About Me

First a little bit about this website and blog. The blog is World Press the latest version a .org. The website is built on Yahoo small business platform and their web support. I am able to tailor most to my desires and choose my World Press design. I keep it running well by checking and updating. If material is broke I fix it.

The data comes from many books and sites across the web. I was looking for my kin and because I collect data the same way I do genealogy, I soon had a myriad of information. I threw it onto the Geocities system to get it on line. I did not look for a cheap site. I look for something that worked. Geocities was backed by yahoo.

When Yahoo did away with Geocities, I migrated to Yahoo Small Business, probably unwisely, but it does work well. It was a large learning curve for an old man. I had to reformat nearly everything. I do not program, but I understand enough language, that I can insert data, when needed. Some times it wins, but I try.

I am not too old. I will be 76 in September. I am a retired US Army Engineer. Changing to Cavalry was a shock. I have degrees in Architecture Construction and 32 years of Military experience. I also have a MBA and am a graduate of the Command and General Staff College. The military experience allows me to understand a little about the Civil War. My experience raising children is worthless. I do not understand children who do not try to understand or respect their parents.

If you have specific questions send me an e-mail.