity fought in the first century AD. They must understand all the infighting helped harden them for this real battle, but the things they fought over are no longer important. Religions must be ready to feed the starving, and help organize them into farming and maybe fighting units, so that we can feed and protect ourselves. The population must learn to bring food to the city or take the people to the food, and then teach them to build homes that will sustain the first winter, and allow them to live.

We as a nation have a collective knowledge that will allow us to survive. Our problem is the people who want to control or destroy us. The three, populism, socialism and Islam, none of which cares about us as people, all they want is control and a population who does as told. All the population will be separated in to those who will obey and those that will not. The later will either be destroyed or made to do slave labor. The weak, sick will be made to die quickly.

Thus like the people on hijacked airlines, the only way you can live is to fight. Any other course is death. Thus, now is that time. Not later when the plane is in the air. Now we must rise up and take back our country. Now we must do things we do not like. The cost of our debt is so high we can not pay it. Other countries that want what we have are doing all they can to destroy the DOLLAR and the EURO. With these two monetary systems gone, the countries of Europe and America will also go. Probably all of America, both North and South. So now is the time to rise up and take arms.

You do not believe me. There is plenty of evidence of what I speak. Now is the time to think and see. All you need to know is available. If you wait longer, someone will get into the pilots seat and fly us either into the ground or into some other horrible end. Wake up Old Men and Women, get up all you lazy non working people, who have fed off the government for so long. Realize that the government is no longer going to feed you. Have you not heard the rumblings about Obamacare not taking care of Old People, about groups of people who would decide who would get care and who would not. Who was too old and to weak. These will receive end time counseling. Sounds like “Soylent Green”, the old Charleston Heston, SciFi movie, where the old went to a end place where they we wined, dined and led to their deaths, in a loving and caring way, but to their deaths, to make food for the rest of the population. The evidence is there, just look. Wake up before it is to late. Jump out of that arm chair. And grab a friend and vote. Start to stand up to your Government while you can.

Wake up, oh sleeping giant, wake up before, you are tied down and helpless! And become the food of future generations. Wake up you Men of God. Wake before the dark one wins. Yes, Christ will come, when he is ready, but now where does it say lay down and become Soylent Green. No book says not to fight evil. You must take up arms in Christ’s Name, so that every thing is ready when he comes.

I have moved this article from another website to here to get more views, for I feel we will not make it unless we take up arms and go to war. Grab you grandparents and parents and take them to vote. If they state that the poles say it is irrelevant, tell them that is the media trying to suppress their vote. By voting we will win. As a country we all believe in God. The President says that we are no longer a Christian Nation. Let us prove him wrong!

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