One Hit, a Change in Spam and the New Slavery!

One day about a month ago, one spammer hit my site and changed everything. Within hours I went from !,500 comments a day to 100. I wish it had happened earlier. All the spam that I have approved is almost unbelievable. I still I am not good at recognizing spam, but at least now I limit it to the basic comments and thus to minimum spam. Why do I waste time doing this is at all, is something I do not understand. I could limit the hits even farther, because all it does is cause me pain.

I apologize if I delete any comment thinking it is spam. I am just not good enough to recognize spam. I could delete everything but name comments, eliminating everything but those with a name and a non commercial email. This might get rid of the spam, but would all so get rid of a few readers.

But some viewers have stopped by just to read the spam and see the videos. In the process they may have learned some Texas History. But then spam is not people. It is a computerized program advertising a product. It is not hard to see or to delete. It just requires time.

But then it is almost like a progressive. They have a single purpose to sell me something I do not want or need. Like spam, I group all Democrats, Liberals, Communist, and Socialist under Progressiveness. This because they feed off each other using each others needs. Maybe it is an idea, or a way, but usually even though it be attractive, I do not want it. Most progressive ideas are set to one purpose. They seek to move people in one direction so that they may control. It does not matter whether you desire what they want, only that they control. The process of making America dumber is one example of trying to make the population easier to control. At some where along the route they have probably reached 25 percent of the population that will do anything the government says. The black population voted black. They did not think or reason, other than they wanted a black, who was like them in charge. Obama was their man. Anyone else was dangerous. Of course the average black would have voted black, as the average yellow or brown will vote their colors, as if we are anyone a specific color. White is not white and black is not black. I like the Army version. Everyone is olive drab.

I have had black and brown friends. Some brown were black and some were Mexican or Filipino. I have had many Asian friends always knowing that I could not meet their standards while looking down at their incompetence. This is a small joke. We all have some, even if small, intolerance of other races. It is probably built in over the history of man. If you are not like me you are not as good as me. It is not an important difference, and can be forgotten in the everyday run of life. Small differences cause little of no change in a relationship. Look at man and women. If a Conservative woman can like a liberal man, then anything is possible.

But we are being herded like cattle toward a progressive goal. For some reason the progressives can not see that individuals may not be progressive, but they have needs and goals that are different from their fellow man. There is a drive to do better, do more, to exceed ones best, and thus gain more reward, be it money or recognition. This has been the way since the emergance of man from the Garden of Edan. Now I do not know if the progressive is a Mohammedan or just some other power hungry nut. I do know that someone is pushing laws that we do not need or want. We are being driven by funny rules and regulations for a purpose, I do not know. Who said we have to be politically correct? Why? Why do we have to be African this or German, Irish or Hispanic that? Why can we not be the inhabitants of the country we live in? Not where my Great Great Great Grand Father came from. Why does the North have to be better than the South?

The Black community leaders have attached the Confederate Battle flag, the people who use or parade it and slavery all in one package. My Great Grand Father fought in the Civil War, but he had no slaves. He did not fight for the flag but under it for the purpose of recognition in battle. He fought for freedom from the aggression of the North on his homeland. We are constantly taught by our schools and educators and the media that the South and that flag were bad. They were traitors to their country. We Southerners know that they were Americans who believed differently from the progressives of that time. They did not believe that the Nation had the right to tax them differently from the other parts of the country. They did not believe that the North had the right to raise an Army to bring them back to the Union. And at that time the Law of the Land allowed slavery. In fact it was something the North brought to the South so the South could be more productive. The South thought slavery was something it needed so they kept it in their Constitution. Today we can see that it was not needed and was wrong, but the progressives who want to rewrite history are saying the South was bad because of Slavery. The next thing they will say is that Jesus Christ was bad, because he did not put down slavery. But it is funny, that they do not put down the Mohammedans that captured and sold those slaves in Africa and continue to do it today.

The long time affect of slavery, was bad. It was compounded by the 10 year punishment that the North placed on the South. It took the Blacks 100 years to start to emerge from this stigma, but they have emerged only to be bonded by a new slavery. It is called government, food stamps, welfare assistance, rent assistance, cell phone assistance.

How is this different from yesterday? How can our Nation which taxes and spends us into total debt be tolerated? How can our Nation continue to print money that has no real value? Money that in the long run is increasing inflation. Because of this new slavery the Blacks and poor whites and other races are bonded to the government. They have no initiative. When a woman has more children just to get more government money we have come to a poor state of affairs. This is sick. This new slavery is bad because the government is using it to bring down those who have not succumbed to the slavery. Even retirees are trapped to this new slavery. Social Security is nothing but a new slavery. If the government was not able to pay Social Security, many old people would die. Some would be supported by their families and churches, but many would die. Military Retirees are also trapped in this same system. Should the government not pay, they would loose both retirement and Social Security. We are tied to the government. We have no insurance to protect us, thus we are slaves to our government. What if the people or nations who we owe our debt decide to stop loaning and want their money back. We are paying them with funny money anyway.

How can a Government do this to its people? How can elected Representatives do this to their electorate? We have become a slave state. The ones receiving government money just want more. Thus the burden on those paying taxes just increases, bring more into slavery. At some point this system will break. Then all will not be paid, and suddenly there will be riots and death. It is a sad state of affairs. An the funny thing is that so few can see it. Some of the rich can see it. Some of the more astute can see it and some who follow the rich and the astute will see it, but in general over 50 percent can not see it and do not prepare. Thus we are doomed to a very bad time with ciaos in the streets.

I will fight this slavery. I am preparing for the end of my military and Social Security retirements. I will also prepare for the ciaos. I will hoard and save. I will arm and be ready to protect me and my family. Are you not glad that you voted for the first Black President. You never looked to see what he believed in or how he would govern. There were better Black men available. But we did not look. We voted for change. God bless America, she was a grand nation.


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