My Favorite Links

These are links that I use and enjoy:

A new and important link that we all must see is ANOXIC BRAIN INJURY. These are the people repair the soldiers and athletes we send all over the world to protect Freedom and to fight our Wars. We owe them our help. Thanks for any help you can give them. Swope Rodante has provided this data an is a great friend. 1234 5th Avenue East | Tampa, Florida 33605 |  P: (813) 273 0017
You may also visit us online at:
* denotes calls answered by Swope, Rodante P. A.

Another interesting website is The American Civil War. This site is seeking to put it all on one page, and has some interesting articles. Go see!

Fold3 is a website that has records for all soldiers for all US wars. It is a work in progress. I have pages here as well as using it for National Archive look ups. I first found my kin here and have a page for them here:  <>

This is one of the better write ups that I have found on debunking the myths of the Civil War:

For ancestry I go here: Yes I do have a family tree here. See nolandavis:

This is the company that hosts this site and blog:   

This used to be a great way to find individuals or groups with the same name. I still works for individuals. But is not good for name list, any more.                    

This is the National Park website that allows entry when you are looking for regimental, battle, soldier, and other Civil War Data:                                                

This is a great new site for Texas history in the Civil War. All of the brigade info is here in summary. Good biographies on many of the officers and Texans that served in the Civil War.    

Other links to be added: If you want a Civil War link to be added send an email to

Another Author that I like is found at the following blog. If you have ever been to Lubbock, Texas,  you will understand. If not just laugh and enjoy: