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Bobbals, Bangles and Bitcoin

I wish I was not so tied to this blog. There is so much to see, learn and to do on the internet, and I do not mean blog hop. I have bought some of the new digital currency, opened a wallet, and have started to disappear. What did he say? Yes, I said disappear. I went to the Tor project and learned how to start to disappear. I bought some bitcoin and continue to disappear. You see, Bitcoin is digitally encrypted, and in some respects is not even associated with you. Only when you put coins in your wallet, does it show something happened. If I do it while browsing in TOR the answer is difficult. You see, like the movies, your browsing is bounced from many sites around the world,thus you are lost to someone following your browsing patterns. With encrypted coins and no one knowing you location, you are disappearing.

A little more on Bitcoin. This digitally encrypted money is growing very quickly. Just over a year ago, a coin was worth a dime. Today one Bitcoin is equal to 31.18 USD. Had you had 2000 USD in Bitcoin back in 2010 and held it, today it would be worth, I think, over 600,000 USD. I am not a mathematician, so this can be off, but all in all you would have made a lot of money. You need to look at Bitcoin, Bitinstant, MtGox, and I think Bitstamp in Europe. This is not an American coin. It is a world coin, and is being traded in all currencies, around the world. If you can get on line you can buy Bitcoin and either save, or you can use it to buy. I would bet you can either have someone else buy it on line and put it in your wallet. Then you wallet can be put on a memory stick and you could carry it like a credit card. Like most things good, the bad sees it first. A place called Silk Road sells drugs and uses Bitcoins. You can also gamble with bitcoin. But there are also many business that operate in what is called the gray market. They sell legitimate products but may not have a good market where they are. Some are illegal where they are, but not where you are. These people are also using Bitcoin. A world market is growing and a world digital currency is also growing that is not tied to any bank, government, country or the UN. In this respect it is very amazing. For years we have been under the yoke of banks and government bureaucracies. Now through someone’s invention we have a currency that may be unbelievable in that it is less expensive, spendable in all countries, crosses borders without tariff, goes through currency exchange, many times without charges or fees. Here is something we have needed for a long time, and we sit back and wait to see if it is real. Sure a lot of the early guys are rich. But that is relatively unimportant. What is important, is that we have something that is truly good for the whole world. Everyone needs to buy some coins, to hold and to learn. As we use these Bitcoins the problems will be ironed out and the digital currency will become usable everywhere. There are thousands of stores now, but we need millions for the currency to be safe. It already seems secure, because of its encryption.

With a safe currency, the people in Europe will be able to protect their wealth. Maybe not the EURO but at least there personal money. Today you can board a plane with no money of any kind, go to another country, and whip out your address, and obtain bitcoin with your wallet, and buy the currency of that country, buy items, even gold or silver if that is legal. If you have no bitcoin and your money is in another country, it is not impossible to get your money, but it will take a few days. You have to set up transfers between banks and wait till the process is done. There will also be many fees. Bitcoin solves many of these problems.

Some of Silk Road drugs are those that are expensive or not obtainable in our country. Through Silk Road and Bitcoin you can safely buy the items you need. Silk Road has many shops selling Marijuana. In fact almost 15% of the sales are for MJ, weed or what ever you call it. It is mailed in a plain package to your door. If caught by the police, the quantity is small and you can say that it was mailed to you in error, as you did not want it. The police can not prove you bought it because you used Silk Road, TOR and Bitcoin. I do not suggest you do this, because in 77 years I have only use drugs for my knee replacements and a couple of cancer operations. I do not and have not use recreational drugs. The illustration is there for those that need pills not found here or where ever you are.

Why do I bring up disappearing? We live in a state of struggle between right and wrong, that is not paralleled in history. Through out the world we are being taxed by governments to the extent that individualism is destroyed. Only by changing the way we function as a society can we survive. We must protect our money and our independence. We can do this by protecting our self on the web. We can become invisible and do our business in any way we want. The fact that you can circumnavigate taxes and fees that the Government has set up is not our problem. If you want to pay taxes do so. But most of us feel that our money is ours, and not to be given to someone else, who chooses not to work. Redistribution of wealth is a socialist term. When you work for something, you should not have to give it to someone who did not work,

The biggest value of the Bitcoin may be when the Dollar and EURO die. And die they will because many countries are printing money as fast as they can to pay bills. This printing of money is causing the purchase capability of the Dollar to inflate at a rate that will destroy everyone. The Bitcoin is not a government product. It is a market driven currency and allows people of all countries to protect themselves, as they purchase Bitcoin as a hedge against the inflation. Bitcoin will rise in value do to use and market demand. It is not affected when one currency goes viral and out of control. Its value is constant. It may decrease in value, as it grows as a currency, but it will not go to zero, except the one case where everyone stopped believing in the system and stopped using it. So long as  people believe, it will continue to exist.

So go Google Bitcoin or what ever browser you use. See what it is. Follow the links that are available. Learn how to use it. Get a wallet. They are free. If it cost, go where they are free. I had to get out of my fur lined fox hole and go to a CVS drug store to deposit money to buy my first Bitcoin. I need to learn more, so I can do it from home. I also need to learn how to use them to pay a bill.  I have a lot to learn, but it is fun.

I did learn one thing. You can now donate to my wallet. My address is 15X9mauouMWoW53i6X6GdY3KfAFifqCdJx

You can send Bitcoin to that address. Thank you. Boy, you do go down hill in your old age.

Today, is two days later and the Bitcoin is now at 34.60 had has been as high as $34.99. That is a $3.42 rise in two days. We may be in the biggest wealth transfer in history. If you had bough a $1000 worth of Bitcoin at this price that is 32.07184 Bitcoin. You would now have $1,1o9.6856 or $109.69 in two days. Do that for one year and you would have $199, 743.40. Nice gain for a $1000 dollars. Will it continue to grow? Now is the time to look. What is it one bit coin might make as much as $547.20. Not bad for a $31.18 investment.  I do not suggest you do this investment, but it is certainly worth a look with the dollar dying.



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Thoughts on Valentine’s Day and Our Country!

Closing in on my 40th wedding anniversary, so Valentine’s Day has relative importance. No we do not get all gushy and trade candy and all, but we do express our love in different ways. My wife has found e-commerce and enjoys looking at jewelery and fashion on the line. My wife will pull me from my self induced trance looking at comments or writing, to look at a neck-less or ring. She usually is having problems with the input for paying or some such, so I will be forced to help in that. Around Valentine’s Day she will find something she likes and buy it. Thus I have bought he a Gift. It is interesting, for if the price is more than normal, I will not be told. Other wise I will hear that the gift cost $27.99 on sale or some such comment.

It seldom changes. As for me, my gift may be the joy of taking her to Chilli’s or some other restaurant. Not that I need anything. My preference is to be left alone to write or read. But what of our children. The Oldest daughter wants a nice dinner with wine and all the trimmings. It can be at home or a restaurant but needs to be nice. The second and third daughters, like Valentines Day with all the trimmings. They need the candy, flowers and dinner. The youngest daughter, 38, likes a nice night out with friends. She is on a diet, so it is not so important on the restaurant, just that it have nice salads and good drinks. Her two girls need Valentine’s Cards and a ring or bracelet, not expensive. Their brother Joey is eleven so he is just getting into computers and does not need girls or Valentines.

But my real love needs a lot more. She is slightly under 237 years old, and has certainly been mistreated. She wants to have Valentines with the trimmings. Great quantities of commerce with everyone having success and businesses just humming. She likes the niceties like old time religion and great quantities of patriotism. She misses the singers like Kate Smith who sang her song so well.

But what does she get today. There is a lot of commercialism, with the selling of flowers and candy and cards. But the people are different. Many do not have a clue about America. We hear stories about kids being kicked out of school for chanting “USA, USA, USA” at a basketball game. Seems there are a large number of Latino students in the school, and the administrators felt the USA chant was racial. Wearing USA flag t-shirts is also for bidden but you can fly a US Flag upside down under a Mexican Flag. That is OK. It may well be. The US is in distress. The upside down flag is a sign of distress. And the distress will continue. The assault on our Constitution by the Left, the control freaks who want to run our lives from birth to death, spend every dollar we make, and take the right to choose from us along with most of our other rights, will continue. They will not stop until we are down and out. One description I have heard this morning, is that Obama is the attack dog, and he is able to sway most of those who are his followers. He is now working on the rest. He wants people to give up and come over to his way. When he has enough control, he will take the rest by force.

I resist this and hope you do too. Will we win? At this point the only way we might win is by a Civil War now, before this thing destroys America, completely. He does not care about America. He rolled out a laundry list of things that he wants to do this year. All require money. WE HAVE NO MONEY. Every dollar we spend, more than half was borrowed. Continuing this will take America to total ruin.

Happy Valentines! That is almost a joke. We still can have happy times, except if we think about what is going on behind the scenes, one can get sick. The Treasurer of the United States prints more money. He is creating money. He pays this to the Federal Reserve System to pay the current bills for the running of America. He also collects taxes to pay the interest on money that the borrows. Each dollar printed lowers the value of the overall dollar. At some point the actual dollar will equal the value of the new printed dollars, and when we go to the market to get our food, it will cost more dollars than we have. That box of Valentine Chocolates will cost thousands of dollars. Will we buy then, will any of us be able to buy. The answer is no.

Then we will think about those preppers that we saw on TV. We will understand what they saw and were preparing for in their harried collection. At that point those people who bought gold will become very rich, until, the Government regulates Gold and Silver. As they came to take our Guns the Government will come to take Gold and Silver. Nor will they give you its true worth. They will give you a large bucket of those worthless dollars. Is this not just the most wonderful time. Don’t worry. The preppers will also be raided. Government collectors will come and collect their excess. The Government will define excess. Again they will be paid with the worthless dollars. Then we will all be in the same boat, up “THAT” creek without a paddle.

We must stop any of the actions by the Government that are in direct contradiction of the Constitution. Begin with the Second Amendment. We must not let Government take our Guns. Without weapons, we can not keep them from taking everything we have. I, as a Precinct Chair and Judge, may start my own Militia. Then everyone who wants can join, and retain their guns and Ammo. We must support the people under attack. Do not let the Government destroy someone and sit by and watch. Help that person. We got here by helping each other.

The Government is destroying Religion in America. Do not consider Islam as a religion. It is a way of life that takes all that you have and gives it to the religion. Then you are allowed to have based on your participation in the religion. Step back lady. Men first. The Religious portion of Islam may have its value, but the portion that prevents me from freely practicing my Religion, is wrong. I can not change my view of that. I believe in Jesus Christ. Not Mohammad, who seems to have been a thief for a lot of his life. He reverted to Religion, he said he received direction to make his religion first and all other religions would be second or not exist.

This basic problem of Religion for Islam is similar to what I see Obama is trying to do to America. If you do not believe his way you are not allowed to exist. Now is the time to Resist. Maybe it is the time to fight. We can not wait till the Government has us down. For a while we stopped Communism but It still may be a problem. We stopped it or slowed it by fighting. Now we have Islam, Socialism, Communism all at our door, and we are supposed to lay down. Obama is beginning to resemble the Anti-Christ. Maybe we are getting close to the End Times of the Bible. But I do know that we must continue to fight anything that tries to prevent our religion. We must continue to live good lives and help each other. We must do our best. We must work for a better life. It is not something we get for nothing.

Why do I talk like this? Because in 1933 a man in Germany led his people down a wrong road. In the process he killed 14 million people. In Russia more were killed in the name of Government. In China even more perished under two happenings. First the Japanese and then the Communist Government. We do not know how many millions died.

But Governments must be controlled and kept small. When small they do not cost as much and they do not cause as much trouble. I like the amendment that is being proposed to end the life time salary for Congressmen. Also they would be able to make no laws that did not also pertain to them. They would also be subject to being removed from office after a few years. These rules alone would save billions. I also feel there should be total restraint of vacations and retreats paid for by the people. During Truman’s time he paid for his on cost and did not have Federal Agents when he left office. The Local governments can build the roads and systems to help the people. Not the Federal Government. We must control Government. We must keep an eye on Obama. Government must be responsive to the people, not over the people. We the People Deserve Better Government.

Oh, by the way, Happy Valentines. And the ladies that want me to stop writing these war like pieces. As a Soldier, I guaranteed your right to have peace. And Peace through out history has been purchased with blood, of the Soldiers. When we have peace without Soldiers, people die, because someone is over controlling.

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The Coming Crash, and What the President Will Not Say!

I had considered approving comments this morning but just do not feel ready for the 1600 that need to be approved. So instead, I decided to comment on what the President will not say in his State of the Union. How do I know what he will not say? That is easy. He will not say anything that will hurt his image or will be controversial. By that I do not mean that he will not say things that will blow the minds of Conservatives and Republicans. But he will not try to directly to cause the American public to be angry at him or his party.

As to the coming crash, I plan to note what I currently see coming and how I will approach my preparations. I see a crash on the horizon because of the amount of debt that is accumulating. Last night I viewed a report on what is causing the debt and why every thing will eventually fall. It was a very interesting tale of the Monetary System (Shell Game) and where we are headed.

The President will not tell us how we are going to get out of debt, or how we are going to reach new heights of earnings and achievement. He instead will tell us what others are doing to stop him from completing his plan for recovery. He will again tell us that the Republicans are doing everything that they can to make it difficult for him to proceed. He controls the Admin and the Senate, but the Republicans are preventing his progress. I wish that were true. His development of new orders that will control the way we function as a Nation continues and he has not even thought of reducing the debt. Even then, the most he would be to figure out, is a way to pay the interest. Without a total reversal of all he is doing could we consider a possible reduction of the debt. We can not even stop the coming fall of the market and the eventual death of the dollar. The President does not care about this as it aids his plans for a Socialist State.

The cycle of taking a blank check and writing on it a figure that will elevate us to new heights of debt is almost unbelievable. Our incoming taxes will not pay all the bills and interest due, so each day a new check is written to ourselves, for money to operate. A shell game is then orchestrated by the Treasurer of the United States and the Chairman of the National Reserve. They make believe that they are actually borrowing money to lower the debt, when in actuality they are just borrowing money to pay the interest. By doing this they keep all the borrowers happy and we continue to be able to borrow money. It is a process that goes on and on with you and I slowly becoming poorer. And we are supposed to enjoy it. Aren’t You happy.

A day is coming when my pay will be cut in half. My pay is basically retirement. I retired from the Army and then started drawing Social Security. When the Government can no longer pay its bills, rather than stop their pay and all the social systems that they have put in place, they will cut the Active Military and all of us retirees. The cut will be 50 percent of our pay and a promise. Oh, they will set up different protections, such as limiting suits and such to force us to pay our bills. This is much like putting patches on the inside of a sinking boat. The incoming water, just washes off the patch. As the Government gets more desperate, and the markets fall, and the cost of food either hyper inflates or the value of the dollar gets to zero and will but nothing, then they will cut my pay again. You see the process. At some point everything but the most essential, the ones running the Government, will be deprived of resources.

A smart ruler would put himself on rations, first. All of his administration second, and cut the free programs next. He might then cut the retirees, but not the Military until last. Keep the Country in the dark as long as possible.

The end result will be the same. A Country without money and forced to subsist on almost nothing until it digs itself out of this mess. During this period, Obama will try to install Socialism as our government, and force us to be what we do not want to be. No one in the current Government wants to tell us we are broke and unable to pay our bills. No one wants to stop borrowing. They, the two sides just agreed to keep borrowing at the same rate for the next three months. In other words we will go farther into debt, without a resolution.

From my point of view, the result can not be Socialism. I do not care to go there. I prefer the Free Market and a free world. But where Obama is taking us, will not only affect America, but the whole World. We will end up without friends, because of our Government’s actions. Not that I feel that any of our current friends would be able to help us, but I do feel that they want to go down with us, because we are friends.

So what do you or I do. We prepare for the great Wealth Transfer. Money will go from some of the current rich to some of the current poor. This is not true of all. Many rich are smart and always, prepare. Many of the new rich and the Stars will not prepare. Myself, I am preparing. Each additional day allows me to be more prepared. Am I like the preppers? Only in a few ways. I am not totally preparing for everything. I am only preparing for the fall of the stock market and the dollar. After that, God help us all. How much preparation is that?

One, I am getting into silver in any mode that I can. I buy 90% silver, pre 1964 coins. I will also buy one gram bars when I can find them. Two, I am installing a solar system and developing ways to save money at home. We also using less food while obtaining more that will not spoil. Am I doing all this like a nut? No, I do it with fore thought. I know I need things, and when I see a buy, I get what I need. The other day I saw some ammunition I needed at a good price and I bought it. Three, I have slowly got out of having a lot of money in the banks. I have some cash to spend during the crash of the stores. Then it will be worthless. I have some in the market, to take advantage of the draw down of the dollar. I am not sure whether it will increase in such a way that I can use it, but I am planning to buy Bitcoins in hope of those being the money of the future. I will explain Bitcoins as I learn more.

Four, I am almost prepared to install a aquaponics system in my yard. I have the plans and many of the materials. I am locating more. This system would allow me to live in spite of what happens to the rest of the world. What is Aquaponics? That is the growing of fish using the nutrients from growing plants, while using the nutrients from the fish to fertilize the plants. What kinds of plants. Starting with basic vegetables, I would develop this system until it could raise almost any plant. I would also desire to have three different types of fish, so that I might have some variety. Five, I have collected for years, and have the ability to repair almost everything I own, so I also have a lot of things I can trade. Of course I will also be able to trade fish and vegetables so I am ready for the barter system. As I see the monetary system settle down, I will be able to use my barter to control my situation. Six,Yes, as I am old, I plan to also use barter to hire those I need to protect me and themselves, so that we may survive. I have weapons and can fairly well protect myself, but a few more people, would allow for 24 hour protection.

Seven, Do I really think I will need all this? The answer to that is the most difficult part of this puzzle. If I do not plan at least this much, and do the prep, what happens to me if the world does turn to kaka. That is a word I will use for another term. With no preparation, at my age, I would die a very early and violent death. My wife who is in her 60s would probably be not to far behind me. My beloved dogs would also not have a just end. No, I will prepare. If nothing else, I will be a little bit like the other end of the world kooks, but most of what I have will be usable. Also I can always open a store and sell fresh fish and vegetables.

Will anything that Obama says in his State of the Union message, 2013 have any relevance? It may give some truth to my planning and preparations. Other than that possibility, I have seen nothing in his past messages that would help me or you in any way. He has promised much for those who do not have, but I know that when you do not work for it, it has no value, and will not last. Thus, his promises are empty and will bring us nothing but unhappiness like that given to central Europe by the Russian Government of the 1950s.

For those that check my spelling, you will find many words, miss spelled. Or as I believe correctly spelled for usage in the future. Many of my other essays have miss spellings of words used in the past by people who could not spell. I did not change the history, that I copied. When it is current, blame the miss spelling on me. Yes, I did attend public school and did not learn to spell well, but do the best I can. Spell check, does not correct everything.

Any way, prepare and have a great life!

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