9-11 and One Year Later, Do We Care

Twelve years after the Twin Towers fell and one year after Benghazi and the real problem has not been addressed nor solved. A war was fought to punish Radical Islam. Thousands have died and the root problem still exists. The Islamic law states that Christians should be subverted and Non-believers punished. I do not know the exact wording, but the actions go on in Syria. Christians are killed and Churches burned, for what purpose. I can not believe that a God is so petty as to require others to die to appease his greatness. What a small God. My God ask only that we love him. He does not ask that we kill others for his name.

America went after the radicals that killed over 3000 people. It was not after the Islamic Faith nor its people. Our President even stated this. But after 12 years the fact remains that the word of the religion, Islam, wants non-believers destroyed. I say after 12 years, but it is actually after 1600 years. We have fought Islam since the Crusades. We fought them in the 1800’s, when the Marines went into Libya. We have fought them in countless actions around the world concerning our Embassies and our bases. Even our ships have been attacked. Thousands of Americans have died and many thousands of Islamic Radicals have died to no end. This does not even take into account the hundreds of thousands that have died because they were there where the battles or bombs took place. They say we or they have created Martyrs, but in fact we have only killed miss led young men who died in vain or poor people who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. It is very sad.

It is sad that we have to send our soldiers to fight a people who are led by a few who are so wrong. Religious leaders that take the word written in 300 AD and applying it to their people with such hatred. They have guided their people much like the socialist have tried to control the poor. They have required the marriage of first cousins, which does nothing but cause a weakening of the gene pool and a lessening of the mental ability of its people. Of course they say this is not true, and get around it buy marrying more than one wife. Both the people of socialism and of Islam are led by the elite who seek to control. It has little to do with religion or mankind, only with control. One who considers himself better than those under him fall into the elite. All others become believers or followers. Most do not know why, except for the word of religion or the word of the elite, do they follow.

Our Bible ask only that you believe. It does not command. It does not require. The Bible is not a concise book to explain our religion. It is more a History and many books brought together. Many do not truly fit, but they still apply to the end. Love your fellow man, care for the weak and poor. Help all others, turn the other cheek.

Because of this the Islamic faith has required the Christian to to subvert themselves to Islam or that they be destroyed, have we come to the great war that is underway. The Christian has yet to admit that this is war, because they do not believe that they are called by their religion to fight against Islam. Maybe they are right. Only God knows. But we do know that when Jesus Christ returns to the earth to fight the final fight against wrong, we will be called to fight with him. Is this the fight too come?

As I watch the names being read and the somber ceremonies of 9-11, I am sad. I do remember those who I watched die on that day. I normally do not watch TV during the day, but that day, I had to turn on the TV. I did not know why, but I quickly understood. I was a witness. Like thousands of Americans, we Witnessed the death of our comrades when the Towers fell or the planes crashed. We also Witnessed the deaths of 4 Americans in Benghazi and we have Witnessed the deaths of many more in Iraq, Afghanistan, and countless other countries of the world as we have fought Radical Islam. I know that it is wrong that we fight Radical Islam. In truth, the Islamic faith should be fighting Radical Islam. But, in my heart and in the heart of everyone else, we know that most of Islam supports the Radical Islam. I will not say all, for there are people of good heart in this human race. Not everyone is led by the bad of our world.

Islam must rid itself of the bad within. It must get rid of the leaders that are teaching bad and death. It must do this or suffer the worst world war that has ever been known. I do not know of any Christian who wants to subvert himself to another God. We have only one God. He has many names, but there is only one. We will not allow ourselves to be forced to be sub servant to another religion, or another race. We are all equal. We in America have given ourselves freedom to join the religion of our choice, to do as we please, and to say and believe as we please. No one has the right to cause use to do otherwise. Thus, those of us who are military in nature, will fight for those of us who are not. We will not allow another to cause us to do that, that we do not want to do.

I watch the Islamic Faith enter America and grow. I know it is teaching things that are against our form of government. Its laws do not conform to our laws. Islam seeks to make its laws our laws. In doing this it will try to make us sub servant to their religion. This we can not allow. Thus, I say, now is the time to fight. Now while they are weak among us. Either cause them to change their Religion, or return to the origin of their religion and live their lives under their law there. We do not need it. Even now I am having to watch a Christian Church in Syria that is under siege. Convert to Islam or die. The Islam Faith allows this, so it must be part of it. Thus the war is started.

Will the next war be the great war or the last war. I hope that it is the last. I do not want to see so many die, but it will happen. All those who oppose God will die by his hand.


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