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Ross Brigade, Who Ever Pulls the Strings, Ruins the Show!

When you watch a debacle such as the Government shut down this last week, and then see the Vice President on the steps greeting the Government workers returning to work after two weeks off. It makes you sick. We watch our tax dollars being wasted, while grown men play, and pretend that they govern.

How can you run up a bill of 17 trillion dollars. The truth is, you, do not. In fact even $10,000 would put you or me in the poor house. Some people do more by using several credit cards for several different banks, but even then they run up against the wall and loose it all. But oh no, not the government. They can go on making money out of thin air, and spending it over and over again, and never have to pay the piper. Who pays? We the tax payer. And we will pay when the government falls. The government has assumed a great amount of food and weapons, and has nice billets and probably power supplies so that they can continue to live in luxury, while we just struggle to live. It was obvious that Vice President had missed all those government workers. They probably made his life much easier, thus he was happy to see their return. And of course we were glad to hear that they would be given the pay that they had not been paid for two weeks. Are we not a great nation. We make sure over paid government workers do no lack. Of course they do not care about those that they put out with policies against the people during the shut down. No that is not important.

We, meaning I, keep hearing that the programs used to set up Obamacare, are greatly lacking and are of very poor quality. In many respects they do not work. People can not easily get their health care. But the important thing, the program has started and thousands of Obama supporters are being paid to run a government program, that is becoming a joke. More government workers. I keep hearing that over 900 thousand government workers were laid off. That many people out of two weeks pay would have added up to a large part of the debt. Maybe 1 percent. Probably less.

When I ran a small department at the US Army Engineer School, I found it very difficult to get the workers that I had to work. Soldiers would work, but had to be supervised. One GS9 inspector I had just had no get up and go. He had been unsupervised for too long. It took several weeks to get him going, and even then it took more time to keep him working.

At the US Sergeants Major Academy at El Paso, my logistics department ran well. I did have one GS9 property clerk, who felt she did not have to do as her job description had required. She file a complaint that were were abusing her. It went to Department of the Army. I was prepared to defend it to the max. I was told by the Commanding General at Ft Bliss, that I was to stand down and let it go. He did not have the money to fight her complaint. The woman was transferred to another agency, given back pay and allowed to continue to do nothing. The Army, the other services, the government is rife with these people who do nothing.

One of the members of my Architecture class, was hired by HUD after graduation. He was working in Washington DC. Before long, he found that no one ever checked to see if he was working. He would come to work, hang up his coat, place a pair of glasses on a paper on his disk, turn on the light and all would look like he had just left his disk. In reality, he was several blocks away, renovating brown stone apartment buildings. He would buy, gut the building, modernize and secure the buildings and then rent them out as apartments which were greatly in demand, due to its closeness to the capitol. He did several, before leaving HUD and moving to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where he opened an gallery and displayed his and other art for sale. His apartments in DC financed his operation. Is not our government great.

The Congress has been levered to give government workers, its own retirement system and medical. They have reached the point that they are paid more than their civilian counterparts. In the TV we see government workers working very hard. In actual practice, they do not. Or in a lot of cases, they are working on things that are not needed. They draw up rules and regulations for businesses that they do not understand. The result is a more difficult environment for businesses to work.

They have destroyed the coal industry and are working to destroy the oil industry. The quantity of rules and regulations created, cause business to have to open departments, just to take care of government regulations. Nearly all business have departments for taxes, and many have departments for other government regulations.

All this at your and my pay. We are taxed to pay the government workers. In turn they make regulations which cause businesses to have departments and rules that increase their cost. This is passed on to us. Thus were are taxed again.

The conservative, Tea Party, is working to reduce the size of government, to reduce the rules, and to make government as a whole smaller. Thus they are trying to cut our tax burden. Of course the beast, Government, is fighting the Tea Party. For to become smaller, they would have to admit that they, the Government were wrong. And we all know that the Government never admits that it is wrong. The average Tea Party Patriot is a normal conservative adult, who wants the best for his family and children. This week I have heard them call all kinds of names and their representatives even called terrorist. The people calling the names seem to be media. But we all know that media represents us. Why would they be doing this, unless they have gone to bed with the politicians, both parties, to work against all the people who want conservative smaller government.

The Government changes labels at its convenience. For years we paid into a system called social security. We paid 7 1/2 percent of our pay and our employer paid another 7 1/2 percent for a total of fifteen percent of our wages each year went into a kitty for our retirement. Obama had declared that this is an entitlement. Something the Government gives us. In the statement above did I say that the government put in one penny? No. The government just held it until our retirement. For years this fund did grow, until one day, the government noticed it. My that is a lot of money, going to waste. So they changed the law, so that they could borrow from the fund. Of course, they, meaning us, would pay interest. This would help the fund grow. But know the fund is running out. How can that be? The problem is the government borrowed it down so low, that it was making nothing.

Another point to ponder, is the guy who pays in all his life and then dies at age 65. That money was his and the money paid by his employer was his. Where did it go. Is the government actually enjoying its great life, of free medical, cars, expenses, and all other kinds of good things, at our expense. Why should this money go to the government. In a similar manner, I pay taxes all my life, and then when I die, the government taxes what I have and my family gets to pay from their inheritance. Is this right.

Government has got to big, and big business has got to big. We need to downsize to where we can afford them. Only government says we need all these things. Of course when you start giving out free food, free phones, free everything. It does not take long before there is a line to collect these items. The problem is, the Government has no money. Only we the people have money. So the government is giving away our money, without our permission. They say, oh no. You gave us your permission through you representative. Did I say my representative could do this. No. But over time the lawyers have figured out, that they could add little amendments to bills which no one would notice or read. These were the give a ways. It has now got so far out of hand, that in the start up of the government this week, Mitch somebody received 3 billion for his state to do some project. Of course everyone approved it.

We are coming to the end of this give a way. Both the public and government are running out of credit. Now the FED keeps printing money, but each day it is worth less. Someday, the people who loan the money will say, dollars are not good. We prefer gold or silver. Of course over time our government and the FED have given a way or used up all the gold and silver. At that point the dollar will hit zero in value. I keep saying we are getting close. I wrote several blogs about the Bitcoin. When I started buying Bitcoin they cost $10. This morning they have reached $195 for the second time. Now they could go down in value again, but each time the bottom is higher. The first time it was about $70. The bottom the next time will be higher, because there is so much money in the system. At some point the Bitcoin will start up and go until it is worth over $1000 or more. It will never come back to its lowest value, until it is replaced with some other money in the far future. We will forget the dollar.

Let us hope we can forget big government. The time has come for us to have what we can pay for and no more. The size of government has to be set relative to the size of the paying population. Non paying people should not be able to vote. The Social Security should be in the hands of the people. Where the people have controlled there own retirement funds, those funds have prospered. Where Unions and Government have worked together, the people have been robbed. Government has to be controlled. Legislators must be controlled. At all levels this is necessary, and recall and voice of the people are important portions of the government. Do not trust lawyers working together to work for the people. Lawyers work for themselves.

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