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A World Gone Crazy, and We Thought the Civil War Was Crazy!

What is it, 239 people dead. A country torn apart and part annexed by Russia. The government attacking an old rancher because he allowed his cattle to graze on government range without paying a rental fee. Of course he had been doing it for years before the BLM imposed the fee. And through all of this, the Bitcoin, which is supposed to be not good as a currency, has remained steady at betweem $430 and $550. Again the Government has decided that it is not currency but property. The media is having a ball with the missing Malaysia Airliner. I have seen more authorities on aviation in the last few weeks than I knew existed. A constant parade of pilots and other smart people and lawyers. Add to that we are still talking about Benghazi after a year and almost one half. A ferry sinks in Korea killing a lot of high school students. The list just goes on and on.

What is to be made of the loss of the Malaysia Airlines 777. One thing I did see in the last few days is how easy it is to get contraband weapons on an aircraft. The other is the danger of having devout Islam pilots driving the aircraft. It is vary obvious that airport security is a joke. Many different types of weapons are taken on to planes, often without effort. It is easy and something not detected in most cases. So why go through the process? The second is even more obvious. In the last 40 years most aircraft that have been taken by terrorist, were Muslim terrorist. It becomes easy to resolve the problem. Have Muslims fly only on Muslim aircraft. Why endanger everyone else. Christians do not commandeer aircraft or kill other passengers, unless that person is deranged. You could probably go through several groups of people who would not kill or endanger other passengers.

You might even have a Terrorist flight. Then you could use a Piper Cub and not a Boeing 777. Flights would be more like cruse ships. Something for everyone. Now, I am getting off the track. Russia planned the take over of the Crimea prior to the Olympic Games. It was almost like an orchestrated play. The actual annexing was the icing on the cake. When Putin signed the annexation everyone called him a thug. But instead, he was an artist, making our President look like a dunce. No, I do not condone what he has done, but he did it and no one could stop him.

My ranting sounds so crazy. What has become of the world. At the same time we are seeing more films of religion than in years. They are good and their are OK. Noah in the latter category. So we do not have much of written history from the beginning of history. Or was Noah the beginning. there were a lot of wild and ranting people in that time. We do not know when it actually was, but from the first two. Adam and Eve must have had a lot of children. The close relationships must have also been crazy. But the time is really unknown. Much happened from the beginning of time and the time of Noah. There are no documents. The only document that contains anything is the Old Testament of the Bible. There may be other documents, but they must be hidden because they may be different than what we know, or they may give a different view. Do they exist?

History is an interesting thing. It happens and immediately there are several different views of what time. We have to wait for historians to write it down a few years latter when the dust has settled. Some times it never settles. Things like the Lincoln and Kennedy assignations, the Civil War and other events that hold the world view for years. I try to find the things that happened in my Great Grandfathers war, and find often the two views and that of the many viewers, presents a much different view of history. A place call Nash Farms in Georgia, reflects the man who has done the archeology and then also tries to write the history of the battle that occurred there. Of course, he is bias in his views. Many different accounts of the battle exist. Some Union and some Southern. The Union versions and that of the man who developed the Georgia History site, show the Union in a glorious charge and victory. The Southern view is that a greatly weaker southern force cornered a much larger Union force and force it to run for its life. What the Union force believed and what the strength of the actual Southern Force was. I can go on and on about this, but the fact is that history has been rewritten. Again and again, we find this happening and the writers getting away with it.
The Progressive is a person who likes to control from the hidden recesses of our world. They do not operate out in the open. Often they use very weird ideas of how we should live. They like to manipulate history. They want it to say what they want it to be. Do you know a progressive. I do not. I am not sure if I have ever met one. Do they exist? Yet, we know someone is causing things to be written in a way that is not true. Even my Vietnam War is being twisted. Things that happened are lessened and others brought to the front to portray something that did not happen. Why? It all comes down to control. They want to control. The same can be said of racial issues. Black versus white. Rebel flag versus every other. The issue is control not flags. It is control not race.

Thus someone wants to control us. Who is this person? Why do so many go along and play the game. Thousands of blacks say that the world is racist. Thousands more say nothing. Thousands of whites go along with the comments. Yet, the issue is control, not racism. Someone wants control. Not Obama, he does not seem smart enough. Is it Soros? Not sure I spelled that right. George Soros is a very rich man who controls a lot of things. is he the puppet master. Several years ago, I was in the Bahamas on vacation, and someone said the three richest men in the world were there dividing up the world. I thought that absurd. But was it true. Were they deciding how we would live and where and how. Do they control so much that they can do this. Do their employees make things happen. Do they care about how it happens only that it happen. And what about these middle men. Do they know they are being used, and do they care. So much is done in this world, without care. It is control that is important.

Perhaps, I go on about something that I know nothing about. But the one sure thing I do know, is in a fight about the Battle Flag versus others views, it all is about control. It has noting to do with the flag. The fact that the Battle Flag flew over so many good soldiers, is not important. Only control is important. Who wants that control. Blacks over the Battle Flag. Government over the People. On and on. God help us all!

Remember, fifty percent of the people are now sub servant to the Government is some way or other. Is not that control. The Tea Party is a bunch of uncontrolled people. The Government does not like them because they do not control. At this point no one controls the Tea Party. The few things in the world that are not controlled are allowing the rest of us to live in some sort of freedom. Give them credit for your right to say or do. If you can join them, for the more that are not controlled, the better that it is. It is like the soldiers that came to Clive Bundy’s help. They were something the Government does not control. That there are things the Government does not control, the better that it is.