Mt Gox, A Viable Exchange?

Lately, I have talked about That exchange now seems to have disappeared. Not reputable. Well I lost a little. I am using Coinbase, Vircurex, Btc-E, and a couple of more. Now Mt Gox. This morning it has disappeared from its offices. It apparently moved for self protection. The sell off that they have had because of some lost Bitcoin, has all but destroyed them. I see there is one document that says there assets are one third their debt. That is a tough road to hoe, and Mt Gox may not survive. Now we have to see why it happened and how the collective we can prevent it in the future. At least, I did not have a Wallet at Mt Gox.

Why we? We are Bitcoin. Not governments or regulating agencies. If we cause things to occur, the use of Bitcoin and other digital coins will survive. I look at some of the other digital coins. DGC, digital coin is small. But it is traded. Some other, smaller coins are very active. I wonder why. Then basically I understand. At micro pennies, you can not lose much, but you stand to gain alot, if it takes off. It has to be fun, like penny anie poker. How can we manage the market? Now that is a good question. Even the US Government can not influence the market. It can feed it by making money, but little else. Each week they try to encourage it, but only the little investors stir. The big money makers and Hedge Funds do not move. They wait for the big moves, up or down. That is when money is made.

But we can look at the other exchanges. Today, Bitstamp is at 503.2; Mt Gox at 137; BTC-E at 507 and Camp.BX at 650.01. The volume of exchange has moved to Bitstamp and BTC-E. Now 506 is not the 1200 of Bitcoin at its height, but it is well above it lows. It looks like the volume and the price are both healthy. I like Bitstamp and BTC-E. I have not used CAMP.BX. I like Virxurex for other digital coins and it does sell Bitcoin, but is more difficult to buy from the US, therefore I use Coinbase. Are any of these the best? As I like to say, only the Market knows.

These exchanges say they are well, but the market is not well. There are companies like Mt Gox that need fixing or new owners. Also, I hear that there are hackers that are using something called a pony. This rides with your browser and relays everything you do, passwords and access to the hacker. Thus, do not keep your wallets on your computer. Use high security wallets online that protect your assets. When you leave your computer remove your memory stick and make sure your passwords are not on your computer.

I can see the internet is in need of some aggressive security. I like to think of some of the syfi stories about security that operated online in a virtual mode and went after the hackers. When they found then them, they destroyed them in place. You could almost see the hacker being shot, though that was not possible, but the computers were destroyed. Yeah for our side. Now I am dreaming!

But this is where we need to go. I hope the Bitcoin Foundation Council, minus one, the Mt Gox representative resigned, will consider going in the policing direction and ask us for funding. They could even tax Bitcoin exchanges at some point, say BTC0.00000001 at that rate. If that provided enough revenue, great. If not raise it to 2. And then 3. It would not take long to build an online police force to get rid of bad hackers. We need some good hackers to advance the web, and to be policemen.

Also, I can see where each major exchange need to sit on the Bitcoin Foundation, along with some minor exchanges based on revenue and acceptance by US. We could vote. We all have access and could register our desires. We can now, but we can not control the Bitcoin itself. We can only influence.

I will not make this long. I see too many Bitcoin articles that are way to long. I am thinking about making future comments at VIMBRA. That way everyone can comment and make corrections and additions. Interesting website. It is new but interesting.

Comments (2) Questionable Exchange

Of the several exchanges that I have used, seems to be the only one that is really questionable in its business model and mode of operation. To call itself an exchange and then not provide the function of exchange, is beyond reason.

To take someones’ money and then not allow them access to me is out right theft. I am not sure whether the site has access to the coins in my wallet, but I know that I do not. I have not had access to over $2000 for over a month. This to me is not acceptable. I have lost both Digital Coin and Lite Coin. Basically when you do not have access the ability to protect the value of your investment, degrades by the day.

After extensive effort to get my coin, it has now reached the point that the site administrator does not even answer my email. What he will lose in gaining a bad name and disrespect from his fellow business users is more than he has gained by not maintaining at least some contact to show concern that I have been wronged by his site.

I used the site coinEX basically to purchase Digital Coin. I bought some Litecoin because it was at a price and it was easier to buy at coinEX rather than go to another site. BAD CHOICE! I am not denied my money and have had to resort to writing and warning others that this site is not worthy of use and not trustworthy with any ones’ money.

If you have comment or wish to add your displeasure with coinEX please add a comment. If you wish to add a positive note or to give me direction to regain my coin, please add a comment.

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Of all the exchanges for digital coins that I have visited, is the first that has tried to rip me off. Not one of the many pirates on the waves, but the exchange itself.

I bought some Digital Coin DGC and some Litecoin LTC at coinEX and was very happy with the whole process. When I entered the site a few times, I had minor problems. Finally, the site would not except my password. I had not forgot it, it was written down. I sent a message to the site manager “captainfuture” . He said at first there were no problems. At the site, I was entering the password, then asking to reset the password and an email was to be sent to me. Funny thing is the site can not send me an email, but captainfuture can. After a week or more of waiting I tried again, hoping things were fixed. Again, the same response. This time in a direct email to captainfuture he said that he could not send me an email with the password or send me my coins. I even gave him new digital mailboxes for LTC and DGC.

This cost to me is over $2000. The cost to Captainfuture when I stop writing blogs about his poor site and its danger to the general community, will Im sure be more than $2000. Why would a site try to become and exchange to make money, and then gyp people of their coin.

If you are having trouble with this site, please comment to this blog. I will certainly write about it under the same heading.

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Ross Brigade, December 1862 and Today

On this day in December 1862, the Whitfield Brigade had just received their horses back from Texas. The 9th was still in the line acting as an Infantry regiment. The 6th had received their horses first and were quickly becoming Cavalrymen again. They had already been in a small skirmish and were ready for anything.

Lieutenant Colonel Griffith of the 6th was the Acting Brigade Commander. Colonel Whitfield had been wounded at Iuka, Colonel Ross had gone to Texas on leave to recoup from his having horses shot from beneath him at Corinth and to rest from his malaria. Griffith had been a militia commander in Texas and was seasoned compared to the other 4 regimental acting commanders. When General Pemberton asked for targets or operations that might help his command, Griffith came up with an idea of severing the supply lines of Grant, thus greatly slowing his progress in Mississippi. He talked this plan over with his fellow regimental commanders and sent his plan, indorsed by the regimental commanders of the new Texas Cavalry Brigade, to Pemberton at Vicksburg.

Winter in Mississippi can be very cold one day and very warm the next. When I was there two years ago, it was hot at Jackson. I was in my wool Cavalry uniform and went to mark the grave of Lieutenant Colonel Henry W. Bridges, who had been the Company Commander of my Great Grandfather. I was sweating in the wool. It is normally humid and is not the best place for troops to winter but it is better than many areas of the North, but the troops were in good spirit and ready for a good battle. They were brushing up on cavalry tactics and replenishing their supplies and gear for the up coming winter and any battle that might occur. That the senior commanders were absent was not a problem, for the troops liked all of their seniors, as they had elected them.

General Pemberton saw merit in Griffith’s plan and added some marks of his own. He asked that Colonel Forrest conduct a similar operation in north west Tennessee at the same time. The timing was for the last two weeks in December. The call went out on the 14th of December for the Regiments to meet at General Van Dorn’s headquarters. Thus on the 15th a corps of three brigades left Granada on a raid. On the morning of the 20th the corps destroyed the depot at Holly Springs, capturing over 1000 troops and over a million dollars in arms and supplies. The troops left well provisioned and in good spirits. The next day they attacked a fort at Davis Mills, without success. They moved on and managed to win some small battles and destroyed several miles of railroad and bridges and equipment. They arrived back in Jackson on December 29th, 1862.

The two raids combined cause General Grant to regroup and start over in his assault on Mississippi. With a great loss in materials and supplies, the Union Army was forced to forage off the land. This cause great hardship on the people of Tennessee and Mississippi. The Union troops left the people with nothing in the middle of winter, and often burnt the homes in which they lived. The only solace, is the Union Army of Mississippi also suffered. They were short of rations and supplies. To some degree they were in the same condition as the southern troops. The raids probably caused the war to be 6 to 8 months longer. We know that Grant did not capture Vicksburg until July 1863, while his plans were for a winter 1862 capture.

Though the members of The Texas Cavalry Brigade, were well provisioned after the raid, they soon left Mississippi during a period of heavy rain and moved several hundred miles into Middle Tennessee. By March they were operating near Spring Hill Tennessee.

Because the South lost the War, the Holly Springs raid is down played by the Union. It receives little praise for it success and that it delayed the War’s end. The wars in Europe lauded the success of Napolian but really like his Waterloo. Why is the War in America any different. The difference, lies in the cause. The Union says the War was fought over slavery. We in the South fought to protect our new nation from Northern aggression. The South had other reasons for fighting such as the high taxes and the rights of the individual states, but the invasion of the South by Northern troops was the biggest call to arms. Linclon’s reason for fighting the war, was to keep the Union intact. He knew that his power lay in the number of states in the Union. To have it decreased by thirteen or more states, would have been a blow to his presidency. He had never expressed any support of the end of slavery. Only when it became a tool of war, to impact the Southern states did he use it. Even then he did not include the freedom to Union controlled areas and states.

Here is where history is being rewritten to give it a different slant than it had in 1861. Only the Abolitionist desired to end slavery in 8161. They did not believe that blacks were equal, only that they deserved freedom. The ideas expressed today and those of 1861 are vastly different. The manner that blacks demand an extort with terms like racist, and extreme terminology are extreme today, but in 1861 it would have cause their death. It is a sad state that we have come to. When one race can extort another, we have only come full circle, and the other race is now in slavery. The black leaders will get a group of preachers and legislatures and a group of agitators, and force their way. They will yell down other groups and the newspapers will support them. Thus freedom is gone. It has died a new death, for America will never return to the greatness it once had. Even the definition of that greatness is gone.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans has now become the Great Grandsons and Great Great, but we are still committed to the charge given by Stephen Dill Lee at one of the Reunions at the end of the 19 Century. He asked that we maintain watch over the Southern Way and help to remember the sacrifice of the Southern Cause. It was his desire that we remember. For some in the North, they want to reeducate the Southerner to believe that we were wrong, and that everything we believed was wrong. The fact that the Constitution supported the Southern cause makes no difference. The fact that we were both Americans, by definition, is not relevant. Because the North wore down the Southern Army, had more men, had more materials, the South has to believe everything that the North does. General Lee said had he known of reconstruction, he would not have surrendered. Many of the South still fight on, but many others have been beat down by political correctness and green propaganda. It is easier to join them than to fight them. To some degree the same is true of Obamacare. Even though we know that it is no good, many of us still will join in the program and support it. This healthcare act is the most socialist oriented act ever enacted in America and greatly taxes the people and redistributes the wealth of the nation.

The attack on the South continues, but the attack on America is now at its zenith. We do not know the true nature of this attack nor who the real leader is. Many say it is George Soros, but we do not really know. At every point, we see the American way being destroyed. The Constitution is being dismantled before our eyes. Our very way of life is being taken away from us, and few really care. They have been charmed by the government with its free gifts of money and things, without being required to work. We are watching the end of our great Nation, and we do nothing, but send emails and write blogs. Some Text or socialize but direct action is from few. Even the Tea Party can not get all of its members to really react and try to stop the destruction.

It is sad that the destruction of the South was the start of the destruction of America.

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Ross Brigade, Who Ever Pulls the Strings, Ruins the Show!

When you watch a debacle such as the Government shut down this last week, and then see the Vice President on the steps greeting the Government workers returning to work after two weeks off. It makes you sick. We watch our tax dollars being wasted, while grown men play, and pretend that they govern.

How can you run up a bill of 17 trillion dollars. The truth is, you, do not. In fact even $10,000 would put you or me in the poor house. Some people do more by using several credit cards for several different banks, but even then they run up against the wall and loose it all. But oh no, not the government. They can go on making money out of thin air, and spending it over and over again, and never have to pay the piper. Who pays? We the tax payer. And we will pay when the government falls. The government has assumed a great amount of food and weapons, and has nice billets and probably power supplies so that they can continue to live in luxury, while we just struggle to live. It was obvious that Vice President had missed all those government workers. They probably made his life much easier, thus he was happy to see their return. And of course we were glad to hear that they would be given the pay that they had not been paid for two weeks. Are we not a great nation. We make sure over paid government workers do no lack. Of course they do not care about those that they put out with policies against the people during the shut down. No that is not important.

We, meaning I, keep hearing that the programs used to set up Obamacare, are greatly lacking and are of very poor quality. In many respects they do not work. People can not easily get their health care. But the important thing, the program has started and thousands of Obama supporters are being paid to run a government program, that is becoming a joke. More government workers. I keep hearing that over 900 thousand government workers were laid off. That many people out of two weeks pay would have added up to a large part of the debt. Maybe 1 percent. Probably less.

When I ran a small department at the US Army Engineer School, I found it very difficult to get the workers that I had to work. Soldiers would work, but had to be supervised. One GS9 inspector I had just had no get up and go. He had been unsupervised for too long. It took several weeks to get him going, and even then it took more time to keep him working.

At the US Sergeants Major Academy at El Paso, my logistics department ran well. I did have one GS9 property clerk, who felt she did not have to do as her job description had required. She file a complaint that were were abusing her. It went to Department of the Army. I was prepared to defend it to the max. I was told by the Commanding General at Ft Bliss, that I was to stand down and let it go. He did not have the money to fight her complaint. The woman was transferred to another agency, given back pay and allowed to continue to do nothing. The Army, the other services, the government is rife with these people who do nothing.

One of the members of my Architecture class, was hired by HUD after graduation. He was working in Washington DC. Before long, he found that no one ever checked to see if he was working. He would come to work, hang up his coat, place a pair of glasses on a paper on his disk, turn on the light and all would look like he had just left his disk. In reality, he was several blocks away, renovating brown stone apartment buildings. He would buy, gut the building, modernize and secure the buildings and then rent them out as apartments which were greatly in demand, due to its closeness to the capitol. He did several, before leaving HUD and moving to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where he opened an gallery and displayed his and other art for sale. His apartments in DC financed his operation. Is not our government great.

The Congress has been levered to give government workers, its own retirement system and medical. They have reached the point that they are paid more than their civilian counterparts. In the TV we see government workers working very hard. In actual practice, they do not. Or in a lot of cases, they are working on things that are not needed. They draw up rules and regulations for businesses that they do not understand. The result is a more difficult environment for businesses to work.

They have destroyed the coal industry and are working to destroy the oil industry. The quantity of rules and regulations created, cause business to have to open departments, just to take care of government regulations. Nearly all business have departments for taxes, and many have departments for other government regulations.

All this at your and my pay. We are taxed to pay the government workers. In turn they make regulations which cause businesses to have departments and rules that increase their cost. This is passed on to us. Thus were are taxed again.

The conservative, Tea Party, is working to reduce the size of government, to reduce the rules, and to make government as a whole smaller. Thus they are trying to cut our tax burden. Of course the beast, Government, is fighting the Tea Party. For to become smaller, they would have to admit that they, the Government were wrong. And we all know that the Government never admits that it is wrong. The average Tea Party Patriot is a normal conservative adult, who wants the best for his family and children. This week I have heard them call all kinds of names and their representatives even called terrorist. The people calling the names seem to be media. But we all know that media represents us. Why would they be doing this, unless they have gone to bed with the politicians, both parties, to work against all the people who want conservative smaller government.

The Government changes labels at its convenience. For years we paid into a system called social security. We paid 7 1/2 percent of our pay and our employer paid another 7 1/2 percent for a total of fifteen percent of our wages each year went into a kitty for our retirement. Obama had declared that this is an entitlement. Something the Government gives us. In the statement above did I say that the government put in one penny? No. The government just held it until our retirement. For years this fund did grow, until one day, the government noticed it. My that is a lot of money, going to waste. So they changed the law, so that they could borrow from the fund. Of course, they, meaning us, would pay interest. This would help the fund grow. But know the fund is running out. How can that be? The problem is the government borrowed it down so low, that it was making nothing.

Another point to ponder, is the guy who pays in all his life and then dies at age 65. That money was his and the money paid by his employer was his. Where did it go. Is the government actually enjoying its great life, of free medical, cars, expenses, and all other kinds of good things, at our expense. Why should this money go to the government. In a similar manner, I pay taxes all my life, and then when I die, the government taxes what I have and my family gets to pay from their inheritance. Is this right.

Government has got to big, and big business has got to big. We need to downsize to where we can afford them. Only government says we need all these things. Of course when you start giving out free food, free phones, free everything. It does not take long before there is a line to collect these items. The problem is, the Government has no money. Only we the people have money. So the government is giving away our money, without our permission. They say, oh no. You gave us your permission through you representative. Did I say my representative could do this. No. But over time the lawyers have figured out, that they could add little amendments to bills which no one would notice or read. These were the give a ways. It has now got so far out of hand, that in the start up of the government this week, Mitch somebody received 3 billion for his state to do some project. Of course everyone approved it.

We are coming to the end of this give a way. Both the public and government are running out of credit. Now the FED keeps printing money, but each day it is worth less. Someday, the people who loan the money will say, dollars are not good. We prefer gold or silver. Of course over time our government and the FED have given a way or used up all the gold and silver. At that point the dollar will hit zero in value. I keep saying we are getting close. I wrote several blogs about the Bitcoin. When I started buying Bitcoin they cost $10. This morning they have reached $195 for the second time. Now they could go down in value again, but each time the bottom is higher. The first time it was about $70. The bottom the next time will be higher, because there is so much money in the system. At some point the Bitcoin will start up and go until it is worth over $1000 or more. It will never come back to its lowest value, until it is replaced with some other money in the far future. We will forget the dollar.

Let us hope we can forget big government. The time has come for us to have what we can pay for and no more. The size of government has to be set relative to the size of the paying population. Non paying people should not be able to vote. The Social Security should be in the hands of the people. Where the people have controlled there own retirement funds, those funds have prospered. Where Unions and Government have worked together, the people have been robbed. Government has to be controlled. Legislators must be controlled. At all levels this is necessary, and recall and voice of the people are important portions of the government. Do not trust lawyers working together to work for the people. Lawyers work for themselves.

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9-11 and One Year Later, Do We Care

Twelve years after the Twin Towers fell and one year after Benghazi and the real problem has not been addressed nor solved. A war was fought to punish Radical Islam. Thousands have died and the root problem still exists. The Islamic law states that Christians should be subverted and Non-believers punished. I do not know the exact wording, but the actions go on in Syria. Christians are killed and Churches burned, for what purpose. I can not believe that a God is so petty as to require others to die to appease his greatness. What a small God. My God ask only that we love him. He does not ask that we kill others for his name.

America went after the radicals that killed over 3000 people. It was not after the Islamic Faith nor its people. Our President even stated this. But after 12 years the fact remains that the word of the religion, Islam, wants non-believers destroyed. I say after 12 years, but it is actually after 1600 years. We have fought Islam since the Crusades. We fought them in the 1800′s, when the Marines went into Libya. We have fought them in countless actions around the world concerning our Embassies and our bases. Even our ships have been attacked. Thousands of Americans have died and many thousands of Islamic Radicals have died to no end. This does not even take into account the hundreds of thousands that have died because they were there where the battles or bombs took place. They say we or they have created Martyrs, but in fact we have only killed miss led young men who died in vain or poor people who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. It is very sad.

It is sad that we have to send our soldiers to fight a people who are led by a few who are so wrong. Religious leaders that take the word written in 300 AD and applying it to their people with such hatred. They have guided their people much like the socialist have tried to control the poor. They have required the marriage of first cousins, which does nothing but cause a weakening of the gene pool and a lessening of the mental ability of its people. Of course they say this is not true, and get around it buy marrying more than one wife. Both the people of socialism and of Islam are led by the elite who seek to control. It has little to do with religion or mankind, only with control. One who considers himself better than those under him fall into the elite. All others become believers or followers. Most do not know why, except for the word of religion or the word of the elite, do they follow.

Our Bible ask only that you believe. It does not command. It does not require. The Bible is not a concise book to explain our religion. It is more a History and many books brought together. Many do not truly fit, but they still apply to the end. Love your fellow man, care for the weak and poor. Help all others, turn the other cheek.

Because of this the Islamic faith has required the Christian to to subvert themselves to Islam or that they be destroyed, have we come to the great war that is underway. The Christian has yet to admit that this is war, because they do not believe that they are called by their religion to fight against Islam. Maybe they are right. Only God knows. But we do know that when Jesus Christ returns to the earth to fight the final fight against wrong, we will be called to fight with him. Is this the fight too come?

As I watch the names being read and the somber ceremonies of 9-11, I am sad. I do remember those who I watched die on that day. I normally do not watch TV during the day, but that day, I had to turn on the TV. I did not know why, but I quickly understood. I was a witness. Like thousands of Americans, we Witnessed the death of our comrades when the Towers fell or the planes crashed. We also Witnessed the deaths of 4 Americans in Benghazi and we have Witnessed the deaths of many more in Iraq, Afghanistan, and countless other countries of the world as we have fought Radical Islam. I know that it is wrong that we fight Radical Islam. In truth, the Islamic faith should be fighting Radical Islam. But, in my heart and in the heart of everyone else, we know that most of Islam supports the Radical Islam. I will not say all, for there are people of good heart in this human race. Not everyone is led by the bad of our world.

Islam must rid itself of the bad within. It must get rid of the leaders that are teaching bad and death. It must do this or suffer the worst world war that has ever been known. I do not know of any Christian who wants to subvert himself to another God. We have only one God. He has many names, but there is only one. We will not allow ourselves to be forced to be sub servant to another religion, or another race. We are all equal. We in America have given ourselves freedom to join the religion of our choice, to do as we please, and to say and believe as we please. No one has the right to cause use to do otherwise. Thus, those of us who are military in nature, will fight for those of us who are not. We will not allow another to cause us to do that, that we do not want to do.

I watch the Islamic Faith enter America and grow. I know it is teaching things that are against our form of government. Its laws do not conform to our laws. Islam seeks to make its laws our laws. In doing this it will try to make us sub servant to their religion. This we can not allow. Thus, I say, now is the time to fight. Now while they are weak among us. Either cause them to change their Religion, or return to the origin of their religion and live their lives under their law there. We do not need it. Even now I am having to watch a Christian Church in Syria that is under siege. Convert to Islam or die. The Islam Faith allows this, so it must be part of it. Thus the war is started.

Will the next war be the great war or the last war. I hope that it is the last. I do not want to see so many die, but it will happen. All those who oppose God will die by his hand.

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Emperor, Burning Churches, and Things We Could Change in Law!

The new MacArthur movie, called Emperor, probably reflects a dictatorial man who served and thrived in the Far East, building an empire in the brewing industry. Like other great Military Leaders, he was overpowering to most people. In 1964 I went to the Capital one evening to see the Emperor laying in state. I was able to talk three other new lieutenants to don new dress blues and make the trip from Ft Belvoir, VA. It was a pleasant evening and as we walked up the steps to the entrance, a young female military specialist four ran to meet us. She took us in hand and led us up the family side of the visiting lines. Long lines of Civilians went up the other side. We were given the honor because we were in dress uniform. It became both a pleasant and somber experience.

My knowledge of Douglas MacArthur at that time was limited. I remembered the headlines during World War II. He was a lion. Only later did I read his biography and that of other leaders in the Battle with Japan. I had also read what had happened with President Truman, another great man. The battle between these two was epic. On a humble civil servant and one a most powerful general. But we have trusted the civil servant to oversee our military, and thus keep it in check. It is a policy that has truly paid off. We have had now overthrows of our government. We have had some good arguments, and some good family discussions without the problems of other nations.

But this brings up some of the military features that we need. During the wars in the Philippines General Pershing is said to have captured a number of the local terrorist, buried them in pig dung up to their necks and then had Cavalry ride over them, killing them all. I do not know if I have the details correct, but what happened, destroyed the view of the terrorist that they were martyrs. They were damned and not allowed to enter their heaven, because of the pig dung they died in. This ended the problem of the Muslim terrorist in the Philippines for almost 100 years. Only today are they back. Though this general was incorrect in what he did, the results benefited all concerned. Today we need that kind of generals. We have had no one come forward and fall on their sword for a long time. We need someone to explain Benghazi. Why has no general complained of the women in the service, the enlistment of gays, the destruction of the Chaplain’s Corps. We have too many problems, with no one taking any action, but the political hacks, we call our government.

It is also sad that in Egypt Christian Churches and people are desecrated and we hear nothing here in the United States. Have we become so week from the black forgiveness issues we suffer, that we longer act like Christians. God did not say we should sit and allow things like this to happen, while we are strong enough to voice our concerns, here in a country that suffers all religions to have the same freedom. Today, I listened to Glenn Beck talk of the sad issues in Egypt and the fact that Al-Jazeera will launch a new TV channel dedicated to the propaganda of the Islamic Jehad. It will continue to speak in nice terms in English, while cursing America in Arabic. Why do we allow this? This is not the America that I was born in. Can you imagine the young minds that will be twisted by this so called nice TV channel. Before long we will begin to see the bombings here in America, and wonder why it is happening. It is happening because we all sit here and do nothing. We should be counter marching in front of every Islamic Mosque, in front of ever Mid-East Consulate, in front of the United Nations.

So long as we allow the wrong of this religion, to exist, we will watch the world go up in flames. We see them kill each other in the name of religion, and now watch them destroy Christian Churches in Egypt. We must rise up and force them to modify their religion to allow other religions to exist as co-equal. If they do not do this, then the World, has to declare them as not eligible to be part of the Human Race.

Islam, can not hide behind its religion saying that it is a peaceful religion, while allowing a faction, they say only one percent or less, to destroy other religions. Either they police their church, and the police of their countries take action, or they suffer the consequences. It is not possible for us to police their church. To do that will cause the Third World War. We have fought Islam during the Crusades, during the pirating near Tripoli, Libya. We allowed then to capture blacks and sell them as slaves in the south. We have fought them in Iraq and Afghanistan in some cases, almost destroying them. We have watched their destruction of many of our embassies and the destruction of the Twin Towers in New York, the Pentagon in Washington DC and the crashing of several airlines without calling them out. Just a small percentage. Nothing we are led to believe. But that small percentage is receiving a large amount of support from the religion as a whole, and it is making it difficult for the world to exist with them. During the destruction of the Twin Towers, it was noted that a large percentage of people were rejoicing. The same was occurring during the burning of Christian Churches in Egypt. This is of course propaganda, but it is there to draw support from the Islamic Religion. When they can draw funding from sources here in America, within the Islamic Religion, we as a whole do not have to allow it. Also the other countries of the Mid-east are guilty. The either sit and watch or they join in an rejoice. The world must hold them in contempt. They all should pay, for they are supporting that one percent to their gain. It must end.

I would rather fight a Third World War, than to continue to see what is happening within the Islamic Religion. They can either fix it, or they can be prepared to be contained here in the United States and fought around the world.

The world as a whole could make some interesting laws to fight Terrorism. In countries where it is contained within their boundaries, that country would make the laws. But where a small Islamic group is causing world wide trouble, we could make some laws that would soon gain attention of the Islamic multitude. First if a person committed Terrorism, he would be drowned in pig entrails. If a person were of a terrorist group, he would loose his right hand. If he supported a terrorist group, he would loose his job, and all his possessions. Make being a terrorist a very undesirable position. Never allow a solution to become a martyrdom. Make putting a terrorist picture on the front cover of a journalistic magazine a federal offense with a penalty of twenty years in Jail.

It is time to take back our country and to stop the bully tactics of Islam who hide behind their one percent of bad guys. End it NOW! Am I too unrealistic? After 800 years of taking this crap, it is time for Islam to clean up its act. It is time to put down the one percent. It is time to make them pay, for the constant damage they do to the world. Make them pay. Them the one percent and the other one percent that is using them to their gain. The King, the Rulers, the Presidents. The Princes and the Business Men that benefit from the war. Get them all.

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One Hit, a Change in Spam and the New Slavery!

One day about a month ago, one spammer hit my site and changed everything. Within hours I went from !,500 comments a day to 100. I wish it had happened earlier. All the spam that I have approved is almost unbelievable. I still I am not good at recognizing spam, but at least now I limit it to the basic comments and thus to minimum spam. Why do I waste time doing this is at all, is something I do not understand. I could limit the hits even farther, because all it does is cause me pain.

I apologize if I delete any comment thinking it is spam. I am just not good enough to recognize spam. I could delete everything but name comments, eliminating everything but those with a name and a non commercial email. This might get rid of the spam, but would all so get rid of a few readers.

But some viewers have stopped by just to read the spam and see the videos. In the process they may have learned some Texas History. But then spam is not people. It is a computerized program advertising a product. It is not hard to see or to delete. It just requires time.

But then it is almost like a progressive. They have a single purpose to sell me something I do not want or need. Like spam, I group all Democrats, Liberals, Communist, and Socialist under Progressiveness. This because they feed off each other using each others needs. Maybe it is an idea, or a way, but usually even though it be attractive, I do not want it. Most progressive ideas are set to one purpose. They seek to move people in one direction so that they may control. It does not matter whether you desire what they want, only that they control. The process of making America dumber is one example of trying to make the population easier to control. At some where along the route they have probably reached 25 percent of the population that will do anything the government says. The black population voted black. They did not think or reason, other than they wanted a black, who was like them in charge. Obama was their man. Anyone else was dangerous. Of course the average black would have voted black, as the average yellow or brown will vote their colors, as if we are anyone a specific color. White is not white and black is not black. I like the Army version. Everyone is olive drab.

I have had black and brown friends. Some brown were black and some were Mexican or Filipino. I have had many Asian friends always knowing that I could not meet their standards while looking down at their incompetence. This is a small joke. We all have some, even if small, intolerance of other races. It is probably built in over the history of man. If you are not like me you are not as good as me. It is not an important difference, and can be forgotten in the everyday run of life. Small differences cause little of no change in a relationship. Look at man and women. If a Conservative woman can like a liberal man, then anything is possible.

But we are being herded like cattle toward a progressive goal. For some reason the progressives can not see that individuals may not be progressive, but they have needs and goals that are different from their fellow man. There is a drive to do better, do more, to exceed ones best, and thus gain more reward, be it money or recognition. This has been the way since the emergance of man from the Garden of Edan. Now I do not know if the progressive is a Mohammedan or just some other power hungry nut. I do know that someone is pushing laws that we do not need or want. We are being driven by funny rules and regulations for a purpose, I do not know. Who said we have to be politically correct? Why? Why do we have to be African this or German, Irish or Hispanic that? Why can we not be the inhabitants of the country we live in? Not where my Great Great Great Grand Father came from. Why does the North have to be better than the South?

The Black community leaders have attached the Confederate Battle flag, the people who use or parade it and slavery all in one package. My Great Grand Father fought in the Civil War, but he had no slaves. He did not fight for the flag but under it for the purpose of recognition in battle. He fought for freedom from the aggression of the North on his homeland. We are constantly taught by our schools and educators and the media that the South and that flag were bad. They were traitors to their country. We Southerners know that they were Americans who believed differently from the progressives of that time. They did not believe that the Nation had the right to tax them differently from the other parts of the country. They did not believe that the North had the right to raise an Army to bring them back to the Union. And at that time the Law of the Land allowed slavery. In fact it was something the North brought to the South so the South could be more productive. The South thought slavery was something it needed so they kept it in their Constitution. Today we can see that it was not needed and was wrong, but the progressives who want to rewrite history are saying the South was bad because of Slavery. The next thing they will say is that Jesus Christ was bad, because he did not put down slavery. But it is funny, that they do not put down the Mohammedans that captured and sold those slaves in Africa and continue to do it today.

The long time affect of slavery, was bad. It was compounded by the 10 year punishment that the North placed on the South. It took the Blacks 100 years to start to emerge from this stigma, but they have emerged only to be bonded by a new slavery. It is called government, food stamps, welfare assistance, rent assistance, cell phone assistance.

How is this different from yesterday? How can our Nation which taxes and spends us into total debt be tolerated? How can our Nation continue to print money that has no real value? Money that in the long run is increasing inflation. Because of this new slavery the Blacks and poor whites and other races are bonded to the government. They have no initiative. When a woman has more children just to get more government money we have come to a poor state of affairs. This is sick. This new slavery is bad because the government is using it to bring down those who have not succumbed to the slavery. Even retirees are trapped to this new slavery. Social Security is nothing but a new slavery. If the government was not able to pay Social Security, many old people would die. Some would be supported by their families and churches, but many would die. Military Retirees are also trapped in this same system. Should the government not pay, they would loose both retirement and Social Security. We are tied to the government. We have no insurance to protect us, thus we are slaves to our government. What if the people or nations who we owe our debt decide to stop loaning and want their money back. We are paying them with funny money anyway.

How can a Government do this to its people? How can elected Representatives do this to their electorate? We have become a slave state. The ones receiving government money just want more. Thus the burden on those paying taxes just increases, bring more into slavery. At some point this system will break. Then all will not be paid, and suddenly there will be riots and death. It is a sad state of affairs. An the funny thing is that so few can see it. Some of the rich can see it. Some of the more astute can see it and some who follow the rich and the astute will see it, but in general over 50 percent can not see it and do not prepare. Thus we are doomed to a very bad time with ciaos in the streets.

I will fight this slavery. I am preparing for the end of my military and Social Security retirements. I will also prepare for the ciaos. I will hoard and save. I will arm and be ready to protect me and my family. Are you not glad that you voted for the first Black President. You never looked to see what he believed in or how he would govern. There were better Black men available. But we did not look. We voted for change. God bless America, she was a grand nation.

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Fourth of July, Bitcoin and Reunion and Paying!

My class just held their 58th year reunion. Why 58? Basically because they could not wait till 60. Too many classmates passing to the Great Westerner in the Sky. We had a great time but the hotel was over whelmed. Many classmates could not get a room till 4 PM. That is great if you are 21 but at 77 after traveling the great distance to Lubbock is both tiring and one needs to cleanup and rest.

But again the Class of ’55 of Lubbock High met and discussed Buddy Holly, a nondescript member of the Class who died in 1959. We have all heard the Buddy Holly story, but it is fun to tell it over and over again.

The Class leaders continue to shine, so enough said about them. The rest of us had a good time reminiscing. Lubbock High School is undergoing some additions in the same classic architecture. It never ceases to amaze me that the quality of this school versus other high schools is unbelievable. We were the last class to have only one high school in Lubbock.

I drove through the Texas Tech campus, which is almost 4 times as large as when I graduated there in 1964. Looks really nice. Jones stadium is expanding. Why, is a good question. We are in a time when students do not care about sports, unless they can play it on their cell phone. Why waste the money?

I am watching Bitcoins go down in value, as is gold and silver. Oil is going up, which is wrong, because daily I read about the ever increasing supply of oil in the United States. Is someone manipulating that market. Some of us are betting that the Bitcoin market is going down because the National banks are selling their holdings to devalue the coin and cause people to not trust the Bitcoin. Actually, you should not trust the Dollar. It is being backed by a country that is deeply in debt, that is doing nothing but printing more and more money. But as for me, I am already getting ready to buy more Bitcoins while they are down in value. I will wait till it starts going up again, and then buy. Never buy when it is going down, they say. I see the same thing in LINN Oil which is also going down. It is very quickly becoming a very good buy. But then I digress. As Bitcoin falls, I watch the action of the EURO. That currency will fail first and start the rush on Dollars and Bitcoin. What will happen next? My guess, is for a very short time, Dollar will remain king and then China and Japan will cash in to save their currencies. Then the Dollar will fall.

Thus we look at the Fourth of July. What is it? The 237th Fourth? I am never sure. When do you start counting? 1775, 1776, 1783 or 1789. The 1789 is the date of the Constitution, but then it was not approved by every state in that year.

But what is happening to our Great Nation? A liberal progressive party has through manipulation of the courts and schools gained control of our government and is slowly taxing us to death. They print money that has no real value, but still is used through out the world, because it has been so strong in the past. One half of the population of the United States is paying for the support of the Government and the other half of the Nation. I have not figured in which half I fall. I am a true conservative, but I am Retired Military. The government says I am paid an entitlement. I do not agree with that. I earned my military retirement through long hours and in foreign nations and conflicts. A civilian who worked for the government in most cases did not work for his retirement. Especially the many benefits that he did not earn, nor deserve. I will state that some people in the government do earn their retirements who are not in the military. There are agents of the FBI, CIA, and some members of the Treasury and the State Department who work long hours under strange conditions like the military. But I have seen many civilian workers who just draw pay. They barely preform a function. Many of those are the excess of an organization who sit, play games on their computers, and have benefits that they do not deserve.

Our Congress is so corrupt that it daily makes me sick. We compromise the very things we have fought for. We spend with out thought of the cost to the tax payer. Money is wasted on programs that have no real value, and on countries for their good will. Money does not buy good will. Money seems to buy contempt. Few nations that we give money benefit from that money. It ends up in greedy hands of corrupt government members. I can not and never will understand why we give money to the people who want to destroy America. The Islamic Jehad does not want America. They will be glad when America falls and Islamic law is in place to replace our Constitution.

Members of the Democratic Party put down me and others who try to defend the Constitution, the American Flag and the many freedoms that we have. STUPID members of the entertainment industry do things to our flag and language that will one day in the future get them killed. Wait till America is gone and then stomp the flag or criticize the government and then see what happens.

These liberal progressive factions that have joined together to take over our Nation, will one day destroy each other. In that environment the government will win. It has the power. In the “Left Behind,” books they describe the government beheading the people who criticize the government with a public guillotine. Oh, so much fun to come. Our government is positioning itself to be a military state. Once it is there and it controls all three branches of government, goodby democracy.

Oh, I know. You say I am a sorehead because I lost. NO! I am a sorehead because we lost. We had a government that though not perfect, it did give us the greatest chance. It allowed freedom of nearly all types. We were not discriminated against because of race, religion or a number of other creeds. People discriminate. But this is beginning to collapse. Now because some of us are Conservative, we are coming under fire. Any place there is a conservative policy or group they are under attack.

A group in Colorado wanted to march with their personal firearms. The town has cancelled the Forth of July parade. What is wrong with marching with hunting rifles, shotguns, and personal side arms in any parade. It is not the gun owners who are the problem. It is the criminals. Next thing you know they will not allow the Military to carry rifles in parades. What a sick, politically correct nation we have become.

Did you hear the notion that the tea party patriots in New England in 1775 were terrorist. Technically they may have been, but historically speaking, they were patriots. The groups of Islamic Jehad that flew into the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, bombed the Cole and several of our Embassies, these clowns were terrorist. They want to destroy a form of government they do not agree with. Thus they destroy. The Tea Party in 1775 were demonstrators like the people who march in parades to show how they feel. What they did, did not hurt the government, except that some taxes were not collected. Some say the Tea Party today are terrorist. They do not destroy, they are peacefully trying to return to Constitutional Government. The militia groups that prepare, are not terrorist. Like Minute Men of 1776, they are preparing for a government that does not adhere to it charter. When the government becomes the terrorist, then it is time for the population to act. In Egypt today the military stepped in and ordered a new government. I will hold my view of this action until I see it mature. Personally I wish my military would step in and remove my government before it destroys the Constitution. But our government is set up so that the civilians run the military which prevents what happened in Egypt. This is good, but it protects a corrupt government in this case. A President that would allow the IRS to do as they have done, should be replaced. It will not happen because of political correctness. We will allow a black President to get away with murder, rather than replace him for his corrupt actions.

What happened to the grand ideas of the Constitution. Some say they never existed. They say that what our forefathers designed was nothing but a grand idea. It was never possible. People did not want it so we have gone down the path we are on. I basically disagree with this premise, because where we are, is by the sneaky back room actions of the several groups that make up the progressive and liberal factions that run the government. When you do not use the appropriate rules of government to make change and use the actions of the IRS, ACORN and maneuvering by the scheming law groups, like the Civil Liberties Union that attacks religions, but not equally. They do not attack the Islamic religion that suspends the rights of women. They do not stop the corrupt actions of the government that is censoring right wing efforts like Rush Limbaugh. This is an all out attack against conservatism. What is wrong with the Constitution. It set up the ways to improve or change its structure. Not the route being taken by progressives and liberals.

On the advent of this Fourth I have one more question. Since when has it become necessary to contribute to every action that occurs in government. We are ask to give money to stop this and that and against this representative or senator. What happens in other States has become important. But who a State elects should be that States business. If it is done illegally, then it is the governments business. But now we have a corrupt government. Illegal actions are OK. Corrupt voting is normal. This is where we should be spending our money. I just received a call from the NRCC wanting money. We have put money into these activities, without results. Finally it is normal to put in money without success. Let us put our money where it will do good. I am tired of supporting more people who just do a job in collecting money for this or that cause. It has spelt over into almost every activity in our country. It is a way of life, but I do not support this method. Let us end it. Do away with the hundreds of agencies that collect money. I get mail from every conservative group in the world wanting money. I also get mail from many military allied agencies selling me things. Often the adds are just alike. It becomes evident that the agency that is producing the add is just out to get more money. They care little about me, the military or the cause. They just want their cut. Let us end all this type of funding. Just save your money.

Have a Happy and Glorious Fourth and God Bless The United States and its friends!

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Ross Brigade, What Would Ross Be Doing, About Obama’s Actions!

These are my beliefs not Ross’, but I do believe an ex-governor of the State of Texas would be greatly offended by our current Governor and by Obama’s mistakes and actions. How can a President allow an agency that he oversees work for his re-election and hinder the operations of his opponents while stopping their forming their organizations. How can a President not support one of his appointed Ambassadors during an attack on American soil. How can a President allow the attack on Freedom of the Press, and the list goes on. And how can a Texas Governor not take action against things like Obama Care, the IRS working against Texas organizations and the many different gun and immigration actions by Obama.

Ross would be petitioning the current Governor to act. If nothing were to happen, he would be reforming his Brigade and preparing for war. By now he would be arming the students at A&M University and would be rounding up the soldiers who fought for him and their sons. He would prepare for a war he knew was coming. Ross did understand the need for an Army and the need for military organization.

We see Obama preparing for war against the American Public. He is arming his Internal Revenue Service workers along with those of the ATF. He buys ammunition for government organizations that are not concerned with the national defense. He is training children to work for the Department of Homeland Security. What is this really for. How will he use these children. Daily we hear of the movement and positioning of troops and arms. How will he use the divisions that he has in Texas and will they work for him against the American/Texas people. How will Texas react to Marshal Law and open riot in Texas.

As I watch and learn, I have come to one conclusion. We have to act now and prepare against our own government. How do we do this without the government acting. First and foremost. The Constitution allows for the arming of patriots for self defense of our country. The Texas National Guard must become a base of potential Texas Resistance as other States should all so prepare. We must arm and allow our population to be protected from a government run wild. I have learned that there are covert military activities at work in Texas, but if I know then the government must know. Thank God that Obama’s hand was tipped and now we know he is watching the internet and listening to the phones. Both actions against the Constitution. So we must prepare covertly.

When I heard about Bitcoin, I joined the Success Council. The owner of that site has written about Bitcoin and how it might grow. You can even get his book free when you join. It also has some great ideas about security and about survival. I recommend his site whole heartily.

Get to know your neighbors and know who you can count on. Form your own little militia and plan for your neighbor security. Do it as a neighbor hood. Maybe someone else will make a better general. Let him or her, for what we need is good leaders, not complainers. Plan ammunition and weapons, food and water, medical and health issues. When the power grid fails and food is not available at the grocery store, you will know that Marshal Law is not far behind. Meet any entry into your neighborhood by the law with a show of force and solidarity. This will let the law know you are taking care of yourselves. Their actions will give you an idea where your county stands. If they try to force, be careful. If you have planned well enough, they will not try force unless they are military.

With your own militia, you have a Constitutional right to bear arms and to protect your Nation. If most of your neighborhood is older persons, the government and military should not bother you. If there are a lot of younger people, they may try to enlist them. If they are Obama forces, resist them. If they are city, county, state it is up to your neighborhood. Trust your instincts. Next join your neighborhoods with those on your boundaries. If everyone is working toward the same end, then you will end up in a safe zone. Encourage your bordering neighbors to do as you do. It is better to be Patriots than to be martyrs.

Remember, we are planning for war, and praying for peace. The latter does not depend on us. It is our government that seems to be working against us. It is not socialism that we are afraid of, but we are afraid of a pure totalitarian government. We have a good Constitution. It has served us well for over 200 years. Now someone wants to change it, but is proceeding contrary to the methods set up in the Constitution.

With a divided nation, I would prefer we divide the geography. Give them their territory and we keep ours. Next we decide what to do with the cities that have grown pure liberal and socialistic within our zones. Either let them exist in our zone or allow them to move freely with our assistance to their zones. Make the split equal, to the population that remains in each zone. Let those zones become the divided United States. We still operating under the Constitution, and they would use ours or draw up a new Constitution. Make an agreement that we would have commerce so long as there were total peace.

We know there will be war someday. Two opposites will have to fight. I pray that it never happens. Should it happen, I hope they remain separate. For some reason a conservative and a liberal can marry, but a nation with both can not live together. The Civil War was to some degree the start of this split. The South was more Conservative. At that time Democratic. Since the war, the Republicans have become conservative and Democrats liberal. I can remember when the Dixiecrat were very Conservative. Now they have disappeared, but their states are Republican.

Most good Christians will say why do we need to do this. God will protect us. And maybe he will, but there were good Christians in the Twin Towers. We were not prepared. There were good Christians in the Government building in Oklahoma City. We were not prepared. At this time we can see our government preparing for something. It will not give us its reason for preparation against the people. Is the preparation because of the weakness of the Dollar and its potential fall, or is the government actually planning the fall of the Dollar and a move to Socialism or totalitarianism. Either is against the Constitution. We deserve to know. Obama promised us change, he did not say it would be better.

Our government does nothing but lie to us. It has changed the way we report things so that everything looks better than it is. At one point inflation was tied to the real economy. Now it is tied to things that do not reflect what is happening. If you go to the grocery store, you know inflation is occurring. If you buy a car, you see inflation. Almost everything cost more. That is inflation. Inflation is another word for tax. The government prints money, but does not give it to the public. It uses the money to pay for its operation. It uses it to pay bills. But in turn the supply of money is increasing and the value of the dollar is decreasing. Thus we have inflation. In the labor area they report a labor percentage of 7 percent. The actual percentage is over 14 percent. Again the government has juggled the numbers. It does not count the people who have stopped looking for work. With free food, phones, homes and medical care, who needs to work. A woman with several illegitimate children can make more than I do in Retirement. By the way, I still have to pay taxes as 77. Why am I having to support irresponsible people?

All of this is because we have given up our rights as people and allowed our government to take care of us, instead of taking care of ourselves. Who says the government should take care of us. Besides that, the government has no money. It does nothing to make money. It borrows money to operate and we pay the interest. The government and I do mean both Democrats and Republicans have lead us down a rosy path to the point that we will soon collapse and our government will cease to function or will try to take everything from those that have and will give it to those that do not have and the whole system will fail as it has every time it was tried.

Back to the neighborhood. Get to know your neighbors. You do not have to like them, but you do need to trust them to protect your back and you protect theirs. Become self dependent as a neighborhood. We can share our skills and survive, almost anything that happens. The more we work together, the better are our chances of survival and to flourish. We can achieve in a down economy, if we work together. Some may do more than others, so that is life. The one that does more, will have more, and will probably be more charitable. If not, he will still have a part in the barter system that will occur. People will prosper.

One of the outcomes of neighborhoods working together will be better government. Government can not succeed without the support of the people. If someone does not want to participate, you can not make them, but you can deny them access to some of the shared items later. Not food and water, but certainly electricity and other common items that will return. If they have trade items, they can buy their portion. But one thing is certain. The rights of the individual are paramount over the government. Governments govern at the consent of the governed. The rights of individuals is greater than that of a group. When we go back to group rule, then we have one group having more than the other and the biggest group taking advantage. If the right of the individual is always maintained, it is always evident that you can work and succeed. Look up the Creed of Freedom. It says it all. Because I have grown up in the current system, some of the items grate on me as an individual, but I see the logic of the Creed. We need to get it and follow it to a better world. It is the biggest protector of race and the individual.

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