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Ross Brigade, What Would Ross Be Doing, About Obama’s Actions!

These are my beliefs not Ross’, but I do believe an ex-governor of the State of Texas would be greatly offended by our current Governor and by Obama’s mistakes and actions. How can a President allow an agency that he oversees work for his re-election and hinder the operations of his opponents while stopping their forming their organizations. How can a President not support one of his appointed Ambassadors during an attack on American soil. How can a President allow the attack on Freedom of the Press, and the list goes on. And how can a Texas Governor not take action against things like Obama Care, the IRS working against Texas organizations and the many different gun and immigration actions by Obama.

Ross would be petitioning the current Governor to act. If nothing were to happen, he would be reforming his Brigade and preparing for war. By now he would be arming the students at A&M University and would be rounding up the soldiers who fought for him and their sons. He would prepare for a war he knew was coming. Ross did understand the need for an Army and the need for military organization.

We see Obama preparing for war against the American Public. He is arming his Internal Revenue Service workers along with those of the ATF. He buys ammunition for government organizations that are not concerned with the national defense. He is training children to work for the Department of Homeland Security. What is this really for. How will he use these children. Daily we hear of the movement and positioning of troops and arms. How will he use the divisions that he has in Texas and will they work for him against the American/Texas people. How will Texas react to Marshal Law and open riot in Texas.

As I watch and learn, I have come to one conclusion. We have to act now and prepare against our own government. How do we do this without the government acting. First and foremost. The Constitution allows for the arming of patriots for self defense of our country. The Texas National Guard must become a base of potential Texas Resistance as other States should all so prepare. We must arm and allow our population to be protected from a government run wild. I have learned that there are covert military activities at work in Texas, but if I know then the government must know. Thank God that Obama’s hand was tipped and now we know he is watching the internet and listening to the phones. Both actions against the Constitution. So we must prepare covertly.

When I heard about Bitcoin, I joined the Success Council. The owner of that site has written about Bitcoin and how it might grow. You can even get his book free when you join. It also has some great ideas about security and about survival. I recommend his site whole heartily.

Get to know your neighbors and know who you can count on. Form your own little militia and plan for your neighbor security. Do it as a neighbor hood. Maybe someone else will make a better general. Let him or her, for what we need is good leaders, not complainers. Plan ammunition and weapons, food and water, medical and health issues. When the power grid fails and food is not available at the grocery store, you will know that Marshal Law is not far behind. Meet any entry into your neighborhood by the law with a show of force and solidarity. This will let the law know you are taking care of yourselves. Their actions will give you an idea where your county stands. If they try to force, be careful. If you have planned well enough, they will not try force unless they are military.

With your own militia, you have a Constitutional right to bear arms and to protect your Nation. If most of your neighborhood is older persons, the government and military should not bother you. If there are a lot of younger people, they may try to enlist them. If they are Obama forces, resist them. If they are city, county, state it is up to your neighborhood. Trust your instincts. Next join your neighborhoods with those on your boundaries. If everyone is working toward the same end, then you will end up in a safe zone. Encourage your bordering neighbors to do as you do. It is better to be Patriots than to be martyrs.

Remember, we are planning for war, and praying for peace. The latter does not depend on us. It is our government that seems to be working against us. It is not socialism that we are afraid of, but we are afraid of a pure totalitarian government. We have a good Constitution. It has served us well for over 200 years. Now someone wants to change it, but is proceeding contrary to the methods set up in the Constitution.

With a divided nation, I would prefer we divide the geography. Give them their territory and we keep ours. Next we decide what to do with the cities that have grown pure liberal and socialistic within our zones. Either let them exist in our zone or allow them to move freely with our assistance to their zones. Make the split equal, to the population that remains in each zone. Let those zones become the divided United States. We still operating under the Constitution, and they would use ours or draw up a new Constitution. Make an agreement that we would have commerce so long as there were total peace.

We know there will be war someday. Two opposites will have to fight. I pray that it never happens. Should it happen, I hope they remain separate. For some reason a conservative and a liberal can marry, but a nation with both can not live together. The Civil War was to some degree the start of this split. The South was more Conservative. At that time Democratic. Since the war, the Republicans have become conservative and Democrats liberal. I can remember when the Dixiecrat were very Conservative. Now they have disappeared, but their states are Republican.

Most good Christians will say why do we need to do this. God will protect us. And maybe he will, but there were good Christians in the Twin Towers. We were not prepared. There were good Christians in the Government building in Oklahoma City. We were not prepared. At this time we can see our government preparing for something. It will not give us its reason for preparation against the people. Is the preparation because of the weakness of the Dollar and its potential fall, or is the government actually planning the fall of the Dollar and a move to Socialism or totalitarianism. Either is against the Constitution. We deserve to know. Obama promised us change, he did not say it would be better.

Our government does nothing but lie to us. It has changed the way we report things so that everything looks better than it is. At one point inflation was tied to the real economy. Now it is tied to things that do not reflect what is happening. If you go to the grocery store, you know inflation is occurring. If you buy a car, you see inflation. Almost everything cost more. That is inflation. Inflation is another word for tax. The government prints money, but does not give it to the public. It uses the money to pay for its operation. It uses it to pay bills. But in turn the supply of money is increasing and the value of the dollar is decreasing. Thus we have inflation. In the labor area they report a labor percentage of 7 percent. The actual percentage is over 14 percent. Again the government has juggled the numbers. It does not count the people who have stopped looking for work. With free food, phones, homes and medical care, who needs to work. A woman with several illegitimate children can make more than I do in Retirement. By the way, I still have to pay taxes as 77. Why am I having to support irresponsible people?

All of this is because we have given up our rights as people and allowed our government to take care of us, instead of taking care of ourselves. Who says the government should take care of us. Besides that, the government has no money. It does nothing to make money. It borrows money to operate and we pay the interest. The government and I do mean both Democrats and Republicans have lead us down a rosy path to the point that we will soon collapse and our government will cease to function or will try to take everything from those that have and will give it to those that do not have and the whole system will fail as it has every time it was tried.

Back to the neighborhood. Get to know your neighbors. You do not have to like them, but you do need to trust them to protect your back and you protect theirs. Become self dependent as a neighborhood. We can share our skills and survive, almost anything that happens. The more we work together, the better are our chances of survival and to flourish. We can achieve in a down economy, if we work together. Some may do more than others, so that is life. The one that does more, will have more, and will probably be more charitable. If not, he will still have a part in the barter system that will occur. People will prosper.

One of the outcomes of neighborhoods working together will be better government. Government can not succeed without the support of the people. If someone does not want to participate, you can not make them, but you can deny them access to some of the shared items later. Not food and water, but certainly electricity and other common items that will return. If they have trade items, they can buy their portion. But one thing is certain. The rights of the individual are paramount over the government. Governments govern at the consent of the governed. The rights of individuals is greater than that of a group. When we go back to group rule, then we have one group having more than the other and the biggest group taking advantage. If the right of the individual is always maintained, it is always evident that you can work and succeed. Look up the Creed of Freedom. It says it all. Because I have grown up in the current system, some of the items grate on me as an individual, but I see the logic of the Creed. We need to get it and follow it to a better world. It is the biggest protector of race and the individual.

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Ross Brigade Blog, Boy Scouts, Bitcoin and the Fall of the United States

As we watch the decline of the United States, I am overwhelmed by the number of events going on at one time that affect our freedom. I am overwhelmed by the lack of concern by the general population. Last week we saw the news that the Boy Scouts had released a new policy accepting homosexuals. The Boy Scouts did not! The Executive Committee of Boy Scouts has decided to destroy the main tenants of Scouting and take Scouting in a new direction. It was so well received, that 4000 Churches and the Mormon Church have decided to leave Scouting. If each troop sponsored by a church had 15 Scouts and 15 Cub Scouts, then this affects 120,000 scouts. The moral result of this is that Scouting has been gutted. It is no longer what the men of the past envisioned. It will never again be the same.

Now as a Scout, I am sure, that something will arise from the ashes. A new program will be formed by the Churches to replace the one that is now junk in Fort Worth. I am sure a lot of good Scout leaders will move from Scouting to the new organization, but it will not be the same. Gone are the many great camps of Scouting. Gone are the superior financial support that Scouting enjoyed. Gone are a History that has no parallel. I could go on. Some will say, that much of that will be saved. But what grew in the first 100 years can not be recovered, because of a board of directors that decided they wanted something and the people running Scouting have been hired by that board over time have backed them in their decision. I know us workers in the trenches did not support this. I do not believe that this is a recent event. It has been planned by progressives for years. They see the type of leadership and good people produced by Scouting and they decided that it must end. They seek to destroy the Military the same way. It is a major event in the fall of America and the rest of the world. Do I know this for a fact. No. But why else would 5% of the population be able to swing something.

We set and watch the happenings with the press, the Social Security Administration, the selection of a woman who has no security capability to be the National Security Adviser, and the worlds biggest cover up, called Benghazi. It all is a picture of a slow decline. Why is this happening? The same clowns that are destroying of the Boy Scouts are destroying the United States. To date, they have destroyed half the population. That half, just rolls over any time the government acts. Is Obama a progressive? No. He is just part of the great machine they have put together to destroy the Great American Dream and to replace it with a progressive utopia. We know the progressive communist, socialist utopia will not work, for one reason. Some one will all ways come along with initiative to start a revolution. People normally like to work and receive the fruits of their work. To give someone everything they need destroys initiative, but it also creates dissent. We are people who think, who believe we are equal, and who desire to always improve their situation. Many have been trained to be couch potatoes, but many have not. They will have to be removed for the progressive society to even have a slight chance.

I do not mind that if we who do not agree can go to the moon or some where else in space. But a progressive would have to give up some of their wealth for that. Of course when the half that has initiative is gone, the other half will fall. Without support they will fail.

Some where in Georgia, I hear there is a monument that states several things, but one is that the world population should be maintained at 500,000,000. Because we are way over 7 Billion, means that a lot of people will need to die. Some say that this is underway with things like the one child rule in China and adding things like fluoride to the water in the United States. I do note that some communities are beginning to fight that. But the progressive ace in the hole is control of the currency. If the Dollar and Euro fall, the other currencies of the world will also fail. If they do not, they will be severely affected. The resulting turmoil will cause the death of millions. More than Mao, Stalin and Hitler we able to kill in their reigns.

Gosh, what a happy thought. Several things do counter this direction. One is the internet. Another is Religion and a third might be a currency that is in its infancy. Bitcoin. Of course this could be a progressive plant, since there is not a published and obtainable author of Bitcoin. But for the sake of argument, let us say that Bitcoin is the saving grace of the fall. Should the governments seek to destroy it, it will be by shutting down the internet. This will be offset by individual servers and individual computers linked that are not under government control. Then TOR, another possible progressive plant, will allow us to converse on the internet and make purchases. People will flock to the Bitcoin to save their savings and salaries. They will purchase from Silk-road site and receive their items by the many existing delivery systems. At this time all of this is pie in the sky, but the foundation is laid. It could happen.

Why did I add Religion into this mix. First because it is under such attack by the progressives, that I believe that it must be valid. I also believe in it. The rise of Islam around the world is a tool being promoted by progressives. The Mohammedan people are a designed way of life with a religion built in. As I have stated before, it has problems in that it does not allow other religions except in a sub servant role. Just recently I heard another problem with Islam. It requires the marriage of the 1st cousin for all men. In doing this the gene pool of Islam is slowly being destroyed. Already there are signs of mental degradation and lack of ability in some things like flying. If this continues the religion will die within itself, or there will be required out source marriages. That in its self may cause problems. Also there will be a clash between this religions laws and the American Law.

All this paints a rosy picture for our future. When the Dollar starts to fall and the Stock Market crashes there will be a period of from one minute to several months where the infrastructure will fail.
Gasoline will be so expensive that food will not get to the markets. Electricity will go through massive brown outs because of the lack of fuel and the lack of repair capability. There will also be problems in that people will not work without money. Even the military may have problems. As I said this could last a minute, or months. The longer it last, the more difficult the situation. People will riot and people will die. Old people will panic and die, people will starve and people will be killed. All of this orchestrated by the progressives. For this they should die, but they will protect themselves. Even now they are trying to remove our guns. Each of us will be on our own. We will have to feed ourselves. The government will not have the capability for a period of time. When it does, it will govern under Marshal Law. We will be prisoners of our own government. There are good people who are trying to stop this and help the general population. But the number who believe before it happens is small compared to those who will be ruled.

It is a sad commentary on the once great America. But from the last election, we see that the scale has tilted from those supporting to those being supported. One of my problems is that I am one being supported by my government. I am on a Military retirement and Social Security. Both of these will end for that minute to months. Thus I prepare. I wish my wife would help, but she marches to a different drummer. She is not controlled by the government, but not by her husband, either. Thus, I buy food in excess to our needs. I stock up on items to barter. I plan for farming and existence without electricity. We have a well, solar, space, weapons, food, but we lack manpower. Ours has grown up and moved on. We may pick up some children, but the fall will have to occur. There are some potential neighbors, but again, the fall will have to occur, or at least become eminent. Why do I need manpower? I am old and there will be a need for around the clock and 360 degree security. That is more than this old man can do. So I plan, stockpile and wait.

What should you be doing? It all depends on where you live. If you are an apartment dweller, can you survive, without power and security. Some apartments can. If the people band together and work out a plan. If not plan on moving to where you can survive. Can your neighborhood survive the food riots. Thank of Watts back in the 1970s. People died for no reason. Will something at the local grocery spill over into your neighborhood. Will that start destroying property. You must begin to think in this mode. No matter who you are. Lack of a plan and the ability to act will cause your death. Very old. Get lots of can food, water, and plan your security. You may have to board up your windows and doors and suffer in the heat. If not get out before the Dollar crashes. Protect yourself now. I you have a mobile home. Get a power solar system so that you can be self contained. Add additional food and water. An should it get bad, move out to an area where there is no one else within several hundred yards and protect your home. Being totally self contained is the key. The reason that I provide these scenarios is to get you to think through your own. We all have different situations.

If you start now, you will be better off than should you wait. How much depends on how long we have. Mormons have been preparing for years. Others just the last few. And some are just starting. What happens in the future may bring the preparers together. I do not even want to think about those who do not prepare at all. God protects those who protect themselves. What you do to help those who do not prepare, is within your own way of life. But remember. Some will kill and rob to survive. If you are prepared to die, no problem. Will your government feed you? I doubt the government can feed itself over three months. During that time it will take over food warehouses and other food storage to include that of Preppers that have bought great quantities of food. The President has already signed an Executive Order allowing this. They can also take your guns. Keep a small profile, and do not over hoard. They will take yours. The best food systems are those that are fixed and not movable such as a vegetable garden or fish pond or both working together to provide you food.

Will this happen? God knows. Me I am just a guesser. I feel that the amount of debt that the United States is accumulating is growing so large that other countries will loose faith in the Dollar and turn to other currencies or to an new UN currency which no one will trust. When that happens something will happen to the Stock Market and the economy, which non of us will like. I can see the Stock Market going to 8000 and inflation which is currently at about 14% going out of site. God help us all at that point. Everything I have described above could happen.

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