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World Press Forum. Blah!

Today has been one of those days. I have accessed my account several times trying to resolve a problem. It is simple. In my comments area, the header line, the spam button. Instead of saying (0) says (1). The problem is there are no spam in the folder. I have tried to empty the span, with no success. I have redone everything. I have up graded, nothing helps. So I went to World Press, several times. I had reset my password to enter my blog. In Forum, I could find nothing that met the problem. So I went to miscellaneous. I ask to start a new thread. They said I needed a password. I had just reset my blog password, but for some reason the Forum could not send an email to one of my email addresses. Yahoo business could with no problem to allow me to access my blog.

Of course World Press does not have a trouble shooting team. They send you to their Forum. When I did not get an email, I went back to the forum password reset page where I was told to, you may want to get in touch with us – forum-password-resets (at) this domain. I have no idea what that means. I have tried every way I can, and I can not send a message to them. Thus I have wasted several hours which are precious to a man 78 years old.

The problem is I think the spam problem has closed my comments section, and non of my post seem to be getting comments. Thus all I have to do is write garbage about World Press. That is all I can do, I can not access World Press.