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Of all the exchanges for digital coins that I have visited, is the first that has tried to rip me off. Not one of the many pirates on the waves, but the exchange itself.

I bought some Digital Coin DGC and some Litecoin LTC at coinEX and was very happy with the whole process. When I entered the site a few times, I had minor problems. Finally, the site would not except my password. I had not forgot it, it was written down. I sent a message to the site manager “captainfuture” . He said at first there were no problems. At the site, I was entering the password, then asking to reset the password and an email was to be sent to me. Funny thing is the site can not send me an email, but captainfuture can. After a week or more of waiting I tried again, hoping things were fixed. Again, the same response. This time in a direct email to captainfuture he said that he could not send me an email with the password or send me my coins. I even gave him new digital mailboxes for LTC and DGC.

This cost to me is over $2000. The cost to Captainfuture when I stop writing blogs about his poor site and its danger to the general community, will Im sure be more than $2000. Why would a site try to become and exchange to make money, and then gyp people of their coin.

If you are having trouble with this site, please comment to this blog. I will certainly write about it under the same heading.

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