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Gun Control, While Rome Burns

I am torn between two directions. One, Civil War and great depression and the other one of the largest booms our country has ever seen. We are seeing an increase in natural gas sales, and during the next few years we could see and unprecedented oil boom. More oil could be discovered in America than was ever thought possible. Even Obama would have to become somewhat a capitalist. Here I may be dreaming.

Yes, the President plans to run our nation by executive order. He will increase the debt so he can spend without regard for the financial plight of Our Nation. He will also set up executive orders so that he can close down the gun industry and thus stop the population from owning guns or ammunition. Thus this is no longer America.

We do have a Constitution. How can the President, his Cabinet, the Attorney General just ignore the Constitution. The answer is, that this is the planned course of action. Obama will take over America by deceit and we will suffer because of his actions.

What will happen? There are too many variables. If the President cracks down on weapons, and expands the debt at the same time, he will cause a major shift in the way we are governed. At the same time a lot of people will be very unhappy, and our Congress will be able to do nothing. The Senate, will not accept an action by the House of Representatives to Impeach the President. In turn the Nation will not wait for something to happen. The people will act. To wait, is to give in and become slaves of the government.

Why do I believe this. Because I believe the real people of America are the ones who understand the 2nd Amendment and seek to follow the constitution. They were stunned when the election, did not go the way that we wanted. But, we will not wait for the government to start taking our guns. If the President acts to control guns and take them from the population, he will have declared war on one half of the Nation. He feels he can do it, because everyone has rolled over up till now. But we have reached a breaking point. As a gun owner and an American, I feel that my country is a stake. My Congressional representatives are not protecting me. They have allowed the President to make the laws, and have set by playing games. We sent our Representatives and Senators to care for our country. We believed that they would act in our behalf. Instead, they have continued to butter their own situation while destroying ours. Now is the time to take it back. Now is the time to act, before this President takes our country to Civil War and Anarchy.

In the middle of drafting this article, I came across some material that was quite interesting. Should Obama side step the possibility of rebellion and Civil War, then he could end up one of the strongest and longest serving Presidents. Why and How? One we are sitting on a double barrel boom. The oil shell fields in America are so extensive, that virtually we are sitting on unlimited oil and gas. What does this mean to America? It means recovery from the worst debt in history and prosperity for many years. It also means Obama would be so popular, that he could get the 22nd Amendment repealed. He could serve two or three more terms.

At the same time, if the President starts to spend, without regard for the financial plight of our economy, we will soon see inflation, and a gradual crumbling of our economy. The cost of fuel and goods will rise rapidly and this will be passed to the population. Eventually the food system will fail and people will rapidly become hungry, and began to look for food. Then comes the riots, the government control, and gun control. And then we no longer have America. We will have become a third world country. But I am forgetting the potential for Civil War. That is why I mentioned “while Rome Burns”. Which will it be.

The potential for the boom is so large, that it very well could happen.

We are going on as if nothing was going to happen. Every thing is hunky dory. All is good. But we know it is not. We know that the ax is about to fall, but no body knows when. Oh, some do not have a clue about the situation, and will not know till the ax falls. We sit here fiddling and doing what we always do, and think that it will always be this way. But think of the movies “Water World” or other after the end movies that we have seen over the years. The world as we know it had ended. There were no longer department or grocery stores. Life was simple and everyone was still looking for food.

I feel that this is the direction that we are heading, but find it had to believe, that all we have will go so quickly. The boom will not occur before the dollar is destroyed, at least for a while. And the cost for a peach could go to more than $10 and other food just as much. What will a car cost. And who can afford one. Thus, one by one the large and small companies will fail because they cannot sell their inventory nor can they purchase, thus all these companies will end. Who will need insurance. The banks will have closed, because they will have run out of money, and no one will have a direction to turn. Cities will also run out of money, as will our government. If no one can purchase anything, they will not be able to pay taxes. The whole situation will have gone to pot.

So which comes first. A Civil War or Economic Disaster or a boom. What does the President gain? He does not seem to care which comes first. He is spending at his same rate, and using Sandy Hook to confiscate our weapons, and secure a nation which can not defend itself from its own government. I believe that he feels that he has the power to survive, in any case. He will take America to socialism, communism or a dictatorship. I feel that though he would greatly benefit from a boom, he hates capitalism so much, that he would rather see it destroyed.

But and angry American population is more than he really understands. He may believe that his internal forces, the portion of the Military that sides with him and the forces of the UN that he will ask for can control the American population. But I believe and hope that he is wrong. I do not see a shadow government that will be needed, but I pray that it exists. I know that some organizations are ready, but not on a national scale. In the American Civil War in 1861 there were 7 states that were ready and all had sitting governments. At this point some states like mine are anti Obama, but cities like Houston, Dallas, El Paso and Austin will side with Obama. Will our Wimpy Governor act, and will it be soon enough, and how will he control the populations of these cities that may side with the President. Will he be able to call out the Texas National Guard and what will the President do. This in turn will greatly disturb the sitting government of Texas. What will happen. What will the major Military bases like Bliss, Hood and Lackland do? It will be interesting. What will the Islamic factor do? What other forces will back the President.

Will other states and people side with Texas and build a new government. Can we sort this out on the run. The answer is, of course we can, because it will be necessary. To some degree it may be necessary to isolate those cities in some way. How do you isolate the Austin population and still run the state. Thirty to forty percent and maybe more of places like Houston will side with the state, but will be in great difficulty, due to their proximity to a large Obama support population. This situation will have to be controlled. Obama will also try to control, by placing forces inside of Houston by way of Ellington Field and Hobby Airport. Thus we will have the situation where there can be conflict.

What do I believe will happen. Some, all or various portions of these possibilities will happen. That is a wishie washy answer, if I ever heard one. But in truth, there are too many variables. I am sure the Chicago Gangster President has a plan. Does anyone else. Does Bonner have a clue as the third highest person in the government.

The biggest single looser in this scenario is America. It looses no matter what happens. Peoples rights are going to be trampled and property will be destroyed. The Constitution has already been destroyed. That happened in 1865. People will die. As an old man I do not see me surviving any of this. First, I will not give up my gun. And no one can come and take my food. There is little chance that I can protect my current location, and there is no place to run, so I do not look to live long in such a battle and economic downturn that I see coming. May God have mercy on us all!

Some one will say that this blog is short and would I please write more. My answer is that if I knew more, I would write more. Can I write more on these guesses. To that the answer is yes, but what I write will just be conjecture. We do not know which event will occur first. Like the Civil War, no one knew when it would start and when the Union would invade the South. Fort Sumner was a planned event. Lincoln decided to keep one fort in the South that was Union controlled. He knew that the South would fight for it as they had already challenged many forts. With the fall of Sumner he had a rally cause to call out for a force of 75,000 to enter the South. What was this force for? Of course it was to return the South to the Union, but it was also to force to South to submit to Northern rule. It did not happen then and will not happen now.

How is this similar? Well, again, we have a President who is trying to have it his way. Lincoln wanted the South to stay in the Union, and Obama wants to control the population. He knows that he can not do this without controlling weapons. He also wants to do away with capitalism and redistribute the wealth. Of course this can not happen if we have the current Constitution, so he will gain control, dissolve Congress and re-write a Constitution. Thus completing the fall of America. One half of 280 million people is 140 million people. How many of each half have to die for Obama to have his way, or for America to prevail. In the last Civil War 750,000 plus people died. Of that number about 300,000 were Union and the rest were Southern. This war will pit Christian against non-Christian, black against white, maybe other races against each other. At best it will ugly. At worst it will be horrific. It will pit city dweller against suburbanites. Union against non-union. And from each element will come parts that will side with the other side. Not all blacks, Hispanics, etc. will side with Obama. Not all whites, Christians will side with our side.

What should we call our side. America. They will want to call their side America, so they can tromp on it. Like I said, America is the loser. But I think we need to decide that we are America and fight for it. We can call the rest Obama Land. For that is what it has become. The sad thing is that we can not change what they have become. They will always be tethered to the government. Only a new generation can change the past. For some reason I feel that we should hold Liberals and their mentors accountable. But it is like trying to punish your left hand. You can not do it without hurting yourself..

Before we leave this let us pray for the boom. I know, we will have to suffer, many more years of liberal gibberish, but few will suffer the great losses that could occur in other scenarios. In a Civil War or great depression, many will die and families will suffer. Will capitalism survive Obama for twelve to sixteen years? Only God knows.

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Gun Control, Of Course

“These sentences may be rife with miss spellings, for I was taught in public school. I do the best I can. The education our children are getting today is even worse. I can prove it by the comments that I get. Think not, just read the comments. I do but seldom do I answer, for there are so many. 105,000/155,000 and counting. That is 50,000 discarded as pure spam or pure something else. Thank You for your comments. William Nolan.”

PS: I just completed the best article on Gun Control that I have ever read. It is very long and very detailed, but he does say it correctly. Please read the following:

As I state below, arm the teachers and you will end the killing. Arm the students on college campus and you will end killing there. Arm the population and all gun and weapon violence will go down. I just counted and 105 countries with complete gun control have higher death rates from guns than the United States. Mexico was one and they have 16 deaths per 100,000 people. We currently have 4.2 deaths per 100,000 people. We do not have gun control, yet, nor does the government have complete control over the people, yet!

Obama wants to place control on all assault weapons. Actually he wants to take all weapons and ammunition so that he can control the population. That is not gun control. It is well known that there are more assaults with baseball bats than guns. But what do we hear? Get rid of the assault weapons. Actually assault weapons are not sold to the public. Semi automatic weapons with modern designs that look like the military version are now popular.  The weapons that have caused problems lately are semi automatic pistols that have been misused.

Should we have gun control. The answer is yes!. We who carry, practice weapons control at all times. We teach it to our kids and we practice it in our way of life. I have one teenager who says that I have pointed my gun at him. I have never pointed a gun at a person. I have shot rabbits and deer and would shoot a bear. But to shoot a person requires the realization that you are ending a life for ever. God gave us dominion over animals, but not over each other.

We have become a people who no longer care about the sanctity of life. We have removed God from our schools, our courts and from our lives. Children play war games on computers, and people like Arnold Schwarzenegger say that these games do not guide children. In turn the Army has seen an improvement in shooting caused by these games. The Navy uses a game to teach pilots to fly. We have become a society of computer nuts. And along with movies and TV we have learned that Kill Bill is OK and the girls can play too. For the few that may not have seen Kill Bill it is a story about a Female Samari who seeks to avenge her life by killing Bill another swordsman who would kill her, but he sends thousands of others to kill her, and she puts them all down.

It is not enough to win, it must be total and there is all kinds of spurting blood. To me the scene at Sandy Hook or Aurora Colorado comes to mind. or the market and funeral scenes in Afghanistan where the dedicated murderer kills himself and 40 others. I carry my weapon because of these people. I am sure our soldiers being killed in Afghanistan are not allowed to carry as we restricted them, as we restricted the Embassy personal in Benghazi, Libya. The soldiers with guns are usually not attacked. The dummies do not want to see Allah without killing a few infidels, like you and me. Yes, I will draw when I hear, “Abeu Akbar!” Not sure I spelled it correctly, but the person who yells it wants to go to Hell! If he thinks he is going to Heaven, then I will send him to the “Thirteen Virginians.” They who built this nation certainly know what to do with some one who wants to tare it down.

Let us place gun control on the movie killers demonstrating for those who do not think for themselves. They will scream 1st Amendment, not the 2nd. Do not allow killing on wholesale levels, so that someone can go copy it. Before we ask the movies to put restraints and mark the movies for the protection of children. If the movies will not back off, we can always stop movies for children until they are 21. We did it for alcohol. The selling of movies at Redbox and other locations would require a drivers license to get a movie.

Stop the Law from shooting down anyone just because they are afraid. In this case I am talking about a Sect at Waco, who would not have fired, had someone with automatic weapons, not been on their roof. Remember the raid to get the little boy and send him back to Cuba. Our Law is tough, but often stupid. Yes, arm appropriately when someone is wearing armor vest and carrying weapons in the streets of LA. I do not want total anarchy. People who do not carry, are quick to put down some other person’s weapon. Then when another mass killing occurs they will say where are the cops.  We do not have enough money to pay all the Police needed, nor do I want them.

We have many veterans who will opt to guard our schools. Either inside or on the perimeter. Many will do it for nothing but will work for ammo and a little training, so they protect without harming.  We should also arm all those in schools that want to carry weapons. I know some teachers, I would not trust with a weapon, as I really do not trust them with my children, but we could place some restrictions, similar to the current gun control laws concerning conceal carry. That will not stop crooks and crazies from getting guns, but it will go a long way for protecting the kids. A gun free zone, means a zone that someone with a gun can go into, and kill without fear.  I think about the lady who was a carrier, who left he weapon in her pickup and went in to a Lubby’s to have lunch with her parents. She had to watch them being killed, when she could have done something had she had her weapon.

If you read the NRA magazine, there are a couple  pages about people who protected themselves and their families from punks who broke into their residence or tried to rob their stores. Often the punk dies a few steps down the street. He did not have to die. For we all know, they did not have to try to enter someone’s residence or to rob a store.

We need more gun control. We need training on what to do in these wild situations, where every ones life is at stake. What do you do when there is a nut and many others who could get in the line of fire. Seems to me some innocence people died not to long ago from police bullets. We do not want that to happen, so how does a conceal carry person react. Does he or she let people die just because he or she is not in danger. I think not. Then it comes down to shot selection and fire and maneuver. Move till you have a good site picture and then end the situation. If you do not get a good look, wait, it will come to you or will move to leave, thus exposing themselves. We can be trained as part of our licensing procedure.

In our schools we must go back to the rules and laws. Some of my boys have no respect for the law. If it is a law or rule, then break it. They are under 21 and the public can do nothing. This is what we have taught our children. They are not afraid to drive or for that matter, drive without a license or under the influence of alcohol or drugs. They do not care, because we have trained them that because they are under 21 they can get away with anything including murder. We are stupid. The Court ruled these laws, and we did not make new laws to cover this wanton disregard of the Law by children. We still can. We can also allow people to carry concealed handguns to protect themselves. We can allow teachers, principals and administrators, theater owners and special guards at malls, We can protect ourselves without giving freedom to our government to take the rest of our rights from us.

Gun Control does not have to mean that we get rid of guns. The Japanese did not try to invade the United States in 1942 because everyone had a gun in their home. Hitler put Jews in concentration camps, because he could. No one had guns but the government. In 1942 we put Japanese and Germans in camps, before that Indians. We did that by disarming them. The same could happen today, but it might be you because you are white, or educated, or rich. Those seem to be the bad things today. The Government has already placed committees to decide what health care elders will receive. What will they decided next, and will elders have weapons to protect themselves. Will you watch your parents carried off. I will not even watch my neighbor be removed. I will fight, and so will others.

Guns are a Freedom provided by our Forefathers in the Second Amendment. Some would interrupt it different but the purpose was to protect the people from the government, and not an armed militia as some would claim. But even so, we can all claim we are part of our local militia. The Constitution does not say it has to be part of the government. That is why you have not seen the government make a move against the militias that exist. They have a Constitutional right, just as we do.

Who gave Obama the right to arm the ATF, the Border Patrol, the IRS, and the Homeland Security. These agencies have weapons and have been laying in ammunition and food for some unknown reason. Think not, then look about, You know the press will not report it, because they are part of the government. We have existing threats against us from our own government. Obama has also armed himself with several Presidential Orders that allow him to take over everything in a time of emergency. Who declares the emergency. How will it happen. He will probably allow the food chain to break and for people to start starving and rioting. Then he will act in our behalf. God bless him!  Then we will have our own dictator, and may God have mercy on our soles.

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