Emperor, Burning Churches, and Things We Could Change in Law!

The new MacArthur movie, called Emperor, probably reflects a dictatorial man who served and thrived in the Far East, building an empire in the brewing industry. Like other great Military Leaders, he was overpowering to most people. In 1964 I went to the Capital one evening to see the Emperor laying in state. I was able to talk three other new lieutenants to don new dress blues and make the trip from Ft Belvoir, VA. It was a pleasant evening and as we walked up the steps to the entrance, a young female military specialist four ran to meet us. She took us in hand and led us up the family side of the visiting lines. Long lines of Civilians went up the other side. We were given the honor because we were in dress uniform. It became both a pleasant and somber experience.

My knowledge of Douglas MacArthur at that time was limited. I remembered the headlines during World War II. He was a lion. Only later did I read his biography and that of other leaders in the Battle with Japan. I had also read what had happened with President Truman, another great man. The battle between these two was epic. On a humble civil servant and one a most powerful general. But we have trusted the civil servant to oversee our military, and thus keep it in check. It is a policy that has truly paid off. We have had now overthrows of our government. We have had some good arguments, and some good family discussions without the problems of other nations.

But this brings up some of the military features that we need. During the wars in the Philippines General Pershing is said to have captured a number of the local terrorist, buried them in pig dung up to their necks and then had Cavalry ride over them, killing them all. I do not know if I have the details correct, but what happened, destroyed the view of the terrorist that they were martyrs. They were damned and not allowed to enter their heaven, because of the pig dung they died in. This ended the problem of the Muslim terrorist in the Philippines for almost 100 years. Only today are they back. Though this general was incorrect in what he did, the results benefited all concerned. Today we need that kind of generals. We have had no one come forward and fall on their sword for a long time. We need someone to explain Benghazi. Why has no general complained of the women in the service, the enlistment of gays, the destruction of the Chaplain’s Corps. We have too many problems, with no one taking any action, but the political hacks, we call our government.

It is also sad that in Egypt Christian Churches and people are desecrated and we hear nothing here in the United States. Have we become so week from the black forgiveness issues we suffer, that we longer act like Christians. God did not say we should sit and allow things like this to happen, while we are strong enough to voice our concerns, here in a country that suffers all religions to have the same freedom. Today, I listened to Glenn Beck talk of the sad issues in Egypt and the fact that Al-Jazeera will launch a new TV channel dedicated to the propaganda of the Islamic Jehad. It will continue to speak in nice terms in English, while cursing America in Arabic. Why do we allow this? This is not the America that I was born in. Can you imagine the young minds that will be twisted by this so called nice TV channel. Before long we will begin to see the bombings here in America, and wonder why it is happening. It is happening because we all sit here and do nothing. We should be counter marching in front of every Islamic Mosque, in front of ever Mid-East Consulate, in front of the United Nations.

So long as we allow the wrong of this religion, to exist, we will watch the world go up in flames. We see them kill each other in the name of religion, and now watch them destroy Christian Churches in Egypt. We must rise up and force them to modify their religion to allow other religions to exist as co-equal. If they do not do this, then the World, has to declare them as not eligible to be part of the Human Race.

Islam, can not hide behind its religion saying that it is a peaceful religion, while allowing a faction, they say only one percent or less, to destroy other religions. Either they police their church, and the police of their countries take action, or they suffer the consequences. It is not possible for us to police their church. To do that will cause the Third World War. We have fought Islam during the Crusades, during the pirating near Tripoli, Libya. We allowed then to capture blacks and sell them as slaves in the south. We have fought them in Iraq and Afghanistan in some cases, almost destroying them. We have watched their destruction of many of our embassies and the destruction of the Twin Towers in New York, the Pentagon in Washington DC and the crashing of several airlines without calling them out. Just a small percentage. Nothing we are led to believe. But that small percentage is receiving a large amount of support from the religion as a whole, and it is making it difficult for the world to exist with them. During the destruction of the Twin Towers, it was noted that a large percentage of people were rejoicing. The same was occurring during the burning of Christian Churches in Egypt. This is of course propaganda, but it is there to draw support from the Islamic Religion. When they can draw funding from sources here in America, within the Islamic Religion, we as a whole do not have to allow it. Also the other countries of the Mid-east are guilty. The either sit and watch or they join in an rejoice. The world must hold them in contempt. They all should pay, for they are supporting that one percent to their gain. It must end.

I would rather fight a Third World War, than to continue to see what is happening within the Islamic Religion. They can either fix it, or they can be prepared to be contained here in the United States and fought around the world.

The world as a whole could make some interesting laws to fight Terrorism. In countries where it is contained within their boundaries, that country would make the laws. But where a small Islamic group is causing world wide trouble, we could make some laws that would soon gain attention of the Islamic multitude. First if a person committed Terrorism, he would be drowned in pig entrails. If a person were of a terrorist group, he would loose his right hand. If he supported a terrorist group, he would loose his job, and all his possessions. Make being a terrorist a very undesirable position. Never allow a solution to become a martyrdom. Make putting a terrorist picture on the front cover of a journalistic magazine a federal offense with a penalty of twenty years in Jail.

It is time to take back our country and to stop the bully tactics of Islam who hide behind their one percent of bad guys. End it NOW! Am I too unrealistic? After 800 years of taking this crap, it is time for Islam to clean up its act. It is time to put down the one percent. It is time to make them pay, for the constant damage they do to the world. Make them pay. Them the one percent and the other one percent that is using them to their gain. The King, the Rulers, the Presidents. The Princes and the Business Men that benefit from the war. Get them all.

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