A Big Hello, Look at Bitcoins!

The biggest investment or safety net in history may be underway. A simple cryptographic coin, mathematical, digital, called Bitcoin has grown from a few cents to over $30 and seems to have found its second wind. Some say at some point it may grow exponentially to an unbelievable amount. I do not know when, but the biggest economy in the world is being sold down the river by the biggest swindler in the world. Only be getting out of the dollar and into something safe, may people survive. Others are betting in the stock market using dollar vehicles. They believe  that they can make enough during the fall to survive and transfer it some where other than dollars.

Personally I am beginning to believe that the dollar will be an anchor that will cause many to drown. Buy Yuan or Australian Dollars before the plug is pulled. The really smart solution may be the conversion to Bitcoin before the dollar dies. When the dollar dies it will take a truck load of dollars to buy one Bitcoin. That is because the dollar to Bitcoin ratio seems to be going through the roof.

Google, Bitcoin, Bitinstant, Mt.Gox, Dwolla, and several hundred more related terms to learn this interesting subject. I did not tell you  to buy, but you will hate yourself if you do not look. The page on Bitcoin is huge. For Europe there is something else than Mt.Gox. I think it is Bitstamp.  But that should be easy to solve. Many sites are language oriented so you will not have to struggle in English. For those who care, you might also look at TOR Project. It will have importance beyond belief. Might even protect you when you visit here, if this site still exists. It will also get you to sites that do not exist and bring you back safely. “Silk Road”.

Please travel wisely!

I will be adding additional information about Bitcoin, stocks, silver and gold and preperation for the coming fall of the dollar and the food chain. I will also be moving comments about the government there. Come and see. www.NOLAWORLD.com