About Domains, Webhosting, Blogs and other site activities.

In the administration of this blog, it has become evident that a lot of people do not understand how a blog is started, or for that matter how a website is started.

Let’s start with Domain. Domain is is name or place. Your domain or mine. In any way it is a space on the net for data, products, etc. My website, Whitfield – Ross Texas Cavalry Brigade, is a website dedicated to data concerning a specific history of one unit. It could be a site for selling widgets. Again a space.

You can purchase a domain fairly cheep from several sources and there are some which are free. The free sites make money by selling you products to run your site. I purchased this site from Yahoo Business, and pay them for specific items that they sell. The site included a web builder and other items, such as email. I pay for these items.

I also sell them at a site called NW Hosting and Domains. At that site I am an affiliate of Go-Daddy and sell their products. I do not know all the products, yet, but I am learning. I do know how site construction works and how to build a blog. These are things I have done and have had done for me. To visit my site you just have to click NW Hosting and Domains and you will go to the site. There you will find all the items you need for a web site or blog.

I will try to present here what you need to have a blog. First you need a domain. Then you will need to add to your domain your host. A host is the framework that your blog will rest and be serviced. If you need e-mail and other services you will need a host. The host will have World Press and some other blogging systems that are free. They will also sell many of the different themes for these sites. WP comes with a base theme, but if you desire exotic, you will need to purchase. Next you can choose your colors, and then fill out the required fields to establish your ownership. Then go through the different fields and directories to familiarize yourself with everything that is there, and you can turn on a few bells and whistles to make it run like you want it to. Don’t worry. You can always come back and change it. Next open your first post. If it doesn’t feel right, you can go back and change it or delete it and start over.  You can go back in a few days and start over. The basic thing is to get to writing. By writing, you get over the jitters and get to going. I will come easier with every page.

Cost for a domain at my site $11 or more. Buy for two years. That is a commitment for you. If you decide to not start it will be there and you can get going later. Web hosting starts at $5 and can go up. Add things as you need them. Don’t go overboard at first. If you  are going to have adds and sell things, then find out how. I will have more on that later.

There are lots of domain sellers. Shop around. Find one you like. Mine again is click NW Hosting and Domains and is always there if you need it, and I will back it up. Write me at <bill@rosstexascavalrybrigade.com> and I will answer any question or find the answer. I will also write it here as I learn more and remember more.