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Comment Ramblin & the Comming War and Depression

Today I have gone through a lot of comments. Some good, but many either poorly written, or bad content. People ask what system am I using. If you know anything, it is easy to see that this is a World Press format  v.3.5.  Also on the side bar, there are entries for World Press. Some of you with mobile phone problems, can get an app in the World Press site. The theme is “Almost Spring” by Becca Wei. There are nine more themes available with this system.

The host is Yahoo Small Business and cost about $7 per month. The security is Invisus Viper which is a little more expensive than other security systems, but it is business oriented and very good. I have 5 computers using the Wii system in my home and none have had a virus or worm in the home. They have picked up stuff outside, but are quickly cleaned when they return home.

People ask why I have not written an e-book. I may if I can develop the time. If it is based on the web site it will be free. If is is a takeoff from the site using data but also some of my conjecture based on ten years of collecting data, then I may sell the books, but at a price anyone can afford.

Others, write and ask this and that. Last week my internet was interrupted for the whole week until a new provider, Excite, arrived and put up a pole and got my internet back in business. I must have played 100 games of solitaire while I was waiting for internet. My main data source is There I can get the records for all soldiers in the Civil War. Is it perfect? No, the records of the war were kept by soldiers, and they made mistakes. Many records were destroyed by soldiers both South and North. In the 1880’s the government and the National Archives collected all the data that could be found. Then the Army went out and interviewed soldiers all over the country trying to re-establish lost and destroyed records. Again mistakes occurred. But in general, they were able to get most of the records so that a picture of the day to day actions are recorded and we can see how each soldier lived. Sometimes, it is by the soldier who was beside him, or the corporal or Sargent over him. But we can get a picture of his day to day living.

People ask how do you blog? An easy question. You write, write and write. Oh! you mean the mechanics. First you need a domain name, and then a site. Domain may just mean what are you going to call your blog.  You can get blog sites for free. Some sites have free blogs that are specific to a subject or niche. Here all you have to do is join and start writing. Other sites require that you pay a small monthly fee.  The more capability that you desire the more you will pay. From my notes above, you will see that I pay over $25 per month, but I have 4 sites and  4 blogs. I do not write at each the way I do here at Whitfield Ross. At the other sites they are specific to their niche. Here I should stay closer to the brigade but I feel that I need to focus occasionally on current events. I know that both Whitfield and Ross were willing to express their feelings and knowledge. People have commented that I should focus on my niche, specifically when writing of brigade events. But I feel we live in the current and study the past. It gives us perspective.

Because we are in a head long dive away from the Constitution our Fore Fathers designed for us, I feel that I must do something about it. President Obama has gained his position as a Democrat, but he is either a Socialist or a Communist. There are other words for him, but these two would have kept him from being president, so he did not use them. Personally, I would bet he is not a natural born citizen. He has kept his college and personal records hidden, knowing that they would have hurt his efforts to be president. He has used millions of your dollars to keep you from discovering his true being.

Where is he taking you. One he does not like America, and does not like our Military. He does not like Christianity though he says he is Christian. He wants to take the money and make sure that we all have the same amount, except that he and his friends are superior and will get more, just because they are. Certain millionaires will be destroyed or forced to leave America. But eventually everyone will receive the same pay no matter how much they work. Initiative and hard work will be discouraged. Only when for the good of the state will they be allowed, but you will not be singled out as better that your equals. Then America, as we know it will be gone. So will our freedoms.

Last week the shootings the North destroyed some more of your freedoms. Your freedom to have weapons to protect you from the government, will be destroyed. The reasons for the shootings have been shown to be a deranged loaner, who kept to himself and may have even been under potential commitment to an institution. How did he get this way? Did the guns cause it? Of course not. It was a system that has destroyed the family and home. We have taken the laws of God out of our lives. Even if we just remove the word God, the laws were developed over centuries. They were what civilization knew it needed to exist. Some of us know that we need God, also, for without God we are no longer useful persons.

In other post I have talked about the system of Islam. You note I did not say religion. They have tied a way of life, to their God, and their Laws. One of their laws says we must adhere to their Laws, or we would become secondary to their system.  To me that means I can not live as I like, but must live as they like. It also means that they can dispose of me if I do not do as they say.

Thus I am not with them! I believe there is only one God. He is the same for all religions and faiths.  I believe in the Holly Bible and the words of Christ the Son of God. With this comes responsibility and commitment. I must do everything I can to glorify our God and everything I can to make myself better. This does not mean that I can sit down an live off of the work of others. I must set examples for my children, and I must try to see that they grow up in the ways of Christ.

I am a soldier. I have lived as a soldier and understand how a soldier of Christ should live. Today I see our government destroying our military so that we can not defeat our enemies. Other see this also and work to train an external free Army, not of the Government, but one to preserve it. If things continue as they are, two things will happen. First our country will have another great depression. Second we will have a revolution. It will be similar to the Civil War of the 1860’s but its difference will be that the government and some races will side with the government in city enclaves. The opposition will be outside the cities. Many good people will be trapped in the cities and will not be able to be part of the revolution. If they help they will be destroyed.  Also the people of the cities will suffer, in that food comes from the suburbs and farms. It will be a strange war. Friends and family will end up fighting each other. If you take the division of conservative and liberal, you can see the basis of the two opposing sides. Each will have moderates and hard core sides that will be with them, but they will be fighting for survival. The two opposing ideas will be the core of each side. There is where the battle will be fought. The problem lies in the fact that the two have problems existing  together.

The depression will start, and give the Government the upper hand in establishing control over the nation. Because when the Dollar fails, and prices hi-per inflate, there will be riots in the streets for food and any item of value. Obama was an organizer in his early days. He helped establish the entity called ACORN. He will have that, his newly developed Youth Corps in the Homeland Security. Next he will organize around the Unions and give them muscle in the forms of gangs that he will recruit. Thus when the Military rebels at the move away from the Constitution, he will take a core that supports him and arm the different organizations that he has as followers.

You say, how do I know this. It is all conjecture. It is what I would do if I was Obama and trying to take over America. He already has teams that go into companies and destroy them by disrupting their day to day business. He has already exercised this without cause on several companies. He knows he can do it.

Like the South we will have to quickly organize and opposing government. That part may not happen quickly, because unlike the South, we will lack unity. States like Texas are Conservative, but their government is run by Democrat intrenched workers who have been there for years. Today they fight the small battles like not letting the Sons of Confederate Veterans have a license plate. But they are really building their strength toward being able to run the government without the Governor and Legislature. Here government unions will also give them strength. Of course there will be people who resist, but many will find themselves in prison before they are able to fight. I have said for years, get rid of the workers who were saying they were providing continuity,  for it would be to easy for them to replace a legitimate government. We now know that a large portion of the Nation works for the Government and is thus tied to the money strings that the government has. But when the government no longer can collect taxes, because there are no business, then the government will fail.

At this point it will be possible for the opposition to the government to form a new government. All will be volunteers. It will be made up of Tea Party members, old conservative Republicans, and hard Conservative Generals. It will suddenly slam together, and will function on the internet or one run by the rural government.

You can see I am letting my mind go and putting things together in a rough manner. Will it work, or happen? Only history knows and she never tells till after the fact. In a sense that is what writing is. At other times it is honed to a specific subject and driven by specific facts. Again it is completely descriptive of what is happening at a given time. But to me it is always fun.

I wish each and everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, or as I said in my teens, Meli Kaleka Mucka, Halole Mucka Heiki Ho. After all these years I will not go back to check my Hawaiian spelling. Serves to say I was a soldier in Hawaii in the 1950’s. You Hawaiian’s may correct the spelling in comment. Back then we used to ask how do you say pipeline in Hawaiian. Of course it is Pipe Line, because it is not Hawaiian. But the dumb Ha-oles, would say pi pe li ne. Hope I spelled Gringo correctly.


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Physical Cliff, the Next Re-Education of Our Population

We have reached a point in our economy where nothing the government can do will correct what will happen. Congress nor the President can stop what will happen. First the markets will crash, commodities will rapidly rise in price, gas will get very expensive, and thus food will become more expensive. All this is happening.

The Markets have been hedging to the side just avoiding major failures. The talk of a solution to the physical cliff is nothing but a joke. We all know that taxes will go up in January. Food prices will also go up. Probably gasoline prices will go up. Thus everything will become relatively more expensive.  The end result will be the gradual slide into a recession. Not a small recession, but one that may be greater than any before.

Why is this happening? I believe that our President wants it to happen so that he can redirect our government into socialism. He does not care about us, but he does want the dreams of his father to become true. He believes that in destroying America can he achieve this dream.

I have no fact to base this on, except for his own talk. His book, his speeches, the way he is posturing the government. There is talk that he is preparing the  government to control the population during the coming riots and ciaos. When gas becomes so expensive that it is no longer economically feasible to move goods to the market, the groceries will become bare, and people will get hungry. There will be food and goods riots and the government will intervene.  It is even said that those who prepared will be stopped in their flight to the safety of secure sites outside of cities. Thus our rights will be taken away from us for the common good.

The last time this happened in America it was called Reconstruction after the Civil War. During that period, the rights of the people were so violated that the Constitution was a joke. We had a Civil War, so called, and the two parts of the country separated. The government now says we fought over slavery. We in the South know we fought over freedom to do as the Constitution allowed us to do. The Government never brought this to Court, for they know they would have lost. Lincoln fought the war to keep the Union. He wanted the Southern goods. He did not care about Southern freedom. After the war, the Government punished the South, with imposed governments that were oppressive to Southern people and took the land and goods of the South as thieves and bandits. Of course they called it government.

Obama will also govern in this manner, because he has set up the agencies of the government so that they can take all of a companies goods and nothing will be said. When the company fails, they will say, see the company is evil. But when you remove the materials to business, the business fails.  The government has started this process. They have seized the good and material of several companies, held people at gun point, and violated their rights. Nothing appears in the news. All is well while our government is destroying our country. It is OK, we elected them and said they could.

It will get worse. I even believe that there will be public executions without our God given right to fair trial.

America will cease to be. It will be OBAMA LAND.

Will we fight?

I believe we will have a Civil War this time, of the people against the Government. Who will be in the Armies? That is a good question. Any person who has ever read the United States Constitution and understands its principals will fight the current Government. Much of the Army, Navy and other services will side with the country against the government. Many who have grown up in the schools of  today, will side with the government. It will be American against American. The illegal aliens will side with the government, for they know that the government will provide for them. What they do not know is the government will very quickly get very short of foods. It will have to force people into the fields to grow foods. It will have to make people do things they do not want to do. It, the government will not care, saying that it is in the common good. This is socialism at its worst. Welcome to the new world order.

I can not picture the fight. For after 32 years in the Army, I can not feature firing on people who I fought for. I can feature firing at someone coming to take my weapons, food and materials that I have stored and purchased for my own welfare. I can also feature joining with others protecting each other from a population that seeks to take our goods for the common good without ever working for it.

I do not like the fact that 47% of the population does not work for a living. I earned a retirement from the Army and paid into social security for my retirement. I now see it miss used. I am preparing for a time when it will no longer be available. The government soon will stop paying me, because I will not give into to something I consider evil.

Yes, I will fight even though I am Old. I will fight, because I believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I do not believe  that the government should be so large that half of the population should pay for the livelihood of the other half. We have reached an evil time governed by evil people. Even the so called Republican Party does not really take care of the Constitution. We know our President does not care for nor take care of the Constitution of the United States. He continually shows his disrespect.

We have reached a point where we must make a stand, but instead we are playing, saying we  are solving the Physical Cliff. The men doing the negotiations are the same people who built that cliff. They have wasted the money that they have managed. They have set the Taxes that are part of the cliff. How stupid we are that we do not see what is happening. Why do we sit while this is going on. Why do we wait for the result to take place. We know it will happen. We know that they will fail as they have so often before. We know we are going into a great recession, yet we choose to ignore it and play games. God help us!

We sit and hope that the end result will not be the same. The governors argue over a person not equal to the task of being Secretary State, when they should be preparing us for the great recession. We should be preparing recession gardens and putting up the foods so that we can survive. But no, we continue to play government, and will cause the end result to hurt more innocent people than in the History of Mankind. And We the People play the game. We sit and wait for a government that can not fix the problem to fix the problem. We sit and wait an pray.

Some are preparing, and I pray that they are successful. At 76 I do not see myself living through the next few years, especially if someone comes to take my Guns. I worry about my grand and great grand children, for I see a very dark future for them. Big Brother is here, and he is about to take action in the name of Government.

And we sit and play.

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