WWIII and The Islamic Rebels, and the Rise and Fall of the US of A

Having just finished Hormegeddon by Bill Bonner and working on the more difficult Death of Money by James Richards, I view the current state of the world with little change. Islam became a problem in the 300s AD when it declared that if you were not Islamic, you were an Infidel and therefore subject to one of three modes of living. First, conversion, giving you the full rights of Islam. The second was the right to live as a subservient person in the Islam world with no rights. The Third, which is reserved for Christians is death. Funny, but I do not consider this a religion. Though I am a Christian, I look at any group that operates under this type of principals as being totally stupid. Sorry, I have to put it that way, but that is how I see it.

Hitler, Rome, and so many other cultures during the past have set edicts that said others had to join or die. Each have been either destroyed by the normal or have died of their own volition. Islam has survived by giving men the dominion over women. This is sad in that with modifications it would be a great religion. Not exactly mine, but one acceptable to the people of the world. It is that Join or Die that does it in. In that respect it places itself against the more than two thirds of the world. The Islamic people who say they do not support Radical Islam, still give their money to those who do support it. They do not violently oppose. This is the problem that has grown. As groups like ISIS come and go, the Islamic people have not opposed. In fact we saw them clapping when the Twin Towers fell.

We in America are blessed with an Islamic President. He has supported many things and is embarrassed when he has to do something against Islam. Thousands of Americans are dual citizens of America and Israel. Because for years America supported Israel, this was not a problem. They could claim alliance to both. But now our President has supported Hamas. To some this means America supports Hamas. That would seem to mean that America opposes Israel. I can not support that. It is saying that we allowed Israel to become a nation so that it could pull all the Jewish people to one place to be destroyed by the Islamic peoples.

The other nations of the world are locked in their own problems. India vs China and and a couple of lesser nations. Russia is trying to regain its neighbors that broke of a few years ago. Then along comes ISIS which is gaining strength in Syria and Iraq. This group is be-heading anyone who will not agree with it. Our President does not want to oppose it because that would mean going to “War”. He can kill people with drones but he can not bring himself to say “War”. He places America in a very bad place. We need to declare war on ISIS, but he will not do so. Thus ISIS grows stronger, and has declared that it will occupy the White House. Our President allows anyone that wants to to cross our borders. This alone will allow ISIS to do violent acts on our soil. At that time the President will be guilty of acts against the American Constitution. He has sworn to protect the American People and the Constitution of the United States. Will we have the strength to kick him out when it happens?

What will a war against ISIS entail? We are making airstrikes against its columns of military now, but what is next? Will be make the commitment as a nation that it takes to destroy this movement and its friends. Will we as a nation stop wasting money on do good projects and in giving money to anyone who ask for it. Can we fight a war while reducing the debt? So many questions.

What will it take. I see years of war with agreements of other nations to let us fight on their soil, or having to fight nations because they support the ISIS. We will have to commit billions of time dollars and men. Plus we will have to clean up America. We can not allow domestic terrorism while there is a war going on. We can not have a system that is teaching that war is wrong and socialism is right. Education must be revamped. So many changes need to be made with a wimp President. Will there be any changes before next January? Will the President allow the new Republican Congress to set before he causes the dollar to collapse or the economy to fail? Will he destroy everything and try to declare Martial Law? All this in the face of a need to fight ISIS.

The real condition are we capable of fighting a war. Has our debt grown so large that we are no longer able. Is the daily cost of feeding our poor and not so poor, our retirees our disabled and on and on got to the point that we will not go to war? Will the economy collapse and ISIS just roll over us to take the White House that will be unoccupied because of the cost of running it?

As I have said before, I will establish my own militia if our country falls. I will support others that do the same. We must be able to defend ourselves. Why me? Basically because I am a Precinct Chair and know the voters in my district. Other local Precinct chairs can do the same and we link together in self defense. When all the Precincts are manned, the County will have to go along. Thus will we start the new government from the grass up. Counties will link till we have a state consensus. In Texas case, I would say stop there for 10 years to make sure. We have been a country before. This time we would be self sufficient with our oil, cotton and grains, plus cattle, sheep, goats, pigs and chickens. We can survive, better off than most.

Personally I would like to get rid of some of the nary do wells, but then that is not Christian. But we can make the education system pure and get rid of the worthless education. It would start to produce students who are good Texans who would be good for the world. We can end things like politically correct, which is not humanly correct. Much improvement can be made. Welfare can be a good thing and not a free loader system as now. It to can produce good citizens. All retirements can be made basic with control over the cost that have been made in the past by governments and individuals. Graft and greed can be made major crimes punishable with harsh penalties. The government can do its job, of government and over site and not control.

But as I have said what comes first. The Death of Money says the Dollar, Euro will die first with other currencies following. Problem here will be the UN trying to establish a new money so it can feed from the trough. Not good. I like Bitcoin, Litcoin, Peercoin which are in existence and have established a track record of speed, ease of use and growth of protection. They will continue to grow and mature. The Digital Coins will have to be pegged against metals such as gold and silver. No more Dollar. Bitcoin today is $480+. That would make it worth 0.3782505 ounces of gold or 25.013027 ounces of silver. This system will adjust itself. Bitcoin will go up a lot before the Dollar dies, and its value against gold will be different, but you can see what is coming. You can buy on line with Bitcoin, Litecoin and others. It is easy and just gets easier. You can even gamble online, but they usually convert it to Dollars or Euros, because of Government regulations. When there are no Dollars or Euros, the Digital Coin will be there and it will peg against metal. On to the future.

The fall of the Dollar or a collapse of the economy or both will cause something we did not see in the 1930s. We did not have riots and murder in the streets. Without a way to pay and receive pay, we will very soon get hungry. Food will not get to markets, groceries will be bare. With out money or something to trade, we will not be able to pay. Without money, retirees will not receive their monthly checks. Soldiers will not be paid and will stay at their post only so long as there is food. When they can not feed their children they will go else where and probably take their weapons with them. It will be a hostile environment. If ISIS is in the middle and the Black Panthers there will be War on the streets. See my militia above. It will no longer be a safe America. A weapon in the hands of a Policeman or Soldier is a safe thing. Put it in the hands of someone hungry or someone looking for food for their children, then it becomes something else. We in the militia will trade food and shelter for good guns. I will not even think about the Utilities here. That scares me beyond belief. I have my own water and electricity. But most do not.

Will it be WWIII, War against ISIS, War against Islam, War against ??????, or ourselves? We wait and wonder!

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