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Fourth of July, Bitcoin and Reunion and Paying!

My class just held their 58th year reunion. Why 58? Basically because they could not wait till 60. Too many classmates passing to the Great Westerner in the Sky. We had a great time but the hotel was over whelmed. Many classmates could not get a room till 4 PM. That is great if you are 21 but at 77 after traveling the great distance to Lubbock is both tiring and one needs to cleanup and rest.

But again the Class of ’55 of Lubbock High met and discussed Buddy Holly, a nondescript member of the Class who died in 1959. We have all heard the Buddy Holly story, but it is fun to tell it over and over again.

The Class leaders continue to shine, so enough said about them. The rest of us had a good time reminiscing. Lubbock High School is undergoing some additions in the same classic architecture. It never ceases to amaze me that the quality of this school versus other high schools is unbelievable. We were the last class to have only one high school in Lubbock.

I drove through the Texas Tech campus, which is almost 4 times as large as when I graduated there in 1964. Looks really nice. Jones stadium is expanding. Why, is a good question. We are in a time when students do not care about sports, unless they can play it on their cell phone. Why waste the money?

I am watching Bitcoins go down in value, as is gold and silver. Oil is going up, which is wrong, because daily I read about the ever increasing supply of oil in the United States. Is someone manipulating that market. Some of us are betting that the Bitcoin market is going down because the National banks are selling their holdings to devalue the coin and cause people to not trust the Bitcoin. Actually, you should not trust the Dollar. It is being backed by a country that is deeply in debt, that is doing nothing but printing more and more money. But as for me, I am already getting ready to buy more Bitcoins while they are down in value. I will wait till it starts going up again, and then buy. Never buy when it is going down, they say. I see the same thing in LINN Oil which is also going down. It is very quickly becoming a very good buy. But then I digress. As Bitcoin falls, I watch the action of the EURO. That currency will fail first and start the rush on Dollars and Bitcoin. What will happen next? My guess, is for a very short time, Dollar will remain king and then China and Japan will cash in to save their currencies. Then the Dollar will fall.

Thus we look at the Fourth of July. What is it? The 237th Fourth? I am never sure. When do you start counting? 1775, 1776, 1783 or 1789. The 1789 is the date of the Constitution, but then it was not approved by every state in that year.

But what is happening to our Great Nation? A liberal progressive party has through manipulation of the courts and schools gained control of our government and is slowly taxing us to death. They print money that has no real value, but still is used through out the world, because it has been so strong in the past. One half of the population of the United States is paying for the support of the Government and the other half of the Nation. I have not figured in which half I fall. I am a true conservative, but I am Retired Military. The government says I am paid an entitlement. I do not agree with that. I earned my military retirement through long hours and in foreign nations and conflicts. A civilian who worked for the government in most cases did not work for his retirement. Especially the many benefits that he did not earn, nor deserve. I will state that some people in the government do earn their retirements who are not in the military. There are agents of the FBI, CIA, and some members of the Treasury and the State Department who work long hours under strange conditions like the military. But I have seen many civilian workers who just draw pay. They barely preform a function. Many of those are the excess of an organization who sit, play games on their computers, and have benefits that they do not deserve.

Our Congress is so corrupt that it daily makes me sick. We compromise the very things we have fought for. We spend with out thought of the cost to the tax payer. Money is wasted on programs that have no real value, and on countries for their good will. Money does not buy good will. Money seems to buy contempt. Few nations that we give money benefit from that money. It ends up in greedy hands of corrupt government members. I can not and never will understand why we give money to the people who want to destroy America. The Islamic Jehad does not want America. They will be glad when America falls and Islamic law is in place to replace our Constitution.

Members of the Democratic Party put down me and others who try to defend the Constitution, the American Flag and the many freedoms that we have. STUPID members of the entertainment industry do things to our flag and language that will one day in the future get them killed. Wait till America is gone and then stomp the flag or criticize the government and then see what happens.

These liberal progressive factions that have joined together to take over our Nation, will one day destroy each other. In that environment the government will win. It has the power. In the “Left Behind,” books they describe the government beheading the people who criticize the government with a public guillotine. Oh, so much fun to come. Our government is positioning itself to be a military state. Once it is there and it controls all three branches of government, goodby democracy.

Oh, I know. You say I am a sorehead because I lost. NO! I am a sorehead because we lost. We had a government that though not perfect, it did give us the greatest chance. It allowed freedom of nearly all types. We were not discriminated against because of race, religion or a number of other creeds. People discriminate. But this is beginning to collapse. Now because some of us are Conservative, we are coming under fire. Any place there is a conservative policy or group they are under attack.

A group in Colorado wanted to march with their personal firearms. The town has cancelled the Forth of July parade. What is wrong with marching with hunting rifles, shotguns, and personal side arms in any parade. It is not the gun owners who are the problem. It is the criminals. Next thing you know they will not allow the Military to carry rifles in parades. What a sick, politically correct nation we have become.

Did you hear the notion that the tea party patriots in New England in 1775 were terrorist. Technically they may have been, but historically speaking, they were patriots. The groups of Islamic Jehad that flew into the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, bombed the Cole and several of our Embassies, these clowns were terrorist. They want to destroy a form of government they do not agree with. Thus they destroy. The Tea Party in 1775 were demonstrators like the people who march in parades to show how they feel. What they did, did not hurt the government, except that some taxes were not collected. Some say the Tea Party today are terrorist. They do not destroy, they are peacefully trying to return to Constitutional Government. The militia groups that prepare, are not terrorist. Like Minute Men of 1776, they are preparing for a government that does not adhere to it charter. When the government becomes the terrorist, then it is time for the population to act. In Egypt today the military stepped in and ordered a new government. I will hold my view of this action until I see it mature. Personally I wish my military would step in and remove my government before it destroys the Constitution. But our government is set up so that the civilians run the military which prevents what happened in Egypt. This is good, but it protects a corrupt government in this case. A President that would allow the IRS to do as they have done, should be replaced. It will not happen because of political correctness. We will allow a black President to get away with murder, rather than replace him for his corrupt actions.

What happened to the grand ideas of the Constitution. Some say they never existed. They say that what our forefathers designed was nothing but a grand idea. It was never possible. People did not want it so we have gone down the path we are on. I basically disagree with this premise, because where we are, is by the sneaky back room actions of the several groups that make up the progressive and liberal factions that run the government. When you do not use the appropriate rules of government to make change and use the actions of the IRS, ACORN and maneuvering by the scheming law groups, like the Civil Liberties Union that attacks religions, but not equally. They do not attack the Islamic religion that suspends the rights of women. They do not stop the corrupt actions of the government that is censoring right wing efforts like Rush Limbaugh. This is an all out attack against conservatism. What is wrong with the Constitution. It set up the ways to improve or change its structure. Not the route being taken by progressives and liberals.

On the advent of this Fourth I have one more question. Since when has it become necessary to contribute to every action that occurs in government. We are ask to give money to stop this and that and against this representative or senator. What happens in other States has become important. But who a State elects should be that States business. If it is done illegally, then it is the governments business. But now we have a corrupt government. Illegal actions are OK. Corrupt voting is normal. This is where we should be spending our money. I just received a call from the NRCC wanting money. We have put money into these activities, without results. Finally it is normal to put in money without success. Let us put our money where it will do good. I am tired of supporting more people who just do a job in collecting money for this or that cause. It has spelt over into almost every activity in our country. It is a way of life, but I do not support this method. Let us end it. Do away with the hundreds of agencies that collect money. I get mail from every conservative group in the world wanting money. I also get mail from many military allied agencies selling me things. Often the adds are just alike. It becomes evident that the agency that is producing the add is just out to get more money. They care little about me, the military or the cause. They just want their cut. Let us end all this type of funding. Just save your money.

Have a Happy and Glorious Fourth and God Bless The United States and its friends!

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Ross Brigade, What Would Ross Be Doing, About Obama’s Actions!

These are my beliefs not Ross’, but I do believe an ex-governor of the State of Texas would be greatly offended by our current Governor and by Obama’s mistakes and actions. How can a President allow an agency that he oversees work for his re-election and hinder the operations of his opponents while stopping their forming their organizations. How can a President not support one of his appointed Ambassadors during an attack on American soil. How can a President allow the attack on Freedom of the Press, and the list goes on. And how can a Texas Governor not take action against things like Obama Care, the IRS working against Texas organizations and the many different gun and immigration actions by Obama.

Ross would be petitioning the current Governor to act. If nothing were to happen, he would be reforming his Brigade and preparing for war. By now he would be arming the students at A&M University and would be rounding up the soldiers who fought for him and their sons. He would prepare for a war he knew was coming. Ross did understand the need for an Army and the need for military organization.

We see Obama preparing for war against the American Public. He is arming his Internal Revenue Service workers along with those of the ATF. He buys ammunition for government organizations that are not concerned with the national defense. He is training children to work for the Department of Homeland Security. What is this really for. How will he use these children. Daily we hear of the movement and positioning of troops and arms. How will he use the divisions that he has in Texas and will they work for him against the American/Texas people. How will Texas react to Marshal Law and open riot in Texas.

As I watch and learn, I have come to one conclusion. We have to act now and prepare against our own government. How do we do this without the government acting. First and foremost. The Constitution allows for the arming of patriots for self defense of our country. The Texas National Guard must become a base of potential Texas Resistance as other States should all so prepare. We must arm and allow our population to be protected from a government run wild. I have learned that there are covert military activities at work in Texas, but if I know then the government must know. Thank God that Obama’s hand was tipped and now we know he is watching the internet and listening to the phones. Both actions against the Constitution. So we must prepare covertly.

When I heard about Bitcoin, I joined the Success Council. The owner of that site has written about Bitcoin and how it might grow. You can even get his book free when you join. It also has some great ideas about security and about survival. I recommend his site whole heartily.

Get to know your neighbors and know who you can count on. Form your own little militia and plan for your neighbor security. Do it as a neighbor hood. Maybe someone else will make a better general. Let him or her, for what we need is good leaders, not complainers. Plan ammunition and weapons, food and water, medical and health issues. When the power grid fails and food is not available at the grocery store, you will know that Marshal Law is not far behind. Meet any entry into your neighborhood by the law with a show of force and solidarity. This will let the law know you are taking care of yourselves. Their actions will give you an idea where your county stands. If they try to force, be careful. If you have planned well enough, they will not try force unless they are military.

With your own militia, you have a Constitutional right to bear arms and to protect your Nation. If most of your neighborhood is older persons, the government and military should not bother you. If there are a lot of younger people, they may try to enlist them. If they are Obama forces, resist them. If they are city, county, state it is up to your neighborhood. Trust your instincts. Next join your neighborhoods with those on your boundaries. If everyone is working toward the same end, then you will end up in a safe zone. Encourage your bordering neighbors to do as you do. It is better to be Patriots than to be martyrs.

Remember, we are planning for war, and praying for peace. The latter does not depend on us. It is our government that seems to be working against us. It is not socialism that we are afraid of, but we are afraid of a pure totalitarian government. We have a good Constitution. It has served us well for over 200 years. Now someone wants to change it, but is proceeding contrary to the methods set up in the Constitution.

With a divided nation, I would prefer we divide the geography. Give them their territory and we keep ours. Next we decide what to do with the cities that have grown pure liberal and socialistic within our zones. Either let them exist in our zone or allow them to move freely with our assistance to their zones. Make the split equal, to the population that remains in each zone. Let those zones become the divided United States. We still operating under the Constitution, and they would use ours or draw up a new Constitution. Make an agreement that we would have commerce so long as there were total peace.

We know there will be war someday. Two opposites will have to fight. I pray that it never happens. Should it happen, I hope they remain separate. For some reason a conservative and a liberal can marry, but a nation with both can not live together. The Civil War was to some degree the start of this split. The South was more Conservative. At that time Democratic. Since the war, the Republicans have become conservative and Democrats liberal. I can remember when the Dixiecrat were very Conservative. Now they have disappeared, but their states are Republican.

Most good Christians will say why do we need to do this. God will protect us. And maybe he will, but there were good Christians in the Twin Towers. We were not prepared. There were good Christians in the Government building in Oklahoma City. We were not prepared. At this time we can see our government preparing for something. It will not give us its reason for preparation against the people. Is the preparation because of the weakness of the Dollar and its potential fall, or is the government actually planning the fall of the Dollar and a move to Socialism or totalitarianism. Either is against the Constitution. We deserve to know. Obama promised us change, he did not say it would be better.

Our government does nothing but lie to us. It has changed the way we report things so that everything looks better than it is. At one point inflation was tied to the real economy. Now it is tied to things that do not reflect what is happening. If you go to the grocery store, you know inflation is occurring. If you buy a car, you see inflation. Almost everything cost more. That is inflation. Inflation is another word for tax. The government prints money, but does not give it to the public. It uses the money to pay for its operation. It uses it to pay bills. But in turn the supply of money is increasing and the value of the dollar is decreasing. Thus we have inflation. In the labor area they report a labor percentage of 7 percent. The actual percentage is over 14 percent. Again the government has juggled the numbers. It does not count the people who have stopped looking for work. With free food, phones, homes and medical care, who needs to work. A woman with several illegitimate children can make more than I do in Retirement. By the way, I still have to pay taxes as 77. Why am I having to support irresponsible people?

All of this is because we have given up our rights as people and allowed our government to take care of us, instead of taking care of ourselves. Who says the government should take care of us. Besides that, the government has no money. It does nothing to make money. It borrows money to operate and we pay the interest. The government and I do mean both Democrats and Republicans have lead us down a rosy path to the point that we will soon collapse and our government will cease to function or will try to take everything from those that have and will give it to those that do not have and the whole system will fail as it has every time it was tried.

Back to the neighborhood. Get to know your neighbors. You do not have to like them, but you do need to trust them to protect your back and you protect theirs. Become self dependent as a neighborhood. We can share our skills and survive, almost anything that happens. The more we work together, the better are our chances of survival and to flourish. We can achieve in a down economy, if we work together. Some may do more than others, so that is life. The one that does more, will have more, and will probably be more charitable. If not, he will still have a part in the barter system that will occur. People will prosper.

One of the outcomes of neighborhoods working together will be better government. Government can not succeed without the support of the people. If someone does not want to participate, you can not make them, but you can deny them access to some of the shared items later. Not food and water, but certainly electricity and other common items that will return. If they have trade items, they can buy their portion. But one thing is certain. The rights of the individual are paramount over the government. Governments govern at the consent of the governed. The rights of individuals is greater than that of a group. When we go back to group rule, then we have one group having more than the other and the biggest group taking advantage. If the right of the individual is always maintained, it is always evident that you can work and succeed. Look up the Creed of Freedom. It says it all. Because I have grown up in the current system, some of the items grate on me as an individual, but I see the logic of the Creed. We need to get it and follow it to a better world. It is the biggest protector of race and the individual.

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Ross Brigade Blog, Boy Scouts, Bitcoin and the Fall of the United States

As we watch the decline of the United States, I am overwhelmed by the number of events going on at one time that affect our freedom. I am overwhelmed by the lack of concern by the general population. Last week we saw the news that the Boy Scouts had released a new policy accepting homosexuals. The Boy Scouts did not! The Executive Committee of Boy Scouts has decided to destroy the main tenants of Scouting and take Scouting in a new direction. It was so well received, that 4000 Churches and the Mormon Church have decided to leave Scouting. If each troop sponsored by a church had 15 Scouts and 15 Cub Scouts, then this affects 120,000 scouts. The moral result of this is that Scouting has been gutted. It is no longer what the men of the past envisioned. It will never again be the same.

Now as a Scout, I am sure, that something will arise from the ashes. A new program will be formed by the Churches to replace the one that is now junk in Fort Worth. I am sure a lot of good Scout leaders will move from Scouting to the new organization, but it will not be the same. Gone are the many great camps of Scouting. Gone are the superior financial support that Scouting enjoyed. Gone are a History that has no parallel. I could go on. Some will say, that much of that will be saved. But what grew in the first 100 years can not be recovered, because of a board of directors that decided they wanted something and the people running Scouting have been hired by that board over time have backed them in their decision. I know us workers in the trenches did not support this. I do not believe that this is a recent event. It has been planned by progressives for years. They see the type of leadership and good people produced by Scouting and they decided that it must end. They seek to destroy the Military the same way. It is a major event in the fall of America and the rest of the world. Do I know this for a fact. No. But why else would 5% of the population be able to swing something.

We set and watch the happenings with the press, the Social Security Administration, the selection of a woman who has no security capability to be the National Security Adviser, and the worlds biggest cover up, called Benghazi. It all is a picture of a slow decline. Why is this happening? The same clowns that are destroying of the Boy Scouts are destroying the United States. To date, they have destroyed half the population. That half, just rolls over any time the government acts. Is Obama a progressive? No. He is just part of the great machine they have put together to destroy the Great American Dream and to replace it with a progressive utopia. We know the progressive communist, socialist utopia will not work, for one reason. Some one will all ways come along with initiative to start a revolution. People normally like to work and receive the fruits of their work. To give someone everything they need destroys initiative, but it also creates dissent. We are people who think, who believe we are equal, and who desire to always improve their situation. Many have been trained to be couch potatoes, but many have not. They will have to be removed for the progressive society to even have a slight chance.

I do not mind that if we who do not agree can go to the moon or some where else in space. But a progressive would have to give up some of their wealth for that. Of course when the half that has initiative is gone, the other half will fall. Without support they will fail.

Some where in Georgia, I hear there is a monument that states several things, but one is that the world population should be maintained at 500,000,000. Because we are way over 7 Billion, means that a lot of people will need to die. Some say that this is underway with things like the one child rule in China and adding things like fluoride to the water in the United States. I do note that some communities are beginning to fight that. But the progressive ace in the hole is control of the currency. If the Dollar and Euro fall, the other currencies of the world will also fail. If they do not, they will be severely affected. The resulting turmoil will cause the death of millions. More than Mao, Stalin and Hitler we able to kill in their reigns.

Gosh, what a happy thought. Several things do counter this direction. One is the internet. Another is Religion and a third might be a currency that is in its infancy. Bitcoin. Of course this could be a progressive plant, since there is not a published and obtainable author of Bitcoin. But for the sake of argument, let us say that Bitcoin is the saving grace of the fall. Should the governments seek to destroy it, it will be by shutting down the internet. This will be offset by individual servers and individual computers linked that are not under government control. Then TOR, another possible progressive plant, will allow us to converse on the internet and make purchases. People will flock to the Bitcoin to save their savings and salaries. They will purchase from Silk-road site and receive their items by the many existing delivery systems. At this time all of this is pie in the sky, but the foundation is laid. It could happen.

Why did I add Religion into this mix. First because it is under such attack by the progressives, that I believe that it must be valid. I also believe in it. The rise of Islam around the world is a tool being promoted by progressives. The Mohammedan people are a designed way of life with a religion built in. As I have stated before, it has problems in that it does not allow other religions except in a sub servant role. Just recently I heard another problem with Islam. It requires the marriage of the 1st cousin for all men. In doing this the gene pool of Islam is slowly being destroyed. Already there are signs of mental degradation and lack of ability in some things like flying. If this continues the religion will die within itself, or there will be required out source marriages. That in its self may cause problems. Also there will be a clash between this religions laws and the American Law.

All this paints a rosy picture for our future. When the Dollar starts to fall and the Stock Market crashes there will be a period of from one minute to several months where the infrastructure will fail.
Gasoline will be so expensive that food will not get to the markets. Electricity will go through massive brown outs because of the lack of fuel and the lack of repair capability. There will also be problems in that people will not work without money. Even the military may have problems. As I said this could last a minute, or months. The longer it last, the more difficult the situation. People will riot and people will die. Old people will panic and die, people will starve and people will be killed. All of this orchestrated by the progressives. For this they should die, but they will protect themselves. Even now they are trying to remove our guns. Each of us will be on our own. We will have to feed ourselves. The government will not have the capability for a period of time. When it does, it will govern under Marshal Law. We will be prisoners of our own government. There are good people who are trying to stop this and help the general population. But the number who believe before it happens is small compared to those who will be ruled.

It is a sad commentary on the once great America. But from the last election, we see that the scale has tilted from those supporting to those being supported. One of my problems is that I am one being supported by my government. I am on a Military retirement and Social Security. Both of these will end for that minute to months. Thus I prepare. I wish my wife would help, but she marches to a different drummer. She is not controlled by the government, but not by her husband, either. Thus, I buy food in excess to our needs. I stock up on items to barter. I plan for farming and existence without electricity. We have a well, solar, space, weapons, food, but we lack manpower. Ours has grown up and moved on. We may pick up some children, but the fall will have to occur. There are some potential neighbors, but again, the fall will have to occur, or at least become eminent. Why do I need manpower? I am old and there will be a need for around the clock and 360 degree security. That is more than this old man can do. So I plan, stockpile and wait.

What should you be doing? It all depends on where you live. If you are an apartment dweller, can you survive, without power and security. Some apartments can. If the people band together and work out a plan. If not plan on moving to where you can survive. Can your neighborhood survive the food riots. Thank of Watts back in the 1970s. People died for no reason. Will something at the local grocery spill over into your neighborhood. Will that start destroying property. You must begin to think in this mode. No matter who you are. Lack of a plan and the ability to act will cause your death. Very old. Get lots of can food, water, and plan your security. You may have to board up your windows and doors and suffer in the heat. If not get out before the Dollar crashes. Protect yourself now. I you have a mobile home. Get a power solar system so that you can be self contained. Add additional food and water. An should it get bad, move out to an area where there is no one else within several hundred yards and protect your home. Being totally self contained is the key. The reason that I provide these scenarios is to get you to think through your own. We all have different situations.

If you start now, you will be better off than should you wait. How much depends on how long we have. Mormons have been preparing for years. Others just the last few. And some are just starting. What happens in the future may bring the preparers together. I do not even want to think about those who do not prepare at all. God protects those who protect themselves. What you do to help those who do not prepare, is within your own way of life. But remember. Some will kill and rob to survive. If you are prepared to die, no problem. Will your government feed you? I doubt the government can feed itself over three months. During that time it will take over food warehouses and other food storage to include that of Preppers that have bought great quantities of food. The President has already signed an Executive Order allowing this. They can also take your guns. Keep a small profile, and do not over hoard. They will take yours. The best food systems are those that are fixed and not movable such as a vegetable garden or fish pond or both working together to provide you food.

Will this happen? God knows. Me I am just a guesser. I feel that the amount of debt that the United States is accumulating is growing so large that other countries will loose faith in the Dollar and turn to other currencies or to an new UN currency which no one will trust. When that happens something will happen to the Stock Market and the economy, which non of us will like. I can see the Stock Market going to 8000 and inflation which is currently at about 14% going out of site. God help us all at that point. Everything I have described above could happen.

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Adds, U-tube, Who Knows What Else, At Ross Brigade

I have spent the last couple of hours working on comments and throwing away garbage. There are a few comments that are used over and over. Of course those are adds. Then there are adds that are the vehicles that people ride about to view blogs. The name on the comment is an advertisement. The actual writer may be real. Not always, but occasionally. So what is my beef? Well, I received one comment, I had seen it before, but basically it talked about the web being a great place, because you did not have to research. You hit a few keys and there was your solution. The computer found it for you.

Then it hit me. The computer was causing the people to become less intelligent. They no longer had to research. When I first started to use the computer, I marveled at the ability to manipulate data. I was working in a petrochemical project as a scheduler. We essentially took the work plans of managers, added in the data needed along with all physical needs, pipe, insulation, systems, painting, erection, and many other factors and set out a daily plan for foremen to follow. We did not say put this bolt in next, for we felt the foremen needed to be allowed the latitude to think at their level.  The program we were using was good, but we kept adding to it. Soon we could forecast everything. Manpower, materials, start-up and on and on. Computers were great.

Then we noticed that some foremen would do totally impossible things first. they would put in small pipe and then larger, sometimes damaging the small pipe. The did strange things to delay the schedule. Other foremen would do the task in half the time or using half the men forecast. They in turn were in competition with the schedulers. It was interesting. I did not see, what I see today.

Today, no one really wants to do research. They want to push a button and it be handed to them in a complete bundle. The toil of collecting and putting the data on line is not even considered. Of course, here I am saying that I will be glad when all the material stored in attics and basements and Libraries and Museums, is online and searchable. Of course, there is so much lost material and so much that is on line but in a format that is searchable that I want to cry. Much civil war data is buried in old letters. Other wars since had better data collection but now the volume is great. Much data of WWII is not online due to the volume that was typed. I laugh at many of the well meaning people who go to cemeteries and collect data. Then they put the data on line in un searchable format. That causes the researcher to spend hours on line looking for a soldier or for genealogical kin. This is a terrible waste of time but necessary.

I have written a lot about the 27th Texas Cavalry. From 1863 on the data concerning their movements is scarce. I am looking for that one piece of data that will let me know what happened at the Battle of Yazoo Pass Mississippi in February of 1863. I have learned a lot about the regiment from the National Archives and Command Records of the war, but the data on the 27th at Yazoo Pass is not available. It will turn up in a letter or a side note about some other unit.

People ask me to add video or more pictures. This is difficult because the brigade was cavalry and the photographers were not. Most of the pictures are at major battles near Washington. The battles in Mississippi had a few sketches but few photos. There were some photos in New Orleans, Galveston and Vicksburg because they were on major water locations and photographers could go on the ships. I would bet none followed Sherman overland to Vicksburg. It was rough and roads were scarce and most used by the armies. To do a u-tube to explain history would be a waste of my time and not pretty. I can draw it better in English with or without bad spellings. I wish some of the clerks back in the 1860s had had spell check. It would have helped. I wish there were pictures of the Brigade. At one point in the Atlanta Campaign, a journalist for a Detroit News Paper saw the Brigade in action against a Union Corps. The Brigade, only 500 strong did a slow retreat toward General Johnson’s lines. Slowly they gave up space for time. Finally after loosing almost 200 men they melted into the Confederate line. They had done their job. The Confederate line had strengthened and was ready. They repulsed the Union with great losses. The Union Corps paid dearly for their punishment of Ross’ Brigade. Several thousand men were lost to only a few of the well dug in Confederates. The journalist titled his piece “The Ghost Brigade”. Later in the 1870’s the article was reprinted in the Dallas News.  Pictures would have been great, a video outstanding. How gallant they would have been.

I do not know what people are spell checking my articles anyway. Maybe it is their kick. Mine is telling the story of the Ross Brigade and a few other items. At times I make people angry. But I am angry that a people have let their religion be co-opted by bandits and bad people and then sit and let the worst happen. It will cause another war. Maybe the last war. In my Bible its says that God wins, so no matter where I am, I will be a winner. I know who God is.

I am also angry at a Government that will let its nation get so deep in debt, without doing anything, but spending more. Not if, but when the Dollar falls, our nation will go through a struggle like none other known. Obama, thinks he can control starving people by using UN Troops on American soil. The sad thing is the number of old and young people that will die before the battle begins. When the battle begins, there will be no more American. Our only hope is that this is the last battle and Christ will come to earth.

Please watch the preppers and do like they do. To die and miss the Glory is sad but certainly not the end. Also God did say he protects those that protect themselves. Being prepared will allow you to live and enjoy and not suffer. Money will be a problem so be prepared to trade. Good trade goods will be very valuable. One I plan to have is water. I have a well and electricity. I am also planning to have other things.

The failure of the dollar, will hurt a lot of people. How many dollars will buy one UN currency is any. How long will everyone have to suffer. Why does anyone have to suffer. Why is this president doing this. What makes him think that he can feed America? We know he can not. He know it, but he continues to spend. You say the dollar will not fail. Just look at the Stock Marker. Of course some of us think the government is pouring money into the stock market to make it look well. If China lets the Yuan loose. the dollar would fall in hours. There are also other factors. Europe is on the same track. The Euro will fall before the dollar. You can do one of two things or maybe both. Save your Confederate Dollars or buy Bitcoins. Many say both are fake.  But I would bet a Confederate note will buy more in the South when the dollar crashes than a Union Dollar some day in the near future.

And tonight the Bitcoin is up to almost $12o. That is after a hit that drove it to $59. It did not die and it may still be the future of currency. I can not see people believing in a UN currency, after having lost all of their Dollars because of a bad government. The best thing about the Bitcoin is that it is not a government currency. The Bitcoin Foundation needs  establish itself as the Governing Board of the Bitcoin and remain unidentified to all governments so that it is never controlled by corrupt politicians, religions or armies of any nation. Once people see that it is not to be destroyed nor controlled they will support the Bitcoin.

For me, In God do I Trust!




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Ross Brigade Blog,Where Do I Get My Information, and Other Data?

When you start out in life you do not plan to be a specific type of person. Usually you are influenced by some person or some idol whom you want to emulate. Sometimes there are many idols until you finally settle on one. I have had many people that I admired in my life. My Dad most of all. He was trained as an electrician, a mason, a carpenter, and as an architect. He left formal schooling in the 8th grade and at 17 was in the Engineers in the First World War and in France. He could do almost anything. Rebuild cars, garden, teach and play a great game of dominoes. He had been there and done that.

You can skip to the last two paragraphs of this blog entry and skip a lot of boring history for some. Do that now, or read a couple of paragraphs and then skip. But you are welcome to read it all.

I went to work in 1950 for Dr. Pepper doing all kinds of work, after school and on weekends. Before that I had helped my brothers on paper routes. I did join the cub scouts in 1946. I played football, ran track and sang in the choir. I did none at my best level. Why? Basically, because I had no idea what the best was. I now know that the coaches I had, did not know how to teach how to give your all. I observed two coaches that knew. They both won State Championships in my sophomore year at Lubbock High in football and basketball. I was on neither team.

I graduated in 1955 in the same class as Buddy Holley and a few other great people. Most of us still stay in contact through an email letter. That is great. Most of us are at least 75 or older. After graduation, I started college in Architecture. Toward the end of my first year I was told that I would not be allowed to finish that year, and I would not be able to enroll until the following fall. Seems that I had broke a school rule concerning alcohol. I had not broken the rule, but my mother would not let me contest the ruling, because the head of the discipline board was a deacon in my church.

So I joined the Army. I did basic training at Ft Chaffee, advanced Infantry at Ft. Hood and then two and one half years in Hawaii in the 25th Infantry Division. I was first assigned to an Recon Platoon as a machine gun jeep driver. After just a few months I was awarded blood stripes to Specialist fourth Class. No, no one was killed. It meant that some one had been demoted and his strips were then awarded to someone else who normally would not have been ready, but had earned the right by hard work or for some by brown nosing. I will not explain that term. Next I went to Sergeants Academy. I placed 3rd in my class of 70. After that we learned about light tanks. I became proficient at every position and soon was running a recon tank section, with my own jeep driver.

In Honolulu I was learning other lessons, but it was not about girls. There were about 12 military guys to each girl, from the age of 8 to 80. I entered an application for West Point, but the executive officer of my company sat on it. My platoon sergeant put my name in as a driver for our Battle Group Commander. I was soon driving a full colonel all over Hawaii. One commander left and a new one came in. He was a Texas A&M graduate. As a Texas Tech student we got along well. In Hawaii, I did get to know the members of the Kingston Trio. It was an interesting time. Hawaii became a State while I was there. I was able to be a representative aboard the first Japanese Naval Ship to visit Hawaii since Pearl Harbor. I was able to watch the selection of a soldier to be buried in the Punchbowl Cemetery as the Pacific Theater Unknown Soldier, and I was able to introduce two members of the future Kingston Trio to Buddy Holly when he was in Hawaii on tour in 1958. We also made two LST (Landing Ship Tanks) trips to the Big Island, and I was able to have fun in the lava beds and swim on Kona Beach before there were any ugly hotels.  Early in 1959 I was promoted to Buck Sergeant, and then returned to the states by troop ship.

Soon I enrolled at Texas Technological College in Architecture Construction. In 1962 I found out I was going to be recalled to duty so I joined the ROTC, which allowed me to complete college, and to gain a commission. I was having fun in college. Running with a sports car crowd. I even had a 1959 Austin Healey 1oo Deluxe. Along the way I had a 1838 Ford with a 1948 Flathead Mercury engine. I also had a 1952 Plymouth, two Austin Mini 1000s, a Fiat Abarth that had won the 1962 Sebring Race in its category.   I 1962 I was very busy. I was married, had a daughter, joined the ROTC and was working full time for a bread company at night, and carrying a full college load . In 1963 I buckled down and completed my courses and earned a degree in Architecture and a Commission as an Engineer Second Lieutenant.  College had been fun. I even learned how to have fun and do serious study.

When I left college in January of 1964, the job market was very flat, but the Military market was booming. I requested active duty and soon found myself at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. After eight weeks I graduated and was offered a job at Belvoir as a tac officer with the Engineer Officer Basic Course. For three more weeks I worked out and then went to Fort Benning, Georgia for Airborne training. I was in good shape and it was fun. Soon I was back at Belvoir running new lieutenants. We did physical training three times a day, plus a daily handball game with my fellow tac officers. Now I began to get in shape. Soon I was running daily with a group that was doing five miles in thirty minutes. We did this daily five days a week. After a few months I could run a half mile in two minutes in combat boots. I high school it was pain in light running shoes. I did this for two years. Leading lieutenants, teaching courses, visiting Washington, DC, and the northern Virginia area. Another fun assignment.  About the time I was to get out of the Army,  I was offered an assignment in Germany. My wife and I decided to go. So soon, we were in Germany with two girls, and a third on the way. There was not much to do on the troop ship going to Bremen-haven. Next I get a call and my assignment had been cancelled but they gave me the choice of several other units.

I chose the 39th Engineer Group in Karlsrhue. The day I got there was a Friday, and I was assigned as the Headquarters & Headquarters Company Commander. On Monday we went to Baumholder for our annual testing. It was a very quick learning curve for a not so young lieutenant, with two colonels, two majors, and several captains in his company. I went head to head with the lieutenant colonel, executive officer, but later became good friends. This was a great assignment and I learned a lot.

In 1967 things in Vietnam were going strong and there began to be a shortage of officers in Germany. I was at one point, the Hq & Hq Company Commander, the Communications Officer, the Aviation Officer, the Mess Officer and several other minor jobs. I really did learn a lot. Before long I was made the Group Operations Officer as a young captain in a Majors slot. I was both operations officer and security officer when the 1967 Israel War broke out. We had two new colonels, neither which were cleared to receive classified messages in Europe. I was to act as a group commander for two weeks. Did not get credit for it. In 1968 I was given command of the 78th Engineer Company (Construction)(Separate) for its return to the United States. We prepared all the equipment and a cadre of 25 to move the unit to Camp Irwin, California. I bought myself a new Mini Cooper S and we began the trip. Imagine 3 girls, a wife, 23 bags in a 4 passenger car driving from New York, to Lake Placid, Florida, then to Muleshoe, Texas and then to Camp Irvin, California. Great trip. We made it with no problems, and were greeted like kings from the time we entered the gate. Our quarters were ready, and even the coffee was perking when we entered the door. They did love Engineers. Our first job was to make a new road out the back of Camp Irwin so anyone could get to Reno or Las Vegas quicker. They did love what we did.

I had only 6 months at Camp Irwin bringing the company back to full strength, getting rid of all the equipment that we brought from Germany, and drawing all new equipment. The company was fully functional when I got orders for Vietnam. I was sent to Monterrey California for 12 weeks of Vietnamese language training and then assigned to an advisers slot in I Corps (the northern part of South Vietnam). I was given a week of orientation in Saigon, two weeks more in Da Nang and then went to Hue, Vietnam, to the 101st ARVN Engineer Battalion (Combat). Another great assignment, but truly a waste of an adviser. My counterpart, a Vietnamese Major was a graduate in Engineering form Ohio State University. His English was a good as mine. I was able to help him in meetings with the US Commanders and Engineers. I was also his social secretary for tennis matches. He showed me the best restaurants in the Cities of Hue and Dong Ha. We had a great time. We were in the Citadel of Dong Ha when the ammo dump exploded. We were in a camp site on the coast when a huge cannon round from the Battleship, New Jersey, fell short and landed on our burm. But again we had fun. It was after Tet 1969 so the area was fairly peaceful though I did learn a lot and saw much more. I did take an R&R to Hawaii to see my wife. That was fun. After one year, I returned to the states to attend the Engineer Officers Career Course at Ft Belvoir, Virginia.

The Engineer course was 8 months long, and after the course I was assigned as the Facilities Officer at the Engineer School. Here I had a good time cleaning up the schools buildings, getting rid of facilities we did not need and bringing a civilian worker back into the real world. For about 10 months, I retrained him into being a productive member of the school and not a drain on the government system. I also got to meet several general officers and even attended a West Point- Navy football game.  Then I got orders for a second tour in Vietnam.

When I got to Saigon there was a two day wait for assignment. I was called for an interview. They asked me if I knew about bridges and construction. I said I did. In just a few hours I was the Operations Officer for the 31st Engineer Battalion (Combat). Another great assignment. I had projects all over III Corps. I was daily flying to check projects from a concrete and steel bridge on the II Corps border to the Cambodian border where we built fire bases. Though we were combat we did any and all projects that you can imagine. A normal Combat Battalion has about 1000 soldiers. We had close to 2000 and twice as much equipment.  About this time I got my “Dear John”. My wife of ten years was divorcing me. I invoked the Soldiers & Sailors Relief Act until I returned to the States. During this tour I did take an R&R to Hong Kong and an in-country R&R to Vung Tau a beach resort run by the Army. I also flew one weekend to Ban-cock, Tia-land

We were then given orders to start the draw down of our unit. This meant we were giving all our equipment to the Vietnamese and we were going home.  It took a while to turn in three engineer companies, two dozier land clearing companies, three Repair companies, a transportation company, and a light equipment company, a mine dog platoon and a mine rolling tank. We also found we had a few armored personnel carriers, some airborne mechanical mules and a lot of other equipment engineers were not supposed to have.

I was then assigned for three months to the Engineer Command Headquarters as an operations officer, designing Engineer units to operate in the draw down. Again I had fun.

After this I was assigned to go to Walla Walla Washington to work on some Corps of Engineers Dams. Because of my divorce, and so I could be close to my children I requested reassignment, and was sent to the United States Sergeants Major Academy at Fort Bliss. When I got to Fort Bliss no one knew what I was talking about. In a few days about 20 officers and a few non-commissioned officers showed up all in the same predicament. One a colonel knew why we were there. Soon we were working hard to establish an Army level university for the top non-commissioned officers of the military services, the Sergeant Major. In less than 4 months we put together the faculty and facilities and readied for the first class. My duty was to establish the facilities at Biggs Airfield at Ft Bliss, Texas and establish the logistics department for the academy. Boy did I have fun. Soon I had a humming supply and were were readying facilities from classrooms, to library, to auditorium and a headquarters building with instructor offices. I was soon working with several million dollars and drawing together all that was needed. I developed my own table of allowances. This is a document the Army uses to allow issue. Mine was approved all the way to Army without question. Had my boss ordered it, I could have requested the Air Forces largest aircraft. I even arranged for a Texas Tech Architecture class to do a design project for a future Sergeants Major Academy facility.  I laid the seeds for the grand facility that exists today at Biggs Airfield today.

After about a year and one half I was moved into the Management Department as a writer. This is where they took a rusty old west Texan and taught him a little of how to write. Of course it was stiff military writing. Every document we produced had to go before a  murder board that took it apart, corrected it and sent it back for rewrite. For a while I did not think I would ever get a document approved. But soon I was doing very well. This was before word processors and computers. At the same time I arranged for Sul Ross State University to teach a MBA course at Ft Bliss. So I went back to school and had an MBA in about 20 months.

In town I was living in a nice two bedroom apartment. Soon I began to look around. I was newly divorced, had a two bedroom apartment so my daughters could visit. One night I met a young  Mexican girl at one of the local apartment complex dances. She would not give me her name or number. I was able to find out where her friend worked. Soon I had her number, but before I could call three of us young captains were invited to a Mexican family birthday party. It turned out to be the brother of  the girl I was looking for. I met her whole family that night. That was over 40 years ago. We were married in September 1973.

My next assignment was to Ft Hood, Texas as the operations officer for the 62nd Engineer Battalion (Construction). This was a different kind of engineering with bigger equipment. About that time the Army decided to convert Construction Battalions to Combat Heavy. Again this was a very interesting and learning experience. We were one of the first combat heavy units tested in the Army. The battalion passed with flying colors, but my S3 section did not pass. I contested the evaluator. I ask one question. How could every section of the battalion pass and my section fail, when I was directing all of those units. The Corps Engineer changed the evaluation. He even sent me to Ft Belvoir to the Engineer Dinner and Conference to lecture on the Combat Heavy training.

In 1965 I had changed from Reserve to Regular Army. In 1976, I was non selected for Regular Army promotion. The reason that I was not selected was one efficiency report given to me while at Ft Bliss. One Colonel did not like me, and gave me an average report. That was enough to separate me from other officers. One year later, I was again passed over, and was soon to be required to leave active duty. This was the reduction of the Army from its Vietnam strength.

During my final physical, they found a small black mole that was not as should be. Within about 30 minutes it had been removed. Three days later they called me in and told me I had a bad cancer and they would operate. So they cut a three quarter inch deep and the size of a dinner plate section out of my back. Today it would have been much smaller. The doctor told my wife I had a 30% chance of living. My wife was then in worse shape than me mentally. We had just had a daughter.  That was 1978, and I did beat the odds.

My last three months in the Active Army were as a night duty officer at Corps Headquarters. This allowed me a lot of time to job hunt in a fairly tight job market. I finally was able to get a job with Brown and Root Constructors and Engineers in Houston. So in May 1978 we moved to Friendswood south of Houston and my first project was the construction of a petrochemical plant at Chocolate Bayou just south of Alvin, Texas and 10 miles from our new house. Another great job. From 1978 to 1986 I moved up to project controls manager but then the construction died and I was one of the last laid off.

In 1978 I also joined the 75 Maneuver Area Command, US Army Reserve,  as an Operations Officer. In my first 6 months in the reserve I earned a Meritorious Service Medal for recommendations that I had made and training that I had conducted. It may have also caused me not to be able to make full colonel. I had again made a colonel mad, and he later made general and was over me. But I did have fun in the reserve for 10 years. We trained units all over the central area of the United States. From Michigan to Louisiana and Texas to Kentucky. We trained one weekend per month, but we worked a lot more. At least one weekend a month we flew to a reserve site and trained from Battalion to Division and One Engineer Command. Great duty, and we met a lot of great people. Many I had trained as lieutenants at Ft Belvoir. Brown & Root supported the Reserve, so I had no problems between civilian and military jobs.

At Brown and Root, I worked on several petrochemical projects, a coal mine project, a major  highway project and the Libyan Great Man Made River Project. I even went to London to transfer this project to our overseas office when we were no longer able to work with the Libyans due to US policy. Again this was a great company and a great job. Had one of my great bosses not died I might have gone on up in Brown & Root. One of my first jobs at Brown & Root was to escort Herman Brown around one of our job sites. He was one of the founders of Brown & Root and a member of the board of directors of Halliburton.

In 1986, I was put into a very bad job market. My wife had a small Boot company, and I ran that while looking for a new job. I was out of work for seven months. I then went to work with another engineer company Jacobs Engineering on a project in Bishop Texas. The job was great and the company excellent, but the job only lasted a year. I then found a job with Gulf Interstate Engineers a pipeline company. This job lasted about a year and one half. Great job, good people and good projects. Again I was laid off because we had no projects.

Then came another 8 months of being laid off. This time I had to use up our savings, and we were getting close to loosing our home. My daughter born in 1975 was close to graduation in Friendswood. I finally found a 6 month job in China. That saved our house. I left my wife of daughter and went to Dalian China to work in a shipyard on an offshore quarters module for Philips Petroleum. Another great job, with great people. The contract I had was not great, but after 6 months they told me I could stay for another year. I told my wife to come on over, and we had a ball living in the Holiday Inn. Pay was good, and we were able to live off of our per diem and saved our total salary. We built two quarters modules and floated both to the south China Sea. My wife and I were able to see a lot of China and even brought our daughter over for a visit.

We left China in May 1995 and I decided that I had worked enough. I was able to draw a military retirement and social security. My wife did not know where she wanted to live so we went to El Paso to live while we made up our minds. After a few months we took fostering training, planning to foster children. The first group we got was three boys, 5, 3, and 11 months. The judge talked us into adopting those boys. Of course, the house we had was overlooking Jurez. All local walls in the neighborhood were tagged. We decided to move to the area of trees, hills and rivers. The Texas Hill Country.

On line we found houses in Fredericksburg and Kerrville, Texas. Next we visited and on seeing some foundation problems with the house in Fredericksburg, we decided that we would buy the house in Kerr County. It had a pool and a tennis court and a nice big yard. It was definitely boys country. Soon we were moving. The boys were entered in school, except for the two youngest. The first thing we did was pool proof the boys. Within days they all could swim like fish. Even the one year old, could jump off the diving board and swim to the ladder or to the steps. He even knew how to float on his back. The dogs were also pool proofed. The oldest did later die, but only because someone had left the water hose in the pool and she could not understand what it was or how to get around it. When she tired she drowned.  If the hose had not been there, she would have found the steps and would have crawled out.

The boys thrived in Ingram schools. They did well in Little League, Tae Kwan Doe, Boy Scouts and school. There mother had the two younger boys reading at three, and had the older son reading as well. Life was good. Over time each boy has shown his own personality and had his own problems. The oldest who was five when we moved to Kerrville is now twenty and a Lance Corporal in the Marines. The second is soon to be 18 and will graduate. He is smart, but too smart. The youngest has just entered High School and is working on his Life rank in Scouting. Over the years I have had three daughters, a single daughter and three sons. Yes I have learned a lot.

In 2000 I was a singer in Barbershop style singing. My mother was dying and she gave me a list with 20 names and asked me to do the family genealogy. I quickly ran down those twenty names and added a few hundred more of family for each. From that point on it just kept growing. My father, had died in 1975 and his line was harder. One night, I was looking for my Grandfather’s death certificate in Florida records on line. Instead I found a request for Civil War Pension. Checking a few census records, it did not take long to prove that it was my Great Grandfather. In time I tied him to the 6th Texas Cavalry Regiment, Ross’ Brigade and the Texas Rangers. Of course I now know his Father, Grandfather, Great Grandfather and maybe several more levels.

Now some one ask where I get all my information all they need to do is look at where I have been and what I have done. Civil War history is easy because I was in the Army for 32 years. Genealogy is easy because I understand computers. I am not the best detail researcher, but when I look at my past, it has always been that way. I was not good at finishing, but I could do well in getting things built and running. I left the fine tuning to others. Blogs may be the same. I got this one up and running with no problems, but it is a pain to maintain. I have allowed more than 263,000 comments or the more than 286,000 received. I probably should have deleted another 60,000 of spam or more, but I gather that some of the visitors enjoy the spam more than the blog. I can live with that even though I do not understand it.

In researching my Great Grandfather and his brother, I learned a lot about all of the 6th Texas Cavalry. Others suggested that I read the books on the 3rd, 6th and 9th Texas. This I did and I learned a lot about the brigade. Finally a book was written on the Legion (27th Texas Cavalry). It did not answer all my problems, but it did fill in a lot. Stephen Kirk has since written books on the 6th, 9th and the Brigade. Along with the data I have collected and read, I put up my web site. The Blog came later. When I began to do detail rosters, I started the blog. The 27th Rosters were first, because what existed was scrambled. As I worked through each company, I learned more and more.  I began to fill in around the data provided by Haley in his book on the Legion. I understood things that are in the  records that are not explained. How did I do this?  Basically I had become an expert on each regiment. I still have a lot to learn, but it gives me goals for the future. I need to complete the rosters for the 6th Texas. Do the rosters for the 9th Texas and redo the rosters for the 3rd Texas. Then I might be ready to write a book. All of the data is not on line. There were stories told a brigade reunions that are in the documents of those reunions. I need to find the records of the courts marshals and admin. I would like to know more about the flags. I definitely need to find our and add the artillery and other support that helped the brigade in battle. No, I do not know everything, but now you may know how I get a lot of the information.

Become an expert and you can do the same. Note, you do not know everything when you are an expert.

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Bitcoin, Bounce, Bounce

About two weeks ago I had a go around with Mt.Gox and complained they did not have enough personnel to do their work. I was just angry that they were so slow. Then April 10th the whole thing caved in on them. They became completely overloaded  because of the influx of new accounts.

My span of detail has also collapsed. Must slow my thinking down to get this straight,  Here you have a  funnel with three heads. One is the inbound new accounts. The second is inbound money and the third is the exchange of cash of all kinds for bitcoins. The out flow is somewhat easier. Plus you can move Bitcoin from your Mt.Gox account to your personal wallet, with ease. But the new account process was difficult. Not in altogether, but it wanted a picture ID and then a proof of address. Now this data was coming in from all over the world. Each had to be verified, before an account was open. When they reached 20,000 new accounts a day, they could not keep up. And this was not even the money side where the Bitcoin were exchanged.

The amount of exchange also began to exceed their capability to exchange. The system slowed down. Here was the point that caused people to panic. Bitcoin is too new to be really trusted as a currency. When people could not get their money as they needed it (they expected fast), they began to pull their money out. When the big money began to withdraw, the system of Bitcoin went into a spiral. This was new to them. Mt. Gox did not have enough servers and personal to accomplish what was needed. Thus, the system had to be halted to allow a cool off period and for Mt. Gox to regroup. Mt. Gox needs a lot more of everything. But the system needs more exchanges similar or better than Mt. Gox, and then when one has a problem, the system does not have to stop. The World Banks that  supply money to the user banks are many. This is what needs to happen to Bitcoin. Except that the Governmental control of the Money supplies all over the world become a problem. A Government needs more money, it just prints more. But this process is just watering down the total amount of dollars, Yen or Euro. Bitcoin has a specific goal as to amount, and supply. The values is market driven.

Because a Bitcoin can not be reproduced or replicated, the amount of Bitcoins is fixed. They are aware that some will be lost and some will become unavailable in lost wallets, but this is also built into the system. The plan is there will be Bitcoins mined (made) until the year 2021. There will be a fixed amount. All this is at The system also expected that there would be more exchanges. Here is a rub. Mt. Gox is located where the Bitcoin was derived, Tokyo, Japan. As a bank it had a head start on other exchanges. Thus early on it gained an 80% portion of the US market and 70% of the World exchange trades. That means it has exchanged over two Billion dollars in Bitcoins todate.  This rate was small for a couple of years, but then things got out of hand. The total of two billion dollars was reached just a short time ago, but this is becoming an exponential event. The amount of funds build up is speeding up, as is the number of people in the market. Add all this together, and you have the potential for what happened on the 10th.

Mt. Gox and the Bitcoin Foundation called a halt to trading, they said to let things cool off. It also gave Mt. Gox the time to bring more servers and new programs on line. This may have been a needed rest for Mt. Gox, but there is still a need for other exchanges. CoinLab is coming on line in the US, but it is just an extension of Mt. Gox. There needs to be exchanges in several large cities of the world, and hopefully more are on the way. In turn, there needs to be links to the  overall system that keeps track of the Bitcoin and monitors its value.

It is not well defined at this time what and how the value is derived and who is monitor. To be a true world driven system it needs to include all the world. Next there needs to be ways to cover an exchange that is down. Even if its computers are down, the other exchanges must provide cover for the system. Maybe some exchanges will fail. Next the operation and protection of all computers in the system needs to become a prime concern. If someone wants to disrupt the system to cause a sell off which benefits it and then a re-buy that also benefits that company or group, then the system needs a way to prevent such action. Of course the ID and Location that Mt.Gox does is supposed to justify the exchanging person or group. It seems that it can be breached. Thus Bitcoin may also need its own police force, to track crooks world wide who might try to mess with the system. A large group of exchanges is better for preventing a sell off. The system needs more stability because it concerns more than just making money. One exchange can be stopped, but maybe not the whole world of exchanges. But people will have their whole lives savings in the system that must be protected. It can not be like the stock market, where you can be wiped out by the powerful money grubbers.

Individual integrity may be a difficult process. The US is already requiring the collection of more information on exchange users in the US. This takes away some of the freedom that Bitcoin users have sought. It will be interesting to see how this situation resolves. The government says it is to stop money laundering but this government has been known to lie before, It is not hard to take a name and match it with IRS data and know everything about that anonymous  person who was able to conduct business without all the world tracking him. When the name is added to the transaction, then anyone can track both the individual and the transaction. It may sound like I do not understand what is going on, but this is an evolving system and I am only an observer. What I have described here may be only a portion of what really happened and what is going on.

One comment said that this was too difficult to understand and they would never be able to use it. To that I say, if you can use the internet, it is not too difficult. The start is to have your own wallet. A wallet is a secure place to keep your Bitcoin. Like the wallet you carry your money in, but it is digital. You can download your wallet to a disk or memory stick, and it is protected by a password. That password is very important. Also your wallet will have a very long name which is only yours. The blockchain system will not allow duplicate wallets. Your will also have a user name that is used like a email. Money/Bitcoin can be sent to your user name or your wallet address. My wallet address is so long that I have not memorized it. I have it available, so that I can used it by copying it. I also have it on a memory stick, so I can take it with me. Before long, you will be able to use Bitcoin anywhere. It will be needed. Maybe you will carry it on your phone. So you have to remember your password and your user name. You have to keep your address where you can use it. In the wallet is your Bitcoin and your actual wallet register number. It is always in your wallet, so you do not have to remember it, nor do you give it out. Someone else could take your money. This makes you password, important like your on pocket wallet. Protect it.

I have explained how to buy Bitcoin in other places. To use it you enter the amount of money at an e-commerce site, your wallet address. The e-commerce site will have the vendor’s address. Press enter, and the money is transferred. You will almost instantly see a decrease in your wallet. Thus you have made a purchase. The vendor can not do this from his end, only you can make the transfer, thus it is very safe.

A few comments on the sell off on April 10, 2013. Did the Bitcoin bubble burst? No, there was a correction and the value fell to just below $70. Today it is above $100 and has  been as high as $130. Thus it is still stabilizing. This adjustment will go on for days. There will be more adjustments, but the system will evolve to control these adjustments.

Will Bitcoin become the money of the world? We will have to wait and see. It has gained enough importance that it is being reported on TV. One article that I have read was very good, but it did show that they have not read enough on mining to really understand what a Bitcoin is. When a miner takes the Block of Bitcoin provided to it by the Bitcoin Foundation he uses his encryption ability and several computers to spin a digital coin that can not be duplicated. It is encrypted so many times that it is impossible to unravel. That miner is then able to follow his coin and all its transactions. He does not know who is using it or where, but he does know the amount of each transaction and he is able to insure there are no duplicate uses. Thus the Strength of Bitcoin.  More to come.

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The Edge, A Great or Bad Day, Money to be Made, Oh Dear, Oh Dear!

This week end the site went over 230,000 approved comments and was close to 260,000 total comments. Bitcoin is edging toward $200 and the Stock Market is poised! Being both conservative and an optimist causes me to sometimes be at a funny point. I will liken it to being on the edge at the Pali in Hawaii. The wend rushes up the cliff and the wind blows to your back. You are being pushed off the cliff by the wind, but you find that you can not fall for the wind is blowing up with such force, that you can actually lean out over the cliff and not fall. For some the courage required is like that of the toreador but for others it is easy.

Today the winds at our back are an over bought stock market, an ever weakening dollar, inflation and unemployment that are very grossly stated by our government, a weak foreign policy and a governments in North Korea, Iran and Syria that are totally crazy. The winds rushing up the face of the cliff are the strength of Big Oil and Gas, A crazy stock market, the new Bitcoin and the undying American Idea that we can not fail. Are the winds coming up the cliff strong enough to sustain our weight leaning out over the cliff. Will anyone of them falter. Oil and Gas are being inhibited by our government, the stock market is crazy, Bitcoin is new and may just be a safety net, and the American Idea has never been tested in this way.

So what is Obama doing. Is he destroying the American Way? Does his idea of an Islamic Socialism fit what we Americans believe? Can America survive? I will answer that right out. Yes we will survive, but we will be like the prize fighter who had a hard fight. We will be badly marred, but we will survive. What will be the cost? The last President to bet the lives of our countrymen was Lincoln. He felt that he could afford to spend a great number of Americans to save our Union. We all know that the 750,000 or more that died were to many. But when you push a population that is unprepared for famine and a destroyed dollar, it is very possible to go over that figure an approach a total dead of far greater than one million. That will put Obama up there with Genghis Khan, Stalin, Mao and Hitler. First will be the food riots, then troop control, than personal starvation and then revolution. Each will contribute to the total deaths. People died in the 30’s from starvation. They died over time in Appalachia and other places because of National neglect, and to some extent the general population still does not care. They will begin to care when the food riots and dollar failure occur. Then we will see everyone care, but they will be unable to do anything about it. The Government is buying food and ammunition, but not at a rate that will sustain the whole population. Maybe they will have enough bullets to start a revolution, but will they have enough to sustain it and win.

Here, is the one thing that seems to be causing Obama to move with more caution than he desires.  We are an armed population. No other country has been so armed, but also none have been so utterly confused by its government. Our children have been taught green and socialism. Their parents knew patriotism and sacrifice. One thing we do know. Many children love their parents and believe what their parents teach them. The armed population and enough young members that can sustain a war, are a big determent to a despot.  That map of the last election, which showed the major population centers as red and the rural as blue also show the areas where there are food and where there is not food. Food growth is rural. Guns are greatly rural, especially long guns such as rifles.  Also most of the resources come from  rural areas. Gas, oil, electricity, mining all occur in rural areas. With out these resources a city quickly grinds to a halt. The population will also halt and look for food. If they can barter, they will. If not they will try to take by force. Here is the rub for Obama. Can he control this battle, or he just hunker down and wait it out hoping to takeover in the ensuing confusion.  I do not think he will go for an all out fight, for he does not have the full support of the Military against the civilian population. What he does control is the Unions, Acorn, and several agencies that he has manned and armed. Add to this the gangs and rift raft that will fight for food, and he has an Army of sort. If he can contain the Military and fight and in-house fight he will.

We are not a Nation at war, yet. We are a Nation on that brink that I have described. The dollar is sick and will not survive, except should Obama go back on his word and unleash Big Oil and Gas. In that case, the dollar might rebound. It would almost be like backing the dollar with gold. The President will not back Big Oil. He may try to back it without looking like he is backing it. This will give him more time. Without some oil, the economy will falter and stop. There will be food riots and a great loss of the items that people need to survive. With that will come loss of life. Especially among the old. Both the weak and the very old will quickly perish. Next to go are those who are not able to protect themselves, and who have not prepared at all. They will loose their food and the government will run out of food.

Now it will get interesting. Obama has armed himself with the documents so that he can seize any and all stored foods. That means yours, prep-per. He will send out the Union, Acorn along with his special armed government officials and they will take food to feed the population. Of course it will not be enough. He will seize all food farms and areas where fish and other eatable items are found. This will be a tenuous time. The Military will be doing crowd control and general population safety. They will not be protecting you from these thugs. Then it comes to how quickly the population in rural areas can organize. Which side will Sheriff’s come down on. I assume they will side with the local people. Will they become the basis of the urban military. Next who will the Military side with, or will like in the Civil War, will it split and become the basis for both Armies. The same way it inhibited Lincoln, this will inhibit Obama. He will not have the full support of the Military like he does outside the borders.

We the people, in order to establish and maintain, so those words went. Of course we the rural population can use the Constitution as written. Our Government is not using it. I would like to see some areas strengthened.  We need stronger wording in the Judicial side concerning the protection of all. One side would never be protected over the whole population. Nor would the whole be protected over the small group.  It is supposed to be that way now, but any group can complain and automatically cause a shut down of the other side. The Blacks say that they will not allow the Confederate Battle Flag because it denotes slavery and hatred. Now we all know that the attributes denoted are the concerns of people and not flags, but they still stop the use of the flag. Other stupidity is that over church and state. No where in the constitution does it state that there is a separation of church and state. It does say that the government will make no laws. Obama has interpreted that to mean that he can make rules for the common good. So he says, the church will provide certain protections against disease and pregnancy the latter being strictly against church rules. This is under advisement of the court and may be changed, but in fact, it is a bad practice to force the church against its ordinances. We have both interested parties and lawyers, that can figure this out, but we must fix something that can be changed in court by any and every crackpot that comes along.

Do I sound like a Revolutionary? Of course I do. But I am not. I do not want our country to go through this, but our President is bent on destroying our constitution and the way we live. I can not tolerate that.  If what I described is what will happen, so be it. I do not doubt, that in the long run, the rural will win. The cities will dwindle down till few are left. We will be eating and surviving in the rural areas. Long live the farmer! He along with the gun owner is the ultimate patriot.

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There Is a Wildfire, It Is Called, “BITCOIN!”

I know that Bitcoin have been above $66 today. That is way over a one hundred percent increase since the end of February. The simple math is that if you had invested $1 you would now have $2. If it had been $100 then you know the answer already. How about $1000 to $2000. I like that. No, Mother this is not a game.

Bitcoin may be the salvation for many  people in Cyprus and Greece. Then it may save many in Europe. When the Euro dies, many people will also die. Some will have gold or silver or some other currency, but it will be difficult to convert those. With a little preparation now, you can save your money. Start buying Bitcoin now. Continue to use the local currency until it will not buy anything. Then, if you have a nice nest egg in Bitcoin you will survive. You may also have doubled your nest egg. Remember the Dollar will fall soon for our Government is printing money as fast as they can. They want you to use and spend, not save, and not in a way they can not control.

You say you can not buy anything with Bitcoin, but you would be wrong. You can buy many things including medicine on the internet using Botcoin. You can even have it mailed to you. If your mail system is down, then maybe, some of your local stores will be using Bitcoin by then.  It will not be difficult. It is likely that it will be better than credit cards, unless the credit cards start using Bitcoin.

Why do I like Bitcoin. One, it is encrypted currency. No one can copy it and it can only be used in one place at a time. Two, it is valuable because people all over the world are beginning to believe in it and it is not a government currency. Three, In fact when you spend it, everyone can tell some money was spent, but no one but the merchant ant the buyer can tell who did the action. Four, It is very mobile. You can carry it on your phone. We truly are in the digital world.

I do believe that the Bitcoin may even save us from Obama. One thing the Bitcoin can do is make your money invisible and in some ways nontaxable. If everyone moved to Bitcoin the Government would soon be starved for money. Raising taxes would not help, for more money would just disappear.  There are even ways you can disappear completely. You can make a deal with your employer for him to pay you in Bitcoin. He would not have to pay payroll taxes because no one could prove he was paying anyone. Also by paying a little more, you could pay your own health care,  This has unbelievable ramifications. No, some of it may not be legal, but then no one can prove you are being paid. I thought of a way to encrypt a saying that would prove you were guilty. Use it for your wallet password. By the constitution they can not make you incriminate yourself, thus the government could not access your wallet. There are also many more solutions.  The end result is that you could along with your countrymen, bankrupt your country, without hurting yourself. Thus we could bring government under control.

The key, everyone has to start using Bitcoin. That alone will drive the value up while reducing the governments take. Also businesses would race to start accepting Bitcoin. The dollar would rapidly fall in value. Thus the government would fall even more.  Finally we could return to the small government our constitution envisions. Maybe we could even get congress pay under control.

How do you do this. To get started go to and read. Next get a wallet. It is something similar to those wallets you  had in msn. But this wallet is supper encrypted. I have even heard that people encrypt their password several times. This virtually makes it impossible for someone to have his wallet stolen. Then you can go into some elaborate system to hid the password. A note: Many passwords are lost and the wallet can not be opened.  Bitcoin even anticipates this and realizes that some Bitcoin will be lost to use. Since it is not a bank or government document it is not something that can be recovered. So keeping your password and your wallet address become super important.

Next we need Bitcoin. Of course that takes money. You can withdraw some from your bank, and contact for a deposit to transmit the money to one of the Bitcoin companies that sell Bitcoin. The biggest is (MT Gox) a Japanese company that sells Bitcoin. It will soon have a stateside version ( that will sell in the US and Canada. It should also make money transfer easier. I have tried Bitinstant, Bank Wire transfer, and The latter is easier, but it is slow.

wire is expensive. Dwolla cost one quarter per use. Bit instant and wire can get you Bitcoin in hours. There are many more ways and you may find one better. CoinLab will be available by the end of April which will greatly help, but the price of Bitcoin is going up fast. I hope it hurries.  Till this I will keep using MT Gox.

Now, you have some Bitcoin and you can keep it in your Mt Gox wallet or you can move it to your on personal wallet. Some people even keep their wallet on a memory stick or a separate hard disk or disc. What ever makes you feel good. Mine is at Blockchain.Info where I feel it is safe so long as I keep my password and access safe. One of the early users of Bitcoin had his wallet hacked, and another lost large amounts of Bitcoin. The guy that was hacked had left his password on his computer. They got to him very easy. I have mine in a encrypted file box in one  of my computers. The password is in a secure hiding place. Thus I do not expect to lose mine nor have it hacked. There are encryption programs online for sale and free. Microsoft even has a file secure encryption program. The main thing is be safe, secure your password and wallet.

At a web store you can purchase almost anything. The merchant will provide his wallet, and you deposit the amount from your wallet. I find scanning my wallet is easy and I retain the password. I enter the amount and my wallet and the transfer is made. Transferring money from Mt Gox to my wallet is similar. If you have your wallet on your smart phone this is very easy.

What else can you do? I am told you can buy illegal drugs and legal drugs. Drugs not available in your state or country, but in another. You can purchase online and it will arrive in the mail. There is no money trail, thus if questioned, you just say you have no knowledge. If you are my age, getting drugs at a price that I can afford is important. This will make it very easy. Are your parents old and spending hundreds of dollars for medicines. You can buy them in Belize or Denmark or other places where the medicine is cheap, then have it mailed to your parents. They will appreciate it.

The Silk Road (Black Market) is a little harder to find, but you will also need to be more invisible. Go to the and download their browser. It will place some but not many, restrictions to the way you use the browser. What is its benefit? This system bounces you search all over the world. No one can follow you and it it legal. How you get to Silk Road and to spend your Bitcoin, I do not know, but you are close.  There is also the gray market where the medicines are sold. It is smart not to be followed when buying medicines at prices not allowed in the US. Enough said. Again I have not done this but I have heard.

You can buy thousands of legitimate items items on the internet and the stores are taking Bitcoins. You can also gamble. Many online casinos are taking Bitcoin. Some convert them back to dollars or the local currency, but you remain somewhat secure. Some places like to stop money laundering, Others use Bitcoin all the way and your identity is secure. Again I do not know for sure for I have not gambled since Vietnam.

This is a quick course in Bitcoin. I am also a beginner but I may be ahead of you and this might help. The main thing is to get buying Bitcoins because they are going up in value and you can not help but win. Price on February 28 – $30.  Price tonight $65.50. Go!

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Bobbals, Bangles and Bitcoin

I wish I was not so tied to this blog. There is so much to see, learn and to do on the internet, and I do not mean blog hop. I have bought some of the new digital currency, opened a wallet, and have started to disappear. What did he say? Yes, I said disappear. I went to the Tor project and learned how to start to disappear. I bought some bitcoin and continue to disappear. You see, Bitcoin is digitally encrypted, and in some respects is not even associated with you. Only when you put coins in your wallet, does it show something happened. If I do it while browsing in TOR the answer is difficult. You see, like the movies, your browsing is bounced from many sites around the world,thus you are lost to someone following your browsing patterns. With encrypted coins and no one knowing you location, you are disappearing.

A little more on Bitcoin. This digitally encrypted money is growing very quickly. Just over a year ago, a coin was worth a dime. Today one Bitcoin is equal to 31.18 USD. Had you had 2000 USD in Bitcoin back in 2010 and held it, today it would be worth, I think, over 600,000 USD. I am not a mathematician, so this can be off, but all in all you would have made a lot of money. You need to look at Bitcoin, Bitinstant, MtGox, and I think Bitstamp in Europe. This is not an American coin. It is a world coin, and is being traded in all currencies, around the world. If you can get on line you can buy Bitcoin and either save, or you can use it to buy. I would bet you can either have someone else buy it on line and put it in your wallet. Then you wallet can be put on a memory stick and you could carry it like a credit card. Like most things good, the bad sees it first. A place called Silk Road sells drugs and uses Bitcoins. You can also gamble with bitcoin. But there are also many business that operate in what is called the gray market. They sell legitimate products but may not have a good market where they are. Some are illegal where they are, but not where you are. These people are also using Bitcoin. A world market is growing and a world digital currency is also growing that is not tied to any bank, government, country or the UN. In this respect it is very amazing. For years we have been under the yoke of banks and government bureaucracies. Now through someone’s invention we have a currency that may be unbelievable in that it is less expensive, spendable in all countries, crosses borders without tariff, goes through currency exchange, many times without charges or fees. Here is something we have needed for a long time, and we sit back and wait to see if it is real. Sure a lot of the early guys are rich. But that is relatively unimportant. What is important, is that we have something that is truly good for the whole world. Everyone needs to buy some coins, to hold and to learn. As we use these Bitcoins the problems will be ironed out and the digital currency will become usable everywhere. There are thousands of stores now, but we need millions for the currency to be safe. It already seems secure, because of its encryption.

With a safe currency, the people in Europe will be able to protect their wealth. Maybe not the EURO but at least there personal money. Today you can board a plane with no money of any kind, go to another country, and whip out your address, and obtain bitcoin with your wallet, and buy the currency of that country, buy items, even gold or silver if that is legal. If you have no bitcoin and your money is in another country, it is not impossible to get your money, but it will take a few days. You have to set up transfers between banks and wait till the process is done. There will also be many fees. Bitcoin solves many of these problems.

Some of Silk Road drugs are those that are expensive or not obtainable in our country. Through Silk Road and Bitcoin you can safely buy the items you need. Silk Road has many shops selling Marijuana. In fact almost 15% of the sales are for MJ, weed or what ever you call it. It is mailed in a plain package to your door. If caught by the police, the quantity is small and you can say that it was mailed to you in error, as you did not want it. The police can not prove you bought it because you used Silk Road, TOR and Bitcoin. I do not suggest you do this, because in 77 years I have only use drugs for my knee replacements and a couple of cancer operations. I do not and have not use recreational drugs. The illustration is there for those that need pills not found here or where ever you are.

Why do I bring up disappearing? We live in a state of struggle between right and wrong, that is not paralleled in history. Through out the world we are being taxed by governments to the extent that individualism is destroyed. Only by changing the way we function as a society can we survive. We must protect our money and our independence. We can do this by protecting our self on the web. We can become invisible and do our business in any way we want. The fact that you can circumnavigate taxes and fees that the Government has set up is not our problem. If you want to pay taxes do so. But most of us feel that our money is ours, and not to be given to someone else, who chooses not to work. Redistribution of wealth is a socialist term. When you work for something, you should not have to give it to someone who did not work,

The biggest value of the Bitcoin may be when the Dollar and EURO die. And die they will because many countries are printing money as fast as they can to pay bills. This printing of money is causing the purchase capability of the Dollar to inflate at a rate that will destroy everyone. The Bitcoin is not a government product. It is a market driven currency and allows people of all countries to protect themselves, as they purchase Bitcoin as a hedge against the inflation. Bitcoin will rise in value do to use and market demand. It is not affected when one currency goes viral and out of control. Its value is constant. It may decrease in value, as it grows as a currency, but it will not go to zero, except the one case where everyone stopped believing in the system and stopped using it. So long as  people believe, it will continue to exist.

So go Google Bitcoin or what ever browser you use. See what it is. Follow the links that are available. Learn how to use it. Get a wallet. They are free. If it cost, go where they are free. I had to get out of my fur lined fox hole and go to a CVS drug store to deposit money to buy my first Bitcoin. I need to learn more, so I can do it from home. I also need to learn how to use them to pay a bill.  I have a lot to learn, but it is fun.

I did learn one thing. You can now donate to my wallet. My address is 15X9mauouMWoW53i6X6GdY3KfAFifqCdJx

You can send Bitcoin to that address. Thank you. Boy, you do go down hill in your old age.

Today, is two days later and the Bitcoin is now at 34.60 had has been as high as $34.99. That is a $3.42 rise in two days. We may be in the biggest wealth transfer in history. If you had bough a $1000 worth of Bitcoin at this price that is 32.07184 Bitcoin. You would now have $1,1o9.6856 or $109.69 in two days. Do that for one year and you would have $199, 743.40. Nice gain for a $1000 dollars. Will it continue to grow? Now is the time to look. What is it one bit coin might make as much as $547.20. Not bad for a $31.18 investment.  I do not suggest you do this investment, but it is certainly worth a look with the dollar dying.



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Thoughts on Valentine’s Day and Our Country!

Closing in on my 40th wedding anniversary, so Valentine’s Day has relative importance. No we do not get all gushy and trade candy and all, but we do express our love in different ways. My wife has found e-commerce and enjoys looking at jewelery and fashion on the line. My wife will pull me from my self induced trance looking at comments or writing, to look at a neck-less or ring. She usually is having problems with the input for paying or some such, so I will be forced to help in that. Around Valentine’s Day she will find something she likes and buy it. Thus I have bought he a Gift. It is interesting, for if the price is more than normal, I will not be told. Other wise I will hear that the gift cost $27.99 on sale or some such comment.

It seldom changes. As for me, my gift may be the joy of taking her to Chilli’s or some other restaurant. Not that I need anything. My preference is to be left alone to write or read. But what of our children. The Oldest daughter wants a nice dinner with wine and all the trimmings. It can be at home or a restaurant but needs to be nice. The second and third daughters, like Valentines Day with all the trimmings. They need the candy, flowers and dinner. The youngest daughter, 38, likes a nice night out with friends. She is on a diet, so it is not so important on the restaurant, just that it have nice salads and good drinks. Her two girls need Valentine’s Cards and a ring or bracelet, not expensive. Their brother Joey is eleven so he is just getting into computers and does not need girls or Valentines.

But my real love needs a lot more. She is slightly under 237 years old, and has certainly been mistreated. She wants to have Valentines with the trimmings. Great quantities of commerce with everyone having success and businesses just humming. She likes the niceties like old time religion and great quantities of patriotism. She misses the singers like Kate Smith who sang her song so well.

But what does she get today. There is a lot of commercialism, with the selling of flowers and candy and cards. But the people are different. Many do not have a clue about America. We hear stories about kids being kicked out of school for chanting “USA, USA, USA” at a basketball game. Seems there are a large number of Latino students in the school, and the administrators felt the USA chant was racial. Wearing USA flag t-shirts is also for bidden but you can fly a US Flag upside down under a Mexican Flag. That is OK. It may well be. The US is in distress. The upside down flag is a sign of distress. And the distress will continue. The assault on our Constitution by the Left, the control freaks who want to run our lives from birth to death, spend every dollar we make, and take the right to choose from us along with most of our other rights, will continue. They will not stop until we are down and out. One description I have heard this morning, is that Obama is the attack dog, and he is able to sway most of those who are his followers. He is now working on the rest. He wants people to give up and come over to his way. When he has enough control, he will take the rest by force.

I resist this and hope you do too. Will we win? At this point the only way we might win is by a Civil War now, before this thing destroys America, completely. He does not care about America. He rolled out a laundry list of things that he wants to do this year. All require money. WE HAVE NO MONEY. Every dollar we spend, more than half was borrowed. Continuing this will take America to total ruin.

Happy Valentines! That is almost a joke. We still can have happy times, except if we think about what is going on behind the scenes, one can get sick. The Treasurer of the United States prints more money. He is creating money. He pays this to the Federal Reserve System to pay the current bills for the running of America. He also collects taxes to pay the interest on money that the borrows. Each dollar printed lowers the value of the overall dollar. At some point the actual dollar will equal the value of the new printed dollars, and when we go to the market to get our food, it will cost more dollars than we have. That box of Valentine Chocolates will cost thousands of dollars. Will we buy then, will any of us be able to buy. The answer is no.

Then we will think about those preppers that we saw on TV. We will understand what they saw and were preparing for in their harried collection. At that point those people who bought gold will become very rich, until, the Government regulates Gold and Silver. As they came to take our Guns the Government will come to take Gold and Silver. Nor will they give you its true worth. They will give you a large bucket of those worthless dollars. Is this not just the most wonderful time. Don’t worry. The preppers will also be raided. Government collectors will come and collect their excess. The Government will define excess. Again they will be paid with the worthless dollars. Then we will all be in the same boat, up “THAT” creek without a paddle.

We must stop any of the actions by the Government that are in direct contradiction of the Constitution. Begin with the Second Amendment. We must not let Government take our Guns. Without weapons, we can not keep them from taking everything we have. I, as a Precinct Chair and Judge, may start my own Militia. Then everyone who wants can join, and retain their guns and Ammo. We must support the people under attack. Do not let the Government destroy someone and sit by and watch. Help that person. We got here by helping each other.

The Government is destroying Religion in America. Do not consider Islam as a religion. It is a way of life that takes all that you have and gives it to the religion. Then you are allowed to have based on your participation in the religion. Step back lady. Men first. The Religious portion of Islam may have its value, but the portion that prevents me from freely practicing my Religion, is wrong. I can not change my view of that. I believe in Jesus Christ. Not Mohammad, who seems to have been a thief for a lot of his life. He reverted to Religion, he said he received direction to make his religion first and all other religions would be second or not exist.

This basic problem of Religion for Islam is similar to what I see Obama is trying to do to America. If you do not believe his way you are not allowed to exist. Now is the time to Resist. Maybe it is the time to fight. We can not wait till the Government has us down. For a while we stopped Communism but It still may be a problem. We stopped it or slowed it by fighting. Now we have Islam, Socialism, Communism all at our door, and we are supposed to lay down. Obama is beginning to resemble the Anti-Christ. Maybe we are getting close to the End Times of the Bible. But I do know that we must continue to fight anything that tries to prevent our religion. We must continue to live good lives and help each other. We must do our best. We must work for a better life. It is not something we get for nothing.

Why do I talk like this? Because in 1933 a man in Germany led his people down a wrong road. In the process he killed 14 million people. In Russia more were killed in the name of Government. In China even more perished under two happenings. First the Japanese and then the Communist Government. We do not know how many millions died.

But Governments must be controlled and kept small. When small they do not cost as much and they do not cause as much trouble. I like the amendment that is being proposed to end the life time salary for Congressmen. Also they would be able to make no laws that did not also pertain to them. They would also be subject to being removed from office after a few years. These rules alone would save billions. I also feel there should be total restraint of vacations and retreats paid for by the people. During Truman’s time he paid for his on cost and did not have Federal Agents when he left office. The Local governments can build the roads and systems to help the people. Not the Federal Government. We must control Government. We must keep an eye on Obama. Government must be responsive to the people, not over the people. We the People Deserve Better Government.

Oh, by the way, Happy Valentines. And the ladies that want me to stop writing these war like pieces. As a Soldier, I guaranteed your right to have peace. And Peace through out history has been purchased with blood, of the Soldiers. When we have peace without Soldiers, people die, because someone is over controlling.

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